Strongest Characters in Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint – Ranked!

    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint boasts some of the most powerful haracters in any series. But how do those characters fare when ranked? Let's break it down!

    Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is one of those rare instances where an Isekai setting feels truly actualized. In ORV, the strongest characters aren’t merely there for show, or to flex how ‘impossible’ the setting is. Instead, their powers are actually used, and their strengths are well thought out. And really, that’s what makes the series so popular amongst manhwa and light novel enthusiasts alike. Like it isn’t just about crude power and it isn’t trying to be too clever about that either. 

    The balance of the strongest characters in ORV is what makes it an engaging read. And mind you, I thought transmigration tales were on their way out. Instead, it feels like stories like ORV have only reignited the fire, by having a well written story that doesn’t focus on the arbitrary tropes we’ve come to see with the Isekai genre, like unnecessary harems and protagonists that end up being worshiped. Which is funny because, in hindsight, the protagonist is the strongest character in ORV. But I digress. 

    I think particularly what works here is how each character has insane stats at face value, but it’s never like a Dragon Ball situation, where their ascension to power might become comical. I mean, you can only be so strong until it starts becoming unbelievable. And while I get power is kind of the point of the series, it’s still grounded in the way the strongest characters in ORV manifest. Like, sure, you have characters that can literally come back to life, but how useful is that power when stacked against others in a fantastical landscape?

    Well, that’s what I wanted to look into. Just like with Kim Dokja transmigrating into his favorite novel with knowledge of everything, it helps to go in prepared. But more importantly, how would each character fare when you rank them overall? Would it be tough competition, or would the strongest character in ORV be easily recognizable? Well, let’s break down that and more in yet another segment of Get Ranked. Today, it’s the strongest characters in ORV, ranked. 

    10. Han Donghoon

    Han Donghoon

    Is it fitting that the first character on this list is one that is less physically inclined than the others? Well, that might be the case for Han Donghoon, but underestimating him is still a bad idea. 

    Donghoon is rare because of how his mind works. His strength lies in his intellect, literally being termed the ‘Human Internet’ because of the vast stores of knowledge he holds that he can share at will. But in a way, he also controls how that information is perceived? It’s intriguing because Donghoon can propagate information that is circulating around, manipulating and changing it as he sees fit. However, this works both ways because his skill, ‘Wide Area Internet’, paints a target on his back, causing others to take advantage of him. 

    And as the Hermit King Of Shadows, that means he doesn’t usually speak up against this clear abuse of his powers. Donghoon prefers not to talk or engage with others, but he is still extremely powerful on a whole.  

    9. Han Sooyoung

    Han Sooyoung

    Every Isekai has the stereotypical femme fatale characters. But with Han Sooyoung, that character archetype takes on a very different meaning.

    Okay, maybe calling Sooyoung a ‘femme fatale’ is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more accurate to say that she is an actor who is capable of extreme manipulation. Trusting Sooyoung is a bad idea, because you never know whether the face she is showing to you in the moment is real or not. She’s a master manipulator, slinking her way into being amicable to Kim Dokja, but that’s just another role for her to play. And she’ll do anything to get her way, even if it’s killing or cheating her way through a game. 

    In a way, it makes sense that she once pretended to be the ‘Fake King’. It’s very apt to who she really is: a trickster that only cares about domineering things her way. And so, Sooyoung is two-faced in every interaction

    8. Lee Jihye

    Lee Jihye

    My girl Lee Jihye got a lot of flack for doing what she had to, to survive. But that’s exactly why she’s still here by the end of it, rather than everyone else behind her who is dead. And she’s only just become stronger since. 

    As part of Kim Dokja’s pack, Lee Jihye is not someone to be underestimated, despite her young age. She was just a high schooler when things went down, and to save herself she had strangled her own best friend. That kind of trauma can take a toll on people, and for a while Jihye was lost. However, she found her power soon enough and since then, she has never backed down from a fight. Quick to temper, Jihye uses a katana to be just as cutting as her demeanor. 

    With her strong sense of conviction and skill with the sword, it’s no wonder why she’s called the ‘Samurai’. Jihye is probably deadlier than any warrior in history before her, slaying demons like it is second nature to her.

    7. Yoo Sangah

    Yoo Sangah

    The way Yoo Sangah carries herself is very reminiscent of the ‘Black Widow’ archetype. You could just see her in a spy movie, beautiful and deadly in equal spades. But that would be reductive to who she actually is. 

    Mostly because that isn’t how she got started. Another member of Kim Dokja’s company, Sangah only gained true power after signing with Olympus, the Nebula housing Greek Gods as Constellations. Much like Lee Jihye, Yoo Sangah favors sharpened instruments such as flying daggers to fight with. Couple that up with her lightning fast reflexes and she’s a weapon you will never see coming. Which is why her skill is ‘Hermes Walking Method’, a power that lets her jump and move through midair, as if her feet sprouted little wings like the God Hermes

    Adaptable and accommodating, Yoo Sangah feels more like the protagonist than the actual protagonist sometimes. But her empathy doesn’t extend as far as her opponents, who she overwhelms without mercy.

