Why Did Bakugo’s Heart Explode In My Hero Academia?

    Anime Internet is currently freaking out. We might have just witnessed the biggest shock to rock the Shonen industry since Gojo Satoru getting sealed in Jujutsu Kaisen. One of the biggest manga series out right now has gone where very few mainstream Shonen have had the balls to venture. I can’t believe it’s happened, but apparently, My Hero Academia just killed off their biggest character in a move no one could’ve anticipated. Things went down in the last battle in the manga, and, as far as the last panel looks, it proved fatal for Bakugo.

    Guys, Bakugo Katsuki is actually dead, if the manga’s last chapter can be trusted. Following the U.A. Traitor arc, there was a huge confrontation known as the Final War, in which Bakugo fights the traitor head-on. Only for the panel to skip a few scenes and we are left with Bakugo mortally wounded, likely with an explosion to his heart. The last image we get of him is Best Jeanist holding his lifeless body with a hole dead center where his heart should be, screaming while others try doing something, anything to help him.

    But it was clearly to no avail. This is probably the biggest plot twist so far in My Hero Academia history, but also in Shonen period. Bakugo was arguably the most popular character in the entire franchise, next to Midoriya Izuku, the protagonist. Like, the two were fated rivals, always competing with each other and simultaneously being the ones that impacted each other the most. Like, think if Masashi Kishimoto killed off Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden. That’s the level of importance we are talking about here.

    A character death this huge is definitely unheard of, but more so for My Hero Academia. This isn’t a franchise known for its shock value or even characters that stay permanently dead. And yet, there is no doubting it: Bakugo is mortally wounded, and, likely, this is the last we see of him. However, maybe we can get some more clarity through a session of Lore Analysis – where we take a deep dive into the t mythos of popular media to see what we can uncover. Today, it’s the Dynamite that went out with a literal bang, Bakugo Katsuki.

    Bakugo Katsuki: Foe Turned Ally?

    Bakugo Wallpaper

    To say that Bakugo was popular in the My Hero Academia fandom would be a gross understatement. This kid probably ranked the highest in most character polls taken, sometimes even above Midoriya, who is supposed to be the main lead here.

    I use the Sasuke and Naruto Uzumaki scale of reference because that’s how big their rivalry is. Bakugo was introduced initially as a foil to push Midoriya. He was nasty, a bully, and someone who severely undermined his capabilities as a Pro-Hero during training. When both of them got into UA Academy, the bitterness between them was unparalleled. Bakugo was cocky, terribly sure of himself, whereas Midoriya was new to the whole ‘having immeasurable power’ gig. The two balanced each other out, with their resentment mellowing out into something more neutral.

    In fact, the two’s explosive bond stands to be a pillar of sorts for others in Class 1A, despite them not being leaders of any kind. It is clear that Bakugo respects Midoriya as a rival and fellow Hero, which is why this new development hurts even more.

    Is Bakugo Going To Stay Dead?

    Bakugo Death

    Honestly, we can’t be too sure of what lies ahead for Bakugo. The problem is with things not being very clear in the manga, either. Bakugo may have spontaneously died from a very unfortunately located explosion, or it may have been the result of a hit that triggered his Nitroglycerin sweat to ignite.

    We got a shot of him in a vision with All Might, joking about not getting his autograph when he had the chance. Then there was the cameo of his parents, looking to the sky and wondering if he’s doing alright. All the while, his body lies on the ground, bloody and lifeless. And if that isn’t ominous, I’m not sure what is.

    We’ve had cop-outs before where characters are beaten until they are an inch from their death, and then they miraculously get back up. But I don’t know, something about this particular scene with Bakugo was so final.

    History Of Perma-Death In My Hero Academia:

    My Hero Academia - Boku No Hero Academia

    There is something so surreal about death in a franchise this popular. My Hero Academia is famously known as one of the new Big 3 and doesn’t really go very dark places. There aren’t many deaths here compared to something like, say, Jujutsu Kaisen.

    And yet, there have been some deaths. But all of them were pretty significant, a climactic end to whatever arc was going on. For things to start off with someone as significant as Bakugo dying? I mean, the guy literally just topped the popularity poll in Weekly Shonen Jump. It was so unexpected, indicating that no one is truly safe from being killed off.

    However, here’s secretly hoping he comes back with a bang!

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