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    God, there’s just something about Isekai and having these long-winded cast members that, for the life of you, you can’t remember. Just when you think you’ve met the new strongest person, bam! Turns out they weren’t the most powerful; that was actually someone else, but they have the same powers/lineage, and you were duped! What can I say? It gets tiring to keep up with the villain of the day hierarchy. This is why when it came to TenSura and its Primordial Demons, I was holding back a sigh.

    That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, or TenSura, already suffers from having a mouthful of a title. And now, it also has committed the sin of introducing not one, not two, but seven different most powerful Daemons, or Primordial Demons, of various abilities.

    Obviously, Red Crimson is the strongest out of all of them. But where do the rest of them stand? Are they a threat, or are they an ally toward our powerful protagonist, Rimuru Tempest? They are the oldest and most respected beings in the magical realm, so these things count!

    That’s the thing about TenSuru. Technically, Rimuru himself is the strongest character in the show’s universe. But that doesn’t mean his new life doesn’t come with its fair share of difficulties. After all, despite his newfound power, he is still pretty much a novice in this alternate dimension he got magically Isekai’d too. One moment, he’s just your average 30-something salaryman in Japan; the next, he is a blob of Jello in a world with demons and magic. At least he’s got a useful ability, lovingly named Predator, that can help him out!

    Sure, it helped that he came across Veldora, a Storm dragon, first and happened to befriend him. This is how he got his initial powers, after all. But what about the other demons? One’s that aren’t as familiar with Rimuru and wouldn’t be so friendly from the get-go. Wouldn’t’; t they feel threatened by someone who just up and absorbed one of their kind? And how would they rank when it comes from most powerful to least? I mean, they are most noticeably categorized by color, but power does come to play a factor! Let’s count them down, shall we?

    7. Green Primordial Vert (Misery)

    Green Primordial Vert (Misery)

    Misery, like her name suggests, is a little morbid for a Daemon. Also, kind of creepy with her aesthetic of a sad maid in pursuit of making her master happy. Though, in hindsight, that vibe suits her pretty well.

    Though, maybe she’s also just a touch of yandere tendencies, considering the whole ‘heading a cult’ thing. The problem is she’s so sincere about it too! Misery takes every task anointed to her with the utmost seriousness and makes sure nothing stands in her way when completing it.

    Founder of the Apostles of Vert, she had once conspired with another Primordial Dragon to overthrow Guy Crimson from his seat as King of Hell. But clearly, she didn’t succeed.

    6. Blue Primordial Bleu (Rain)

    Blue Primordial Bleu (Rain)

    So, remember that one Primordial Dragon in cahoots with Misery? That was Rain. She has the same whole maid thing going on, except where she’s the complete opposite of Misery.

    Misery was hard-working and obsessive, but Rain was more insidious. On the outside, she has a very calm disposition, composed, and arrogant. But truly, it’s because she uses Misery to do all the grunt work for her. She never attempts to do anything herself and yet takes all the credit.

    Also, despite aiding Misery with her foiled plans, she’s actually loyal to Guy Crimson, almost to a fault. She even rejects a chance at freedom just so she can continue being by his side.

    5. Purple Primordial Violet (Ultima)

    Purple Primordial Violet (Ultima)

    Ultima is one of the few Primordials that allied themselves with Tempest. Despite her thirst for battle, something she shares with her other fellow Primordial Demons, Ultima’s appearance is that of a cute but small pre-teen.

    However, that’s mostly to throw enemies off. Because she acts all perky and docile, she’s secretly extremely cunning and terribly egocentric, only looking out for herself. Honestly, the dichotomy here is pretty frightening. She can go from cutesy to cruel with the drop of a hat, and she knows it.

    So, pair that up with her quick temper, and you’ve got a deadly combo!

    4. White Primordial Blanc (Testarossa)

    White Primordial Blanc (Testarossa)

    Testarossa seems to be the mom of the group that Diablo ended up recruiting for Tempest. Out of the three Primordial demons currently allied, she’s also the tallest, showing off her more mature personality.

    But being mature doesn’t mean she can’t be obtuse. Much like her noblewoman-esque appearance, she’s a little snooty, turning up her nose at the slightest inconvenience. However, Testarossa has proven herself to be someone that can be kind and genial at turns. Then again, she can also be ruthless, as proven by the fact that she was the one that caused the ‘Lake Shore Dyed Scarlet’ incident.

    Her more grown-up outlook makes her extremely good at diplomacy and political endeavors, so she’s definitely a huge asset!

    3. Yellow Primordial Jaune (Carrera)

    Yellow Primordial Jaune (Carrera

    Carrera is the last of the Primordials to join Tempest after Diablo recruited her to the cause. And true to her appearance as a high school delinquent, she is a devious troublemaker.

    Much crasser than the first two Primordials mentioned in the list, Carrera can be a little grating on first impressions. She’s rude, carefree, and more than just a little bit devious. Her caustic personality suits her hunger for the battlefield, and she’s self-absorbed enough to know that she can win any fight that comes her way. I mean, it helps to be one of the most powerful Demons around, but still.

     And her nuclear magic? Carrera never holds back, that’s for sure!

    2. Black Primordial Noir (Diablo)


    Unlike the other Primordials, Diablo seems to be very content in his work towards Tempest. He is, after all, a secretary to Rimuru himself. Which would sound demeaning until you remembered that, canonically, Rimuru is the strongest.

    So far, he uses his abilities to recruit some of the other Primordial Demons to Tempest’s side, his calm and composed nature being near whimsical. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t calculated in the risks he takes and that he can’t be frightening. He is extremely defensive when it comes to Rimuru, attacking anyone who tries to insult him, no holds barred. He takes his job very seriously, if you couldn’t tell. The one thing he can’t handle, however, is holding a debt.

    He has proven his worth by recruiting multiple Daemons under Tempest’s rule and establishing the Black Numbers, the strongest fighting faction in the land.

    1. Red Primordial Rouge (Guy Crimson)

    Guy Crimson

    So, this is the main one to watch out for. Guy Crimson is the second most powerful character in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. And for a good reason, considering he’s the oldest of all the primordial beings and the first seat of the Octagrams.

    The best way to describe Guy Crimson, is cold. This isn’t a pun about him residing in the Ice Continent, he’s genuinely a very prideful and distant individual. His very demeanor screams power’. Though, he is a bit shameless with his flirting, always going after Leon Cromwell despite his many rebuffs.

    But his title as ‘Lord Of Darkness’ prove he’s no insolent playboy but an actual threat. It was his ascension to becoming Demon Lord that created two other Primordials. And he also shares similar capabilities to Rimuru, where he can copy the skills others have shown.

    So, that was all the Primordial demons, ranked by their power and capabilities. The world of TenSura is definitely a huge one, with power dynamics shifting all the time. But something tells me this ranking won’t be getting updated anytime soon!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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    1. This is the most accurate ranking I’ve ever seen in my life. Misery and Rain gets stomped by every primordial on this list.

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