Who Is The Crow Girl In Oshi No Ko?

    In the grittiness of deconstructing idol culture and fanaticism, people often forget that Oshi No Ko is a supernatural story. And the crow girl is just one of many mysterious individuals in it.

    With how bleak the real world of Oshi No Ko can feel, it’s easy to forget the series has some roots in the supernatural genre too. After all, it is a story about reincarnation and what not. So something like a crow girl guiding you to an unsolved murder? That might seem far-fetched at the moment, but is really on par for the course in Oshi No Ko’s plot. Lest we forget, there are ‘mysterious deities’ at play here, and it wouldn’t be the first time they were hinted at.

    So, who is the mysterious crow girl that guides Ruby Hoshino and Akane Kurokawa through Miyazaki Prefecture in Chapter 77? Well, to be honest, no one is really sure. But certain signs point to the crow girl being Yatagarasu, a Goddess in Japanese mythology. The crow is already a symbol of rebirth in Japanese mythos, and Yatagarasu is also known as the ‘Eight Span Crow’. Guess how many crows we see on the page the crow girl appears in?

    Let’s be honest, Oshi No Ko pulling influence from Japanese folklore is not surprising. Its author, Aka Akasaka, is known for using those themes in most of their works. I mean, just look at Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, another manga by Aka Akasaka. The names of its characters, plus some of the themes, are pulled from The Tale Of the Bamboo Cutter, a famous Japanese story that is known as the oldest Monogatari of its kind. And when you consider how mystical the idea of reincarnation and fate is, you can see some ‘divine’ intervention going on in Oshi No Ko as well.

    But what are Gods doing in a story about a murder mystery? I mean, why not? Oshi No Ko doesn’t do things halfway. So, any appearance of something otherworldly, like the crow girl, is definitely not an accident. But to discuss who the crow girl even is, we need to discuss the lore behind it all. Let’s take a closer look at the supernatural aspect of Oshi No Ko in another segment of Lore Analysis!

    The Crow Girl: A Guiding Light Or An Ill Omen?

    Crow Girl

    So far, we actually haven’t had a lot of cameos by this mysterious crow girl. The first time we saw her was so late in the story, and it was barely a chapter at that. There isn’t a lot of information on who she is or why she’s there, but it’s because the events that happen after that make her so crucial to the story.

    The crow girl is encountered by Ruby and Akane while they were in Miyazaki Prefecture, aka the place where Ruby was originally from, in her old body. It was also the place where she died as Sarina, a terminally ill patient obsessed with Ai Hoshino, an idol. But then, she was reborn as the daughter to the very same idol, in the very same hospital Sarina died in. And her twin also happened to be her old doctor reincarnated, Dr Gojou Amemiya, who was also Ai’s gynecologist

    That is a lot of coincidences for one place. So, to not have it be tied back to the main narrative? It’s ridiculous. Of course, Miyazaki would be the place where Ruby would finally get some answers regarding everything, including about her brother, Aquamarine Hoshino. However, how do two young girls get down to solving two murder cases that have gone cold long ago? Well, a Goddess might come in handy. And it is this crow girl that leads them to finding Dr Gojou’s leftover remains, officially ruling his missing persons case as a homicide

    And, well, that changes things. A lot. And whoever the crow girl is directly responsible for this twist in Oshi No Ko.

    How The Crow Girl Is Tied To Aquamarine And Ruby:

    Crow Girl

    So, why did the crow girl lead Ruby to Dr Gojou’s remains? Well, the concept is of rebirth here, right? And, in a way, Aqua has had his own transformation beyond the original reincarnation. Thanks to the current arc ongoing in the manga, people forget that Aqua has officially moved on from his obsession of taking revenge against his mother’s killer. 

    And that is a huge deal, considering that Aqua’s revenge was the plot of Oshi No Ko for the longest time. So, now that he’s started to move on from it, instead of letting it consume him, the narrative felt a little lost. I mean, it’s not like Ruby was going to pick up the mantle and continue what her brother started or anything, right? Like, she was the easygoing twin here, right

    So, that was a lie. Because after seeing what the crow girl showed them, Ruby has gained two dark Star Eyes, something similar to Aqua when he was experiencing the worst of his trauma. And, that’s rough to see. For the longest time Ruby was the shining beacon amongst all the chaos, a symbol of hope and innocence. And now she’s on the path where her brother was, but for her it feels like there is no turning back.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter who the crow girl is in Oshi No Ko. Because the damage has been done. The story is taking a turn for the worse once again, and Ruby doesn’t seem like she’s going to snap out of it anytime soon. Though, perhaps that is the point here. After the killer is revealed to be the twin’s biological dad, Hikaru Kamiki, it was hard not to see things take a nosedive for the worst. 

    Gods or not, it certainly is going to take a miracle to have this entire story end up on a good note. But even now, we have no clue how or what everything will lead to. Again, crows are a symbol of rejuvenation. So maybe, this is just a natural course of things. When the twins get a second life, they have to go full circle before they are allowed to live it fully, without regrets.


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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