Overlord Floor Guardians: Ranked By Power

    As an anime that prides itself in having the most OP (Overpowered) protagonist right from the get-go, Overlord is no stranger to power rankings. They are an obvious mainstay for something like a Shonen, where you need to keep track of all the multitudes of different evolutions that the characters go through. But they also matter in Isekai, which are known to follow game logic most of the time. And guess what every MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) shares in common? So, what does Overlord do with its floor guardians?

    I mean, again, we already know that when it comes down to it, Ainz Ooal Gown is on top of the food chain. But what about his loyal Floor Guardians? The people he has recruited around him to be his most trusted allies are top-tier when it comes to strength and would be pretty hard to beat. But it can be hard to determine who has bestowed the honor of being second in power to Ainz, a literal Undead King that has broken the rules of the very game he has been Isekai’d into, aka YGGDRASIL.

    Look, we all know that the real treasure of the Great Tomb Of Nazarick is the Floor Guardians themselves. They are a group of superpowered NPC (Non-Playable Characters) bodyguards that can be each found dwelling on a different floor, all serving under the Overlord of Nazarick himself. However some might even surpass Ainz, but because of how he has upgraded and coded them, they remain utterly loyal to him. Some might even be a little too loyal for their good, like in the case of Albedo and her yandere tendencies.

    But that’s just how it goes in Overlord, where Ainz was only joking around with the game set in his world, only to be stuck with his choices for the unforeseeable future! So, here we are now, with seven different super OP side characters who devoted their lives to him. So, how do they stack up? Here are all the Floor Guardians from Overlord, categorized by their strength in a segment we call Get Ranked!

    7. Victim – 8th Floor Guardian


    Victim’s twisted appearance belies something insidious, the floating angelic fetus almost taunting its opponents to underestimate him to take advantage of some hidden power it possesses.

    Sadly, that’s not the case. Its main role as Guardian of the 8th Floor is to function as a pawn on the battlefield, its death triggering some unknown effect that we have yet to observe in either the manga or anime but is hinted at by the Supreme Being himself to be a game changer.

    Time will tell if this ability catapults our unassuming pink ‘angel’ higher into the rankings but for now, it’s fairly well settled at rock bottom.

    6. Aura Bella Fiora – 6th Floor Guardian

    Aura bella Fiora Overlord Floor Guardians

    Of the twins who guard the 6th Floor, Aura Bella Fiora’s ranking in this list might come as shock to many.

    On an individual level, the perky dark elf has oft been reported to be second-last (meaning she only ranks above Victim) in terms of solo combat potential, though it comes with a caveat. Her specialization as a Tamer allows her to reach her full potential when charged into the fray with a group (or better yet, an army) of beasts under her command.

    That said, the young (for her race) Guardian has often been sighted beyond the safety of Nazarick with only a handful of beasts at a time, where she to come across an actual opponent who could test her, it’d be hard to say whether or not she would survive the skirmish.

    5. Demiurge – 7th Floor Guardian

    Floor Guardians Demiurge

    Much like his lower-ranked contemporary, Victim, the ‘diplomat’ of the 7th Floor of Lava presents himself as an elegant gentleman. But unlike the floating conceptus, Demiurge has the skills to back himself up instead of relying on the ye olde self-sacrifice maneuver.

    While the Arch-Devil doesn’t distinguish himself in either physical or magical combat like those ranked higher on the list do, his strongest point is utilizing what limited combat abilities he does have to spread fear and confusion among the enemy’s ranks to accomplish his objectives.

    4. Cocytus – 5th Floor Guardian


    With a job like Knight of Niflheim, you would expect a chilly reception from the Cocytus of the 5th Floor, and you’d be right.

    The insectoid master of arms has a limited degree of control over ice, but it only serves to accent his proficiency in armed combat. Unique among many of Ainz Ooal Gown’s underlings, his armor, oddly enough, is his body, boasting an extremely high physical defense stat on top of regenerating any damaged portions over time.

    In addition, the Overlord himself has stated that none can match Cocytus’s attacks when armed with a weapon of sufficient strength.

    3. Albedo – Overseer Of the Guardians

    Albedo Floor Guardians Overlord

    Arguably just as iconic as Ainz-sama himself, the enchanting succubus is in charge of managing the other Floor Guardians, but how does she fare when it comes to protecting her domain of the Throne Room and, more importantly, the one seated upon it?

    Well, Albedo boasts the highest defense stats among the Floor Guardians, making her well suited to the role of guarding the rulers of the Great Tomb. It’s also been shown that she possesses tremendous physical strength, being able to overwhelm Ainz and being able to match Shalltear during one of their multiple skirmishes. That said, her potential is closely tied to her armor which increases her abilities by a significant margin but, in turn, also leads to her being significantly weaker should the armor be damaged, putting her slightly above Cocytus in terms of the power rankings.

    It’s safe to say that despite being middle of the pack that nothing will stop the she-devil from pursuing a position at her Lord’s side.

    2. Mare Bello Fiore – 6th Floor Guardian

    Mare Bello Fiore Floor Guardians

    Ascending rather rapidly, we come back to the 6th Floor again for Mare Bello Fiore. In contrast to his twin, Mare himself is rather on the meek side but is a veritable powerhouse unto himself.

    A walking tome would be the best way to describe the shy elf, being able to cast a variety of spells ranging from buffs and debuffs in addition to being able to augment the strengths of his companions on top of being able to cast destructive spells that can cover a wide area.

    Both Shalltear and Sebas have commented that he would easily place second or third in terms of power rankings among the Guardians, owing to both his ability to be a skilled rearguard support caster and an artillery piece to break up armies.

    1. Shalltear Bloodfallen – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor Guardian

    Shalltear Bloodfallen Wallpaper

    Having the rather odd title of ‘Strongest among the Floor Guardians in Nazarick, excluding Gargantua’ speaks for itself about her strength but Shalltear has been a proven juggernaut since the early days of the series.

    In addition to boasting the most combat experience among the Guardians, given that she guards the first three floors of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and had to deal with the majority of the would-be invaders during the YGGDRASIL days, she’s also the only denizen of Nazarick to have faced off against a Player and keep them on their toes, though it assumes that she isn’t proud of this distinguishment given that the Player in question was both her superior and that man she wishes to marry.

    Wildcard! – Gargantua of the 4th Floor


    This was something I was debating for a while, but ultimately, I figured it would be best to place Gargantua in a special consideration spot rather than giving it 1st place.

    The 4th Floor Guardian would easily be at the top, given that its overall stats are higher than both Shalltear and Mare.

    However, it requires a constant stream of commands to perform the most basic of functions, hampering its combat potential severely despite its devastating capabilities.  

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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