Will Rudeus Meet Eris Again?

    While OG fans of Mushoku Tensei are comfortable right now, anime fans are worried whether Rudeus will ever meet Eris again. Why? Because at this point in the anime, they have separated and there is no clue as to whether their fling was a one time event, or whether Eris will play a much bigger role. After all, this is a Harem Isekai and technically everyone is game. But will Eris be something special? Or will she be forgotten as ‘the one that got away’?

    Okay, spoiler alert: Of course, that isn’t what happens. Rudeus Greyrat does end up reuniting with Eris Boreas in Volume 15 of the Light Novel, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Even though she left him around Volume 9, their reunion ends up going swimmingly well. And eventually the two realize they were meant to be all along, and that their passion wasn’t just a heat of the moment thing. So naturally, the two get married and Eris becomes Rudeus’s third wife, being termed the Goddess Of War. It may have been messy to see them get together, but they do make it in the end.

    But I’ll be honest, for all his harem protagonist idiosyncrasies, the relationship that Rudeus has with Eris is clearly more than any of his other romantic pursuits. Unlike his previous two love interests, Eris is someone that actively frustrates him and motivates him. And while them being separated is a product of miscommunication on both parts, I did end up liking how Rudeus and Eris meet again. It isn’t perfect by any means, rarely anything in Mushoku Tensei is.

    It’s worth noting how differently Eris gets treated by Rudeus when compared. This means we have to discuss how this relationship even got its beginning, and how it’s going to pan out in the anime. And that is exactly what we are going to dissect in another segment of Lore Analysis, with a closer look at how Rudeus and Eris ended up together. Despite being at each other’s throats in the beginning. Let’s begin!

    Eris And Rudeus: A Slow Burn Harem Romance?

    Eris And Rudeus

    So, Eris Boreas is a spitfire and she takes no orders from anybody. Literally that is our first introduction to this little girl, the granddaughter of Sauros Boreas Greyrat who was also known for speaking his mind. And Eris inherits that boldness, her temperament flaring anytime things don’t go the way she expected them to. 

    And like every spoiled little girl with contempt and anger making up every fiber of her being, she absolutely does not get along with Rudeus when he is employed as her mentor. I mean, I’d hate the person trying to teach me Arithmetic too. But after spending some time together in Roa, Eris does let her guard down around him, enough to start learning about magic and various other skills. And about Rudeus as well, and how well they mesh together. Though, it was after the Mana Calamity occurred that Eris truly had her feelings develop.

    Traveling with Ruijerd Superdia was eye-opening for Eris and it’s what led to her look at Rudeus as a romantic option rather than just a guiding force in her journey as an adventurer. And that slowly bubbles over, until she is defeated by Orsted and decides to go to the Holy Land Of The Sword to train harder. But the decision is also influenced by her misconception that Rudeus himself thinks of her as inferior, especially after spending a night with her. 

    And so, Eris leaves, vowing to come back stronger than ever before so she can stand with Rudeus as equals. Because Eris is not some conquest, she’s the end goal. 

    Rudeus Will Meet Eris Pretty Soon:

    Eris And Rudeus

    From what we can see of the anime adaptation, the second season will be airing in two separate parts. The first one has already started, but the latter half will start airing in April 2024. Which means that a good chunk of the light novel will be adapted into the episodes. 

    So, while they might separate early on in this season, we can also hope to see Eris and Rudeus meet each other again near the end. But how will the circumstances unfold? Well, it involves time travel which, yeah I didn’t expect that one either. But apparently, a version of Rudeus Greyrat from the future contacts Rudeus, a future where everyone he cared for was already dead. And in a diary passed on to him, Future Rudeus tells Rudeus to reach out to Eris instead of letting the thing between them fizzle out. 

    And that made all the difference. In that letter, Rudeus vows to take on Orsted alongside Eris and see him defeated. So, Eris returns and technically, the two lose to the Dragon God once again. Which isn’t surprising considering Orsted is technically the strongest character in the entire series. But that doesn’t matter. Because at that moment, they end up reconnecting properly, and decide to get married to each other. 

    From that point forward, Eris and Rudeus are inseparable. Through her, Rudeus has two children, Ars Greyrat and Christina Greyrat. And though they still fought from time to time, it was clear that they shared a bond unlike any other. While he adored his first wives, Roxy and Sylphiette, him and Eris shared a connection that was special

    In the end, when the entire tale of Mushoku Tensei and Rudeus comes to an end, Rudeus passes away shortly after Eris does. And in the afterlife, he doesn’t reunite with anyone else from his past life. Instead, Rudeus and Eris meet yet again, though this time not even death could do them part!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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