Will Makima Come Back To Life?

    One of the most common tropes in Shonen anime is how characters can die and come back within the same arc. On one end, it feels like lazy writing bringing characters back when you’ve already killed them off. On another, that’s a positive. It means no character is truly dead until explicitly stated so and even then, they can always come back. This is great for characters that are clear fan favorites that serve as important plot devices – much like in Chainsaw Man. Now, does that mean someone like Makima will come back to life?

    Sadly, no because she was consumed, and you don’t return from that. Especially considering there is already a new Control Devil in town. But I understand why people are asking. She is a Devil after all, and those don’t die unless someone like Pochita comes along to kill them off permanently. That’s why they were all scared of him. Otherwise, a Devil can just keep reincarnating back in Hell and keep coming back as they wish.

    But with Makima, this cycle stops. And that’s all because of how she was killed off. Despite how strong she was, in the end, she too met her end. Which is unheard of in Hell, simply because of how Devils operate. They keep reincarnating as long as they don’t go up against the Gun Devil, who has the ability to erase other Devils from existence, period.

    In fact, that fear is exactly how Denji and Pochita ended up meeting, with Pochita being the aforementioned Gun Devil that the other Devils tried to kill. All to ensure their survival. But unlike Makima, Pochi was able to bounce back, thanks to Denji’s kindness. So, is there space left for Makima in the plot? Let’s figure it out together in Lore Analysis – a segment where we take a deep dive into the background of popular anime and manga to see where the plot is headed. With that said, let’s get into why Makima won’t come back to life!

    Makima: The Love That Betrays.


    Let’s get one thing out of the way; Makima is a manipulator. She is the femme fatale trope with a demonic twist and, despite her goodwill, her ultimate goal was always sinister.

    She took over Denji’s time, made herself the voice of reason and comfort in his life, alienated him from others in his life, And then, when people caught on, she started severing them by force. Even going as far as to kill Power in front of him. All of this just break his spirit to the point where he succumbs to the Chainsaw Devil inside of him. Why? Because she’s obsessed with him to the point where if she had the choice between controlling him or being consumed by him – she’d take either or.

    It’s wild because, in hindsight, she is still one of the most powerful foes Denji has ever met. She could’ve easily overpowered him instead of setting up this long con façade for him to fall through. But no, she played that game, all so that she could ruin Denji’s life and he’d give up willingly. With love and affection, she tore his walls down. And the moment he was vulnerable, she showed her true colors.

    Now that begs the question, does someone like Makima really deserve to come back to life?

    Why Makima Won’t Come Back To Life


    Now, Makima succeeded in bringing the dormant Chainsaw Devil out, but at what cost? He ended up going feral and Makima had to call in reinforcements to help contain him. However, this didn’t go as planned as in the end, the Angel Devil had to kill him regardless.

    However, Denji ends up getting revived after a conversation with Pochita and so, he attacks Makima and her minions, wielding a chainsaw that was fortified by Power’s blood. And that was when Makima knew she was defeated. He landed the final blow on her and consumed what was left her to make sure she didn’t jump-start her revival. However, despite all the hurt, she put him through, Denji insists that his act was one of love and not anger.

    Which, I don’t know what that says about how much Denji genuinely grew closer to Makima. And now, since Makima was dead and consumed, a vacuum was left for a new Control Devil. Who came in the form of Nayuta, a little girl who Denji ends up caring for in the end.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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