    6. Jung Heewon

    Jung Heewon

    A veritable resource of untapped potential, Jung Heewon was already pretty impressive before Kim Dokja took her under his wing. But once she got the proper training and a purpose, Heewon became unstoppable

    Referred to as the ‘Sword’ of Kim Dokja’s group, Heewon was a stray from Geumho Station that Dokja recruited while he was in the area. At first, she didn’t have much control over herself, always a little too hot headed, and a little too cocky. But eventually, she moved on from the practicing wooden katana she was given to a real sword, becoming an important part of Dokja’s entourage. And soon we learned that not only could she slay Demons, but Gods as well. 

    Heewon’s skill, known as ‘Judge Of Destruction’ is a powerful thing to behold, essentially supercharging her to the point where she is unmatched in her abilities and power. She is more than just interesting, Heewon is unparalleled in her skills.

    5. Anna Croft

    Anna Croft

    Being a Seer is damning in any fantastical setting. But in ORV, it’s a lot more than just a skill. Over here, Anna Croft’s ability makes her a Prophet to many, heralding her as almost a religious figure in her strength. 

    I mean, the ability to see the future is a powerful thing, especially when the future itself is so cutthroat, and Anna intends to fully utilize it. Not only is she a Seer, but she can also affect people’s consciousness, acting as a telepath. So, it is surprising when the Zarathusra Corporation made her their leader, believing in her as the Salvation of this world. Surprisingly, she believes the same. Like, she genuinely wants to save the world too. 

    But because of the extreme amount of control and influence Anna has, the means to her goals are always twisted. She isn’t afraid to sacrifice lives in the name of saving, and that leads to a corrupted narrative.

    4. Dokkaebi King

    Dokkaebi King

    As one of the oldest beings in the universe that Dokja had transmigrated into, the Dokkaebi King enjoys a lot of notoriety as ‘The Most Ancient Dream’. Like, that is one heck of a title, right? But it’s not just for show. 

    They go by many different names. Some term them as the Messiah Of Eden, for what they stand for. But ultimately, the Dokkaebi King is a sort of God that is the reason the entire system of ORV even exists. They appear as an old man in a fedora to Dokja, before presenting him with the fragment of the Last Wall. As Olympus’s Cronos, it is clear that they enjoy power at a level many have never even fathomed

    However, the Dokkaebi King is still a mysterious individual who we have never seen fight. So, it’s hard to imagine them being so powerful. But I guess when you’ve survived for this long, that is bound to mean something, right?

    3. Zeus


    Yeah, so that isn’t some cool little codename for a human character in ORV. We are talking about Zeus, the literal God of Thunder and Lightning, aka the ruler of Olympus. Because yes, he exists in this universe. 

    In ORV, Zeus is a Constellation, an inhabitant of the Star Stream that are the only ones powerful enough to partake in <Scenarios>. And out of all of them, Zeus is the only one who has experienced the ‘Last Scenario’, the proposed end of their lifestream. Because of this, it is not hard to believe that he harbors a lot of power, more than many on this list. Again, this is a character we haven’t seen in battle, but it’s clear that their ranking is above most. 

    Zeus is one of those characters that are more of a guiding force, woven into the very fabric of ORV. So, it makes sense that they are one of the most powerful beings still left alive.

    2. Yoo Joonghyuk

    Yoo Joonghyuk

    If Kim Dokja is the protagonist of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, then Yoo Joonghyuk is the lead of the novel it is portraying, aka Three Ways To Survive In A Ruined World. And as the main character, he enjoys more than a few perks. 

    Let’s start with the most obvious of his powers, which is coming back from the dead. No, really, this man can not be killed. Instead, he rises again, with all his memories intact thanks to another ability called ‘Transmission’. And if that wasn’t enough of an OP power, Joonghyuk can also discern secrets about people without their knowledge, walk on air, is impervious to any thought infection and even temperature changes. Like, he is maxed out when it comes to stats. 

    So, Joonghyuk being so close to the top is not that out there. I mean, he is technically the hero of his own story, so his power level has to match that. For now, he is the second most powerful individual in the series. 

    1. Kim Dokja

    Kim Dokja

    There should be absolutely zero surprise that Kim Dokja is at the top of the list. He is canonically the protagonist, and it makes sense that he would be the eventual strongest character of ORV.

    Kim Dokja is a transmigrator, meaning he didn’t start out in the world he is currently in. But because of this, he has intimate knowledge of how this universe works, considering it was originally a work of fiction he read in his old life. This is a massive asset called, you guessed it, ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’, that he can utilize to basically uncover every plan or thought the story’s characters might be undergoing. This makes Dokja near omnipotent.

    But he can also copy his opponents skills thanks to the ability ‘Bookmark’. So, Dokja has all the powers, and all the knowledge that you can possibly have about this universe he’s in. I mean, you can see why he’s ranked number one here. 

    And that’s it! These were all the strongest characters in ORV, ranked. Safe to say, this was an extensive list. But did we get it right? Or do you think some other character in ORV deserved a place here? If so, sound off below! 

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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