Top 10 Ranked: The Best Anime Characters From Spring 2022

    Now that the Summer 2022 season is upon us, it’s time to say ‘adieu’ to the Spring 2022 heavy hitters and thank them for an anime season well delivered. There were some top-quality anime characters this season, with some amazing cast members.

    2022 started with a bang, and the stories we got to see had a mixture of both familiar friends and some new faces. After all, what is an anime without characters to sell the story? Half the fun of being weebs are the Waifu Wars we get to engage in, and this season will be no different.

    Of course, your ultimate favorite character might be someone else’s least favorite. But there have been anime characters in the last season that are universally agreed to be some of the most beloved individuals to grace our screens. I mean, we did get Marin from My Dress-Up Darling this season, so there’s truth to that statement.

    Still, you’re sorely mistaken if you think I haven’t already picked out my faves. There are just some individuals here that deserve more love and I’m here to explain why. We are counting down the best anime characters from the Spring 2022 lineup!

    10. Qiang Lei – Kingdom

    Kyoukai Wallpaper

    And we start strong with possibly one of the most fearless females in (fictional) Chinese history, the beautiful monster with a sword, Qiang Lei!

    Not only is she a former assassin from the legendary ‘Chi You’ troupe, but she’s also a lieutenant in the Hi Shin army, commander of a 5000-unit faction, and aims to become Qin’s Great General? If there is one word for this queen, it’s ambitious. With her trusted sword by her side and a burning passion to bring her sister’s assassination to justice, she cuts down anyone standing in the way of her vengeance.

    But despite boasting such amazing skills, Qiang is surprisingly humble, choosing to let her actions speak for themselves. 

    9. Reina Aharen – Aharen-San Is Indecipherable

    Aharen San Cutest Anime Characters Wallpaper

    Are socially awkward waifus the new trend? I mean, hard relate!

    Watching Reina Aharen stumble herself through uncanny friendships and near negligible understanding of boundaries is more than a little painful. But it’s a struggle I can honestly relate to! She’s insecure yet clings on to the tiniest kindness anyone does her. Even though she’s timid, the way she still tries to communicate what she needs is endearing. You can’t help but root for her!

    And listen. We’ve all been Reina at some point. Seeing more characters with social anxiety is a welcome change in anime, where mental health rarely gets a positive or lighthearted spotlight.

    8. Ayame Himuro – Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It

    Ayame Himuro Wallpaper

    I had to stop myself from calling this the ‘Makise Kurusu from Steins; Gate’ syndrome. But truthfully? I think I like Ayame Himuro way more than Makise.

    For one thing, she’s hilarious. Instead of refuting her love for fellow scientist and rival, Shinya Yukimura, being all Tsundere-like, she doubles down on her affection in the only way she knows how: Science. Through logic and reasoning, she tries to prove her feelings for Shinya as sincere. Even though neither of them has any experience navigating their way through a romance.

    She is snarky, analytical to a fault but above all? The girls got guts! We have no choice but to stan.

    7. Desumi Magahara – Love After World Domination

    Desumi Magahara Wallpaper

    Is this a literal ‘enemies-to-lovers’ trope come to life? Sign me up!

    And boy, Desumi Magehara is one of the cutest villains I’ve ever seen. Despite her dad being one of the head honchos at Gekko, the Secret Villain society that destroyed half the world, she’s probably the worst at her job description. And on top of that, she happens to fall in love with a member of the Freezing Sentai Gelato 5, Gekko’s sworn enemies? Yikes.

    Her forbidden love shenanigans with Fudo Aikawa aka the Red Gelato are just too funny! Known as the Reaper Princess, she’s adorable, lovable, and just a tad bit scary too.

    6. Chika Fujiwara – Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War!

    Chika Kaguya Sama Ending Anime Characters Wallpaper

    Will we ever escape a ‘best anime characters /best waifus’ tier list without mentioning Chika Fujiwara? Sacrilegious!

    Chika is that girl. She is an icon, she is the moment, and she has been ever since she graced our screens as the lovable, eccentric but surprisingly conniving Secretary of the Shujin Academy Student Council. And she knows it! Few have enjoyed the kind of popularity and reverence in the anime community like Chika has, with every antic of hers being dialed up to a 100.

    And thanks to the anime returning for a 3rd season this spring, we got to experience her strange but adorable energy once again!

    5. Ost Horai – The Rising Of The Shield Hero

    Ost Horai Wallpaper

    Okay, so Ost Horai gave us all the feels and then decided to dip, leaving us in tears? Not cool!

    As one of the four Spirit Guardian Beasts of the world our protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani, finds himself in, she holds great power. But that power is also the cause of her loneliness, where she is destined to never find true peace or connections like a normal human.

    Her biggest fear was to be left to waste away alone, and thanks to Naofumi, her life ended up meaning something more. A tragic character, for sure. But one that was well-loved by the community!

    4. Leon Fou Bartfort – The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

    Leon Bartfort Smug Wallpaper Anime Bou

    There must be at least one red flag on this list, or my toxic existence won’t let me be in peace. And, man, Leon Fou Bartfort is something alright.

    Now, fair enough, Leon isn’t all that bad, especially after the reincarnation bit. But it’s so much fun seeing the protagonist squirm between being authentic to the disturbing character he is reincarnated into and then his normal personality.

    His sarcasm is really what makes the character from a cliché self-insert into genuinely entertaining.

    3. Tadano Hitohito – Komi Can’t Communicate

    Tadano Hito hito Komi San Wallpaper

    Tadano Hitohito is the sweetest yet dumbest baby, I will protect him with my life.

    The way he is described in the anime as being ‘perfectly average’ is downright criminal. Not only is he the only one who fully understood what Komi was going through with her speech disorder, he even adapted her communication patterns to make her feel comfortable.

    The boy is amazing with social cues and just so, so pure in how he views relationships. Like how do you not fall in love with that?!

    2. Hayasaka Ai – Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War!

    Hayasaka Ai kaguya sama wallpaper

    Chika this, Kaguya that. But where is the justice for my bestie, Ai Hayasaka?

    Ai carries the singular brain cell of the entire show and I stand by this statement. Not only is she a solid friend to Kaguya Shinomiya, but her quick thinking helps her adapt to any situation. I am tired of everyone ignoring her for other characters that do not have their issues sorted out.

    She is ice-cold perfection, and it’s time we paid our respects!

    1. Loid Forger – Spy x Family

    Loid Forger Spy x Family

    Ah yes, the internet’s collective husbando of the year. If you’re not in love with Loid Forgeraka Twilight, you’re lying. I don’t care what your gender is, Loid is the universal waifu.

    And, I mean, how can he not be? The guy is handsome, he’s smart, he’s a family man and the best spy of his generation? You can see that he’s just so, so tired of all the garbage he is going through just to kill this one political target. It’s hard to juggle family and a career, you know? Especially when you don’t know that your fake wife is a world-class assassin and your fake daughter is telepathic.

    The Forger family has been a treat and half. With characters as endearing and multi-faceted as Loid, it’s no wonder Spy x Family is the breakout hit of the year.

    I know this list is incomplete. We had so many amazing characters to choose from, but these were my personal picks. Let me know who your favorite characters were this anime season!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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