Who Is Ai’s Husband In Oshi No Ko?

    Oshi No Ko is a roller coaster ride, right from the premiere. But it begs the question: who is the father of our twin protagonists? Who is Ai Hoshino's husband?

    If you haven’t experienced the explosive premiere of Oshi No Ko, you’re seriously missing out. From cute fluff about an unconventional family to the seedy underbelly of the entertainment world, this new anime has had everyone hooked. Despite its sparkly aesthetic, there is something insidious about the series. And with characters like Ai Hoshino, it just drags the point further. And then of course, there is the mystery of Ai’s husband, the father of our two twin protagonists

    So, who is Ai’s mysterious husband? And why did she keep him a secret, till the very end? Well, manga readers already know the answer to what Aquamarine Hoshino is looking for. Ai Hoshino’s husband is Hikaru Kamiki, a former aspiring actor who met Ai during his short stint in the entertainment industry. Though, calling him husband would be a reach, considering they were exes by the time Ai discovered she was pregnant with Aqua and his twin sister, Ruby Hoshino. And his absence in their lives, plus Ai keeping him a secret, probably explains a lot.

    However, what Aqua hasn’t figured out yet is how his father plays a role in his mother’s death, and also his own. Because in case you forgot, Aqua happens to be the reincarnation of Gojou Amemiya, who was the doctor assigned to Ai during her pregnancy. And he met his doom right around the time the twins were brought into this world. So, what exactly happened here? That’s something only the author, Aka Akasaka, can really answer. But man, did fans not expect something this heavy handed from the creator of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War.

    I mean, really. From that 90 minutes long premiere of the Oshi No Ko anime, we all know we’re in for a wild ride. And Hikaru Kamiki might just be the most unsettling part of all of it. And if you’re just as thirsty for vengeance and want to know more about this strange man, let’s break his character down in another segment of Character Analysis! But beware the spoilers, because this is going to get messy.

    Hikaru Kamiki: A Killer Hiding In The Limelight?

    Hikaru Kamiki

    Okay, to say that Hikaru Kamiki is as famous as his ex-girlfriend might be a bit of an overstatement. But both of them did start around the same time. Hikaru met Ai when she was only 16 and working as the center for B-Komachi, a lesser known idol group. But she was magnetic enough to gain his interest.

    However, prior to the series starting, we know the two broke up, and that it was a mutual decision. But by then, Ai was already pregnant and she decided to go through with it. It’s also implied that she did keep the father of her children in the loop, by letting him know which far off hospital she was being taken care of. At most, she expected nothing to come out of it, certainly not any harm to her or her future children. 

    But that’s the thing with Hikaru, he is not someone you could predict. If Ai thought she was a complicated individual, due to her meager background and callousness, then Hikaru is a straight up psychopath. And the signs were always there, especially when you consider that he entered a relationship with an AV (Adult Video) actress when he was only 11 years old. And that AV actress was married too. So, suffice to say, the man doesn’t know what healthy functioning relationships look like.

    However, Hikaru manages to take it to the extreme by becoming a sadistic serial killer that exclusively preys on his romantic partners, selecting women that have had a troubled past and no one that cares much about their wellbeing. And once he ensnares them, he gets rid of them. But no one suspects him, thanks to his skills as an actor and how approachable he feels.

    How Did He Kill Ai Without Lifting A Finger?

    Hoshino Ai Death

    Now that we know how Hikaru Kamiki kills, we can take a guess on how he got around to taking Ai Hoshino’s life. Ai was a pretty popular idol by the time her children were 3 years old. She was getting booked left and right, making tons of appearances. And when you’re in this kind of business, stalkers become a thing. 

    We already know that Ai kept Hikaru updated about the twins, to an extent. Maybe not regarding everything, but things like informing him she was keeping the children, whether they were healthy, all that jazz. But due to the strict rules to keep her pregnancy a secret by her agency, Strawberry Productions, she probably couldn’t tell him more. And for a while, that kept her alive. However, her grave mistake was thinking that her children missed a father figure in their life, when she overheard them talking. 

    And so, she revealed her current whereabouts to Hikaru through a payphone, urging him to meet them if possible. And it’s here that she sealed her fate. Hikaru’s modus operandi is to basically pull people towards him and gain their trust, so that he could manipulate them into doing his dirty work for him. And so, he used her pregnancy to enrage an obsessive fan and goad him into hurting her. All he needed was her address, which he got when she called him.

    And that was that. Ai died in front of her children, and no one was the wiser. Except maybe Aqua

    Hikaru Is Connected To Aqua’s Very Existence (In More Ways Than One):

    Hikaru Kamiki

    So, now we know that not only did Hikaru kill Ai and many others, but he also happens to be the father of both Aqua and Ruby. Aqua already has enough reason to go after him and exact his revenge. However, the one thing people don’t consider is the fact that Aqua has met Hikaru before

    And that is on the day he died in his previous life, when he was Dr. Gojou, an OBGYN working in the Miyazaki Prefecture. When Ai was going into labor, Dr. Gojou had gotten off his shift and noticed something strange about a man that was lurking outside the hospital. Upon approaching, he realized that the man knew that Ai was there, something that shouldn’t have been possible considering that Ai’s entire predicament was meant to be hush-hush.

    And considering he was a fan of the idol, Dr. Gojou took it upon himself to chase after this man. But when he got to a cliff, the man pushed him off and Dr. Gojou succumbed to his injuries. So, who could that man have been? Why, it was none other than Hikaru! And he inadvertently triggered the entire plot of Oshi No Ko.

    So now, Aqua is seeking revenge from the one man that stole his life, twice over. And whether that man is his father or not, doesn’t matter in the slightest. Because in the end, Oshi No Ko is the story of one son devoting his life to bringing justice to his mother, and protecting those left behind. 


    Anza Qureshi
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