Will Midoriya Return To UA Academy?

    My Hero Academia has been wild these past few chapters or so. Luckily, a familiar face might be back for good!

    A lot of wild things have been happening in My Hero Academia as of late, like Izuku Midoriya leaving UA Academy. This is really surprising considering that that’s what started this whole story in the first place. It was Midoriya’s dream to be a part of the illustrious school, back in those early chapters. Then again, things have been so chaotic and fast-paced in the manga, that you can see why Midoriya would take such a huge step.

    However, Midoriya does return to UA Academy around Chapter 366, signifying the end of a character hiatus that spanned nearly 16 chapters. And of course, with his comeback, we also get the climax to the storm that had been brewing for a while now. The next battles are going to be intense, especially now with Tomura Shigaraki defeating the likes of Blue Jeanist. And don’t even get me started on the absolute heart attack that was Bakugo Katsuki almost dying at his hands. So yeah, Midoriya entering the action was a long time coming.

    My Hero Academia has been going on for so long, that it’s hard to imagine it might just be nearing the end of its main story soon enough. But then again, we have come such a far way since those early days of Midoriya trying to fit in at UA Academy. His shenanigans training as a Pro-Hero under the tutelage of his idol, All-Might, are a thing of the past now. Midoriya now knows that it’s not all power and recognition, that a lot of being a Hero is shouldering so much pain

    Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. And with the lives lost of both civilians and allies, Midoriya has had to make some painful decisions at a very young age. Hence, leaving those he cared about behind, for the greater good. But, Midoriya does return to UA Academy, to the relief of many fans. So, let’s discuss why he left in the first place, and why he came back in another segment of Lore Analysis!

    What Made Midoriya Leave In The First Place?


    Honestly, the answer for that lies in the Paranormal Liberation War. After it ended, Japan was left in a state of chaos. There were mass casualties everywhere, and a lot of good people died in the fight against Shigaraki and the League Of Villains.

    But perhaps the greatest thing the Pro-Heroes lost was the trust of the people. Following the mass destruction, the civilians were left angered and suspicious of the Pro-Heroes. Many believed that the ones that were supposed to protect them failed, and it led to bad blood on both ends. Of course, in the middle, you had Izuku Midoriya. Amongst all the sparkly powers and cool missions, you tend to forget that a lot of these Heroes-in-training are just teenagers, at best. And placing the responsibility of lives lost on their shoulders, well, that is a huge burden to put on anyone.

    What’s worse is Midoriya knew exactly why he left. Tomura Shigaraki wasn’t just killing for the hell of it. He was targeting Midoriya, the sole recipient of the One-For-All Quirk. Aka the only thing that could take down All-For-One, the true villain. Midoriya is the Heroes’ only hope of getting rid of the madman, once and for all. But so long as Midoriya was at UA Academy, his friends were always going to be in danger. Both from the Villains and the scrutiny of the Public Eye.

    Why Midoriya Returns To UA Academy?


    Midoriya leaves to protect his friends until he can get stronger. But Class 1-A was not having it. So, they persuaded him to return to UA Academy, despite all the hostility he was facing. Of course, he comes back but not fully so.

    No, we don’t get to see him fully in battle mode until Chapter 366, where Mirko and Mirio Togata were busy fending off Shigaraki during a fight. Of course, they could only hold their own so far, and it felt like they might just not make it. But then, we see Mirio using his abilities to distract Shigaraki until Midoriya can step in. And once that happens, it’s all hype from there.

    Midoriya looks determined but somber. He has matured greatly from the Quirkless kid we used to know to a person that has seen the consequences of his actions. Shigaraki is confident, especially after his recent body modification. But he also hurt Bakugou, aka the closest person to Midoriya right now. They might have been enemies before but have come a long way since.

    So, if Midoriya is aware of what Shigaraki has done to him, well. Safe to say this is going to be a match full of emotions.  


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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