Is Tomura Shigaraki Dead In My Hero Academia?

    Part of the Shonen formula generally includes the killing off of side characters and then maybe bringing them back from the dead, sort of making death itself a vague concept within the story’s narrative. Take Dragon Ball, for example, and how any character that died, didn’t stay dead. Hell, you’ve had certain characters die and then come back so many times, that it feels like there are no permanent stakes to losing, especially when it comes to Son Goku. However, that is not the case with My Hero Academia and Shigaraki Tomura.

    When Tomura Shigiraki, who happened to be the main antagonist of the franchise, supposedly ‘died’ in Chapter 260 of the manga, fans were shocked because he was the face of the Villain front. I mean, killing off someone as important to the plot is pretty out there, even for something like My Hero Academia. But that’s why he isn’t dead. Tomura Shigaraki did not die after battling his own conscious. Instead, he slipped into a comatose state and came back to form during Chapter 270.

    Now, giving an important character a way out and then promptly bringing them back isn’t all that foreign to the My Hero Academia lore. We saw it only recently with Bakugou Katsuki, arguably one of the three most important people in the entire series, and how he was killed, in part, by his Quirk being leveled against him. However, that was not a permanent change and fans breathed easy when it was revealed that Bakugou was fine.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean characters don’t die off at all in My Hero Academia. Deaths are high stakes here and the entire showdown between the Heroes VS the Villains will lead to some casualties on both sides. But Tomura Shigaraki isn’t one of them. Well, yet. So, in today’s section of Lore Analysis, let’s discuss how Shigaraki survives an attempt on his life and how he comes back to the plot, a bigger threat than ever!

    Tomura Shigaraki: Shaped By Hate?

    Tomura Shigaraki

    When we first meet Tomura Shigaraki, we learn that he was raised by All-For-One with the sole purpose of getting rid of All-Might. Why? Because All-Might had inherited the One-For-All Quirk, which originated from All-For-One’s little brother, Yoichi Shigaraki.

    After All-For-One lost his brother, he stumbled upon Tomura in the streets, who had undergone a traumatic experience with his Quirk manifesting. That led to the destruction of his entire family, leaving him without anyone in this world. So, All-For-One swoops in and takes him under his wing. He only plans to use him as a pawn at first, but then develops almost a fatherly bond with him.

    And so, Tomura flourishes under his guidance, almost a little too well. He becomes much more spoiled and reckless, completely abandoning any concern for the consequences his actions might have. And All-For-One encourages it. After so much pain and loss in his life, of course, Tomura would grow up unhinged and callous, considering the only person that ever showed him a minuscule amount of care breeds the same hatred. He grows up warped beyond compare, not even flinching at the thought of murdering innocents or the way he leads the League Of Villains.

    Of course, all that comes to a breaking point when All-For-One is arrested and taken away. Not that the guiding light that defended him was gone, but he had to change his ways somewhat. So, surprisingly enough, he adapted. Tomura became much more patient and calculated, instead of being his reckless self. He is proud of his work as a Villain, being very selective of who can join the League after proper vetting.

    All in all, he becomes a formidable opponent, carrying the mantle of hate instilled into him by his Guardian.

    How Does Tomura Come Back To Life?

    Tomura Shigaraki

    During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Tomura undergoes an experimental surgery that would make his body suitable for handling the devastation that is the All-For-One Quirk. Dr. Ujiko does warn him that process will be excruciating but he agrees to go through with it regardless.

    While the surgery is ongoing, the Heroes end up figuring out where Tomura is hidden in the hospital and plan to infiltrate. The Villains try holding them off but around 71% of the procedure is completed, the process is halted and X-Less realizes that Tomura’s heart has stopped beating.

    However, after battling his own conscious and gaining the upper hand on what was holding him back, Tomura awakens with a newfound proficiency in his attacks, becoming deadlier than ever before. He realizes that he finally has what he was lacking before: utter control.

    And now, nothing is coming in between him and his goals.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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