Top 10 Anime Waifus Of Fall 2022

    It’s upon us, the commencement of a new anime season. It’s time we bid goodbye to the sunny babes of Summer 2022 and bring back our love for all things spooky and cozy. Oh, and of course, what is any anime season without some new waifus being introduced to us weebs? New faces or familiar ones, we can’t deny how these ladies are what makes us anticipate a new season each time.

    Waifus are very important to the Otaku experience. You can’t escape a new anime season starting without a war over who the definitive waifu was of the previous season. And this Fall 2022 won’t be any different, because boy, do have some top-tier female waifus emerged from it. Besides, it’s basically tradition for us to count them down, and how can we turn down something so integral to us?

    And hey, it’s not just because we’re thirsty weebs either! Engaging characters are what makes an anime worth watching. Like, imagine having to experience anime with no characters you stan; that just sounds like a chore! Like, if you gave me waifus that are well written, I’ll probably lap up whatever story they come packaged with. Even if I don’t like it, I will go through and watch the entire series for them.

    Lucky for us, though, there seems to be some banger anime coming out in Fall. There is plenty of new anime debuting that show promise, but also some iconic favorites we never thought we’d get to experience again. But one thing both anime types share in common? They are absolutely bringing their A-game when it comes to waifus. Buckle up, people, because this one is a packed roster. But even so, some are just a cut above the rest. Let’s countdown the top 10 anime waifus we can’t wait to see on our screens this Fall 2022!

    10. Alpha – Eminence In Shadow

    Alpha Eminence In Shadow Waifus

    Who doesn’t love a mom friend in their circle? And Alpha might technically not be a friend to anyone, being the second-in-command of Shadow Garden. But she’s certainly caring enough.

    She has a good heart, being one of two early birds that are deemed to stand side by side with Lord Shadow. In fact, it’s strange how philanthropic she is for being, essentially, a boss created to be the pseudo-orchestrator of the Shadow Garden.

    Like homegirl goes out of her way to be nice to her peers and help them out in their time of need, but she’s still strict, almost like a teacher. Which is pretty cute, honestly?

    She might be competitive and all, but she’s got a soft spot and is just trying her best. And if that doesn’t warm my own heart, I don’t know what does.

    9. Asirpa – Golden Kamuy

    Asirpa Golden Kamuy Waifus

    An ice princess type that hides a secret mischievous side? Sign us up for that, please!

    Asirpa is no stranger to death and the tragedy it brings. After losing her father and then being abandoned in the mountains, she became very numb to the world around her. She started opening back up again, specifically with her family and friends, but that didn’t erase the silent hunter in her. Aspitra grew up hiding her emotions, and that’s not something you let go of easily. She is very pragmatic about life and death, even treating her prey with respect.

    She’s the kind of waifu you’d bring home to the parents, you know? Traditional, kind of quiet and independent. Of course, she’d come in carrying something crazy like ducks she hunted herself, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

    8. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

    Orihime Inoue - Bleach

    Ah, Orihime Inoue. Admittedly, she isn’t my favorite character, but I see the appeal. Demure and naïve, but she is still very caring about the ones she loves.

    She’s just very endearing, with her hobby of creating fantasy sports to entertain others and overactive imagination. Which, honestly, tend to be pretty creative for what they are. Her sensitive nature is what makes her the heart of the show. Whereas everyone else is off being a super strong Reaper, Orihime’s humanity grounds the whole story.

    You won’t find a girl more sincere and kindhearted.

    7. Rumi Usagiyama – BNHA

    Rumi Usagiyama - BNHA

    Sometimes, all you need in life is a Bunny Girl. No, not that kind of a bunny girl; get your head out of the gutter! Or better yet, let Miss Rumi Usagiyama drop kick you out of it.

    Rumi is the embodiment of living your every moment like it’s your last. She’s fiercely independent, never afraid to speak her mind even if she will be perceived negatively. And despite the cute animal she embodies, she’s as tough as they come. I mean, a woman lost an entire arm and leg, and that didn’t stop her from getting right back into the Pro Hero game. And now, she’s in the Top 5!

    She’s brash, unashamed, and with a ton of fight. I don’t think she’s ever regretted a decision in her life, and good for her! She isn’t someone who would easily back down in a fight anyways. With a waifu filled with so much life, how can you ever feel hopeless?

