Will Deku Get His Quirk Stolen?

    Not enough "Eat this!" to protect him from this one.

    The situation where a previously superpowered individual goes ahead and loses what makes them special is still a great trope of Shonen anime. Like, we don’t get to see it too much anymore, but when it is utilized, it is done well. It ups the stakes almost instantly and makes for such a delicious plot twist. Like, the protagonist is built on this mystical power they have been granted, and suddenly it’s taken away from them. That’s something fans have been dreading for a while now with My Hero Academia‘s Deku.

    After Deku temporarily passed on his Quirk to his rival, Bakugou Katsuki, to aid him in his battle with Nine, it was scary. Because this was proof that someday, he could lose the Quirk he is now known for. I mean, Izuku Midoriya wasn’t always Deku, the light bearer of One-For-All. He inherited the Quirk when All Might deemed him worthy of such a huge responsibility. But what can be given, can also be taken away. And, well, it’s not like we haven’t seen modification and forceful removing of Quirks before.

    But the thing is, Deku was born Quirkless. He has already known a life where he wasn’t always special, despite being obsesses with Pro-Heroes and what not. It was only sheer luck that he stumbled upon his favorite Pro-Hero of all time, All Might, who decided that Deku would become his protégé. But beyond that, all of Deku’s accomplishments have been his own. Even the people in universe agree that, while his Quirk gives him an edge, his real power happens to be the near infinite knowledge he has on other heroes that exist and how their Quirks manifest.

    But yeah, it would be pretty frightening if Deku woke up one day only to lose the powers he has grown so accustomed to. I mean, One-For-All is easily one of the strongest Quirks out there. You don’t just come back from something like that, and it’s an uneasy but possible future. But the inevitability of that is exactly what we’re going to tackle in today’s section of Lore Analysis!

    Izuku Midoriya: The Quirk Isn’t What Makes The Man

    Izuku Midoriya - Deku

    People don’t just like Deku for how responsible and respectful he is about the miracle bestowed upon him. His plucky demeanor never becomes careless or insincere. If anything, he grows into the person that he had always idolized. Someone who helps others and bring true good into this world.

    And none of that is something he didn’t do prior to getting One-For-All. Midoriya was always a good kid. He cared about those around him and spoke up for the injustice he saw in this world. And that was all even when the same world would shun him for being Quirkless, almost a secondary class citizen to some. He wished for a Quirk, yes, as all children growing up would. But that didn’t end up making a resentful person, or someone who hated those that were born with Quirks.

    Even with Bakugou, someone who bullied him until they ended up at the same training facility, things changed. At UA Academy, they both reached an understanding to the point where Deku trusted Bakugou with his Quirk.

    Why One-For-All Being Transferable Is A Threat:

    All Might

    However, it is the fact that he could so easily lend his power that makes Deku so vulnerable. Yes, with Bakugou and his fight, it was done willingly. And later, the elders and their consciousness present within the Quirk transferred it back. So technically, there was no harm done.

    But that was an ally. What if next time, it doesn’t work the same way? We’ve seen what can happen when things get tough in My Hero Academia. Betrayal isn’t such a far off idea and All-For-One is already after Deku following his hatred for All Might. But likely, it won’t get to that.

    Maybe the Quirk will end with Deku, but aside from forwarding the plot to a new realm? I don’t see Deku ever permanently losing his powers.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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