Will Aqua Hoshino Find His True Body?

    Aqua might be on his path to revenge, but what about his true body that lies at the bottom of the cliff?

    Since Oshi No Ko started airing, it’s like the anime world is abuzz with the Seinen series that gives explosive twist after explosive twist. Of course, reincarnation isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, considering how Aquamarine Hoshino has lost his true body, one where he was an adult capable of making hard decisions and not a toddler. But that’s the intrigue of the series, isn’t it? To see how a man reborn will now navigate through what is basically a murder mystery

    Of course, there is no guarantee that Aquamarine Hoshino will find his true body from his previous life, considering how he died. But someone else did. And that someone was Ruby Hoshino, Aqua’s twin sister and fellow reincarnated soul. Aqua was born Dr Gorou Amemiya, an OBGYN in Miyazaki Prefecture, and he was pushed off a cliff the day Ai Hoshino went into labor. Nearly 15 years later, Ruby, alongside Akane Kurokawa, have finally discovered his remains in Chapter 77.

    This means the manga has taken another wild shift. For one thing, it confirms that Aqua really was murdered, and his death was not just an unfortunate incident. And the killer is likely connected to the murder of Ai Hoshino, who happened to be a patient of Dr Gorou’s and Ruby and Aqua’s mother in their second life. Earlier, when Aqua did try digging into his body’s whereabouts and tried to get answers on the internet, nothing turned up. But this changes everything.

    We never really considered how the reveal of Dr Gorou’s death could impact other people related to Aqua. Lest we forget, there is much more at stake here than just getting justice for one woman. There is a serial killer on the loose and now Ruby is fully thrust into his path. So, let’s discuss why the discovery of Gorou’s old body will reignite a plot twist no one really anticipated in another segment of Lore Analysis!

    Dr. Gorou Amemiya: The Past, Lost

    Dr. Gorou Amemiya

    It’s easy to forget that the cute toddler we met in the premiere of the Oshi No Ko anime was once a hard working doctor. And that Ai Hoshino wasn’t the mother he doted on, but a popular idol that he was a fan of, who had come to him for pregnancy consultation.

    Because of how huge a fan he was of the idol, he agreed to Strawberry Production’s (Ai’s agency) demands to keep the entire predicament as quiet as possible. Considering Ai was both unmarried and underage at the time, it would’ve been a huge scandal that ruined everything for the starlet going forward. And so, we saw Ai flourish under his care, going forward with a healthy pregnancy and expecting twins. Sure, it was a hassle to keep everything a secret, but it made sense. 

    So, when Dr Gorou spots a suspicious figure asking around for Ai, someone who should’ve not been able to trace an idol hiding away in a rural town, he confronts them. However, that was his mistake. In trying to corner him, Dr Gorou followed the intruder into a forest, where he was promptly pushed off a cliff and succumbed to his injuries. 

    The next time he opened his eyes, he was in Ai’s arms, reborn as her son. But Aqua’s old body still remained at the foot of that cliff, possibly forgotten.

    Aquamarