F.Y.I.: Do Anime Creators Make Money?

    There’s a lot of exploitation in the animation industry, which is why many fans wonder if anime creators themselves make any money. I mean, it is a valid question. Up until a decade ago,...

    Is Hataraku Maou Sama Worth Watching?

    Working is hard, and it’s terrible but damn if it isn’t funny seeing supernatural creatures go through the trial and tribulations of being a...

    Will Senku Fall in Love?

    Stoic protagonists who don’t understand love are plenty in anime. But with Dr Stone, we gget to see a new take on it. The...

    What Does Juha Bach (Yhwach) Mean In Bleach?

    At this point, I’ve talked about how some of the biggest franchises in anime really, really adore having some wordplay going on. I mean,...

    What Is The IQ of Ayanokoji?

    Look, super smart protagonists are overrated. I’ve had enough Isekai wish fulfillment protagonists to last me a lifetime. I just need a dumb adorable...
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    Light Novels

    Why Are Light Novel Titles So Long?

    God, do we remember the gone-by days of Wattpad fanfiction? Like, the novel-length stories with bad self-insert protagonists and a bad boy version of...

    Will Kiyotaka Ayanokoji Break Up With Karuizawa Kei?

    Shipping is one of the main appeals for me when I’m watching an anime. It doesn’t matter if that ship exists or not, or...

    Will Overgeared Get An Anime Adaptation?

    Another day, another ‘is Overgeared getting an anime yet?!’ conundrum. This question always plagued the manhwa fandom. Of course, who doesn’t want to see their...

    SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Review: How To Do Shonen Different

    Light novels have always been a thing but with the recent uptick in Korean-based web novels and manhwas, they’ve seen a rise in popularity....

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    Will Gojo Satoru Die In Jujutsu Kaisen?

    So, I’m a shallow person. Like, I will absolutely start an anime based on the fact that I find the characters hot. That’s how...

    Is Anya x Damian Canon?

    Spy X Family happened to be the biggest hit of the Spring anime season this year, and it’s not hard to see why. You’d...

    Is Anime Becoming Mainstream?

    We’ve talked about the history of mainstream anime on this website before. What started as an experimental art form at the turn of the...

    Can Anime Make You Depressed?

    As someone who has battled mental illness for a while now, anime has always been an escape. For example, it is through childhood classics...