Is Omniscient Reader Getting an Anime Adaptation?

    When the world is faced with destruction, only one man knows how it ends – because he is the Omniscient Reader. Bringing comics to life, the Omniscient Reader has set the bars to a whole new level as it brought a change in the system with its thrilling, action-packed comic plot into the real world.

    With over 5 volumes and 193 chapters, the ongoing fantasy Manhwa has racked up quite the hurricane online as readers have gotten completely hooked with every panel.

    According to some publishing and licensing sites, not only is Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint getting an anime adaptation, but a live action TV series and a movie, to boot. However, this news has been out for at least a year now. With how companies like Netflix and HBO Max are getting rid of the IPs they had bought previously, it seems that a lot of animation is currently stuck in limbo where they are scheduled for a release, but facing issues. And that might also be the case here.

    Released on 6 January 2018, the apocalyptic web novel was originally written by a Korean author with the pen name Sing Shong. Initially written in Korean, it was then translated into English by Webnovel translators RainbowTurtle and A_Passing_Wanderer. 

    As it exceeds over 26 million views on Munpia by September 2019, it was a high time before it started to expand its reach among different readers.

    What Is Omniscient Reader All About?

    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

    Unlike most cliché series, the Omniscient Reader has had all the perks and surprises that come with a good Manhwa; one of the reasons why it hooked millions of readers all over the world. The novel revolves around the life of a boy named Kim Dokja who does not consider himself the main protagonist of his own life.

    Locked away in his room, Kim has indulged himself in reading web novels, his favorite one being Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA), written by an anonymous writer tls123. Kim reads the web novel religiously for over 10 years and has even become the sole reader who follows it to the ending.

    After reading 3149 chapters, he reaches the ending of the story where he finds an enigmatic message from the author stating that the story will very soon be monetized. Before you know it, Kim’s surroundings suddenly turn dark and he is now part of a simulation of the novel.

    Despite being the only reader who has completed the entire web novel, his success is not guaranteed and now has to use his brain and the benefit of the doubt that will empower him to step into the shoes of the protagonist that he has long been running away from.

    Is Omniscient Reader going to get an Anime?

    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

    Omniscient Reader isn’t the first Manhwa to bloom outside its comfort zone as few others have managed to do the same. A do-or-die-themed story, gore, a psychological thriller background, and an exciting plotline that many readers can easily relate to. No wonder it grossed over 26 million views in a single year alone!

    In many different ways, Omniscient Reader is a story about how stories are told and how stories are made, and as a reader of the story, it becomes quite easy to relate to the main character and his position throughout the plot, where he has to make life-changing decisions to advance to the next scenario and put an end to the story.

    With the story falling perfectly like pieces of a puzzle, it became imminent that the series would get some sort of adaptation. WEBTOON officially announced the good news on their Twitter profile on December 29, 2020. Unfortunately, it was about a live-action series. However, Interstellar Publishing followed it up with the news of a manhwa adaptation, a possible ‘Walk With God’ cinematic features, and, yes, a possible animation project as well. However, we haven’t heard much about production since.

    Live Adaption: Details

    Omniscient Reader

    Unlike the official manhwa trailer that was presented on 26 August 2020 on WEBTOON CHANNELS, the live-action adaption didn’t come with a trailer. However, the news was enough to have all of us jumping with excitement over the entire aspect.

    By the looks of it, all the characters seem to be exactly as we had imagined them to be; in addition, the scenarios are expected to be thoroughly detailed, and the mechanics of the world (such as the characters’ profile and background) would all be properly visualized.

    Since the release date of the anime has still not been given, it seems that the creators of the novel are working behind drawn curtains and we will mostly be receiving the live-action adaptation first before any possible anime series.

    What are fans saying about the Anime Adaptation?

    Omniscient Reader

    Fans have spoken their mind about a possible anime adaptation and there seem to be mixed opinions doing their rounds around the anime society as not everyone is as keen on the anime adaptation as one might think.

    Many fans on Quora and Reddit have made it quite clear that an anime adaptation would utterly ruin the beauty and perfection of the Manhwa as was done in the past with similar ones such as Berserk and I’m a Spider So What?

    All of them had the weirdest and most bizarre CGI that just wasn’t expected by everyone around the world especially when Crunchyroll takes over the reins for the anime adaptation.

    Then, we have fans on the positive side who feel that if the studio in charge of the anime properly plans out the CGI and plot then maybe, just maybe – the chances of it turning out to be a masterpiece will be rather high.

    Nonetheless, we recommend you don’t jump on the high horse just yet. For now, let’s just place our bets on the live-action adaptation and pray that it does not completely and utterly demolish the purity of the Manhwa that we all have fallen so in love with.

    Hopefully, by the end of 2022, we might be lucky enough to get a final release date for the live-action and get our popcorns and anime-watching shorts on!

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