    6. Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia

    Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia Waifus

    Every time I see an anime girl with fangs, it just does something to me, you know? Like, I get Himiko Toga as a villain. But also consider that she’s just a really fun character.

    Something about that feral unhinged energy that she emanates is so neat. She’s got the sadism down to a T and listen. I may not be a fan of yanderes when they are romanticized but just give me one that wants to watch the world burn. I kid you not, it is amazing. And Himiko’s twisted sense of morality is just so multi-faceted that you can’t help but be intrigued.

    Honestly, the girl’s just a baddie – even amongst the coolest waifus. What more can I say?

    5. Nemuri Kayama – My Hero Academia

    Nemuri Kayama – My Hero Academia

    Okay, admittedly, she’s serving camp, so we have no choice but to stan. The Midnight Heroine might have a questionable theme for a Pro Hero, but we can’t deny how she gets our hearts racing!

    Sure, Nemuri Kayama enjoys the fame of being a character known for her sex appeal and vivacious attitude. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t also a brave and selfless heroine who has put her life on the line more than once. Behind her flirtatious facade, Nemuri hides a deceptively intelligent and articulate mind. The thing I really admire about her is how she isn’t afraid of being who she is, unapologetic over her choices!

    And that’s exactly what she goes about teaching the next generation of heroes at UA Academy, helping them pick a hero theme that is true to their personality and never something subdued. We love confident waifus in this house!

    4. Epsilon – Eminence In Shadow

    Epsilon – Eminence In Shadow

    You know how we talked about Alpha, the other member of Shadow Garden, being this sweet, good-natured yet proud girl that really just wanted to help Lord Shadow? Well, Epsilon is the complete opposite of that!

    Epsilon loves toying with her food, that food being Lord Shadow’s enemies. She’s super sadistic, enjoying the groveling of the humans she traps and eats alive. Of course, she pretends to be very cutesy and flighty in order for this to work – even going as far as to wear pads to appeal to Lord Shadow.

    But in truth, she’s very analytical and knows exactly how to control her powers – to the point where she was dubbed “The Precision” by Lord Shadow. And look, I’m not saying I like the whole ‘chest insecurities’ thing. But the girl is resourceful for trapping perverted men and killing them, so yeah.

    3. Hana Uzaki – Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out!

    Hana Uzaki – Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! Waifus

    Admittedly, this one is a guilty pleasure. I hate that I relate to Hana Uzaki so much, but also, it’s downright hilarious.

    First of all, short girl pride! Uzaki is the definition of a smol bean with way too much energy. And it’s odd because she was clearly more subdued in high school, but I guess university was where she decided to make a fresh start. And again, I’ve been there. I really only gained confidence when I entered college and just let go of my past.

    And in a way, that’s what makes Uzaki so relatable, even if she tends to get a little annoying sometimes!

    2. Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

    Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

    My girl Rukia Kuchiki was robbed of her crown as best Bleach waifu, and I will never shut up about it. Ever.

    Rukia stood toe to toe with Ichigo Kurasaki. She is graceful and strict but with some very cute personality traits, which make her multi-faceted. Sometimes I think back to how she tried ‘impersonating’ a human and how jilted and awkward those scenes were. In hindsight, they were really brilliant in showing off how Rukia never fully felt comfortable with who she was.

    It’s why seeing her growth throughout the story was so fulfilling. Ichigo might’ve not seen how she was prime waifu material, but rest assured, we won’t be making the same mistake.

    1. Yor Forger – Spy x Family

    Yor Forger Silent Mission – Spy x Family Waifus

    Sometimes, I really like analyzing just how many amazing things Spy x Family gifted us. A found family dynamic that is heartwarming, a slow-burn romance that is enjoyable to watch, and of course, whenever Anya Forger says ‘Waku Waku!’. (Music to my ears.)

    However, one thing we should bring up more? The Himbofication of female leads. I know, I know. The word bimbo exists. But take a look at my girl, Yor Forger (the queen of waifus), and tell me she’s a bimbo. It just doesn’t work here! She’s so dumb; God bless her soul. She can’t pick up on social cues that are right there. But she can also kill a man with a needle and crush an entire pavement with one kick. Like, that is himbo energy. And I love that. I love how she has a singular brain cell that can either be an adorable domestic waifu or then switch to a world-class assassin with no warning.

    Just, Yor Forger, man. What a dame!

    That’s it for the top anime waifus for Fall 2022. Do let us know what you think about them in the comment section below!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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