Is Omniscient Reader Getting an Anime Adaptation?

    Omniscient Reader has continued to captivate fans around the globe with its unique and exhilarating plot. As a Manhwa that brings comics to life and transforms the system, it remains an ongoing sensation with 5 volumes and over 193 chapters, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with each panel.

    Despite news of anime adaptations, live-action TV series, and movies for Omniscient Reader, many projects seem to be in a state of limbo. Companies such as Netflix and HBO Max have been reevaluating and discarding previously acquired IPs, potentially affecting the release of these adaptations.

    A Glimpse into the Origins of Omniscient Reader

    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

    The apocalyptic web novel was released on January 6, 2018, by Korean author Sing Shong. Initially written in Korean, it was later translated into English by Webnovel translators RainbowTurtle and A_Passing_Wanderer.

    By September 2019, the series had garnered over 26 million views on Munpia, making it an undeniable success.

    Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is a far cry from cliché series, as it offers a multitude of twists and surprises that have engaged millions of readers worldwide. Centering around Kim Dokja, a boy who doesn’t see himself as the protagonist of his own life, the story delves into his fascination with the web novel Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA).

    Having read 3149 chapters of TWSA, Kim finds himself suddenly immersed in a simulation of the novel. Now, he must utilize his knowledge of the story and his wits to become the protagonist he once shied away from, with no guarantee of success.

    Anticipation for an Omniscient Reader Anime

    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

    Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint has garnered significant interest in an anime adaptation, thanks to its gripping story, psychological thriller elements, and relatable plot.

    WEBTOON announced a live-action series in December 2020, followed by news of a Manhwa adaptation, potential “Walk With God” cinematic features, and a possible animated project. However, updates on production have been scarce.

    Live-Action Adaptation: What We Know

    Omniscient Reader

    Omniscient Reader’s live-action adaptation has yet to receive a trailer, but fans are already abuzz with excitement.

    The adaptation is expected to faithfully depict characters, detailed scenarios, and the intricate mechanics of the world.

    While there is no release date for the anime, it appears that the live-action adaptation may come first.

    Mixed Feelings About an Anime Adaptation

    Omniscient Reader

    Omniscient Reader’s potential anime adaptation has generated mixed opinions among fans. Some believe that an anime adaptation may not do justice to the Manhwa, citing examples like Berserk and I’m a Spider So What? as instances where adaptations fell short. However, others are optimistic that with proper planning, the anime could be a masterpiece.

    For now, fans eagerly await the live-action adaptation, hoping it remains true to the original Manhwa. With any luck, by the end of 2023, a release date for the live-action adaptation will be announced, allowing fans to prepare for a thrilling viewing experience.


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    1. I just finished reading that reserve too and I absolutely treasured it! The character types were so well-developed and the plot held me on the edge of my chair.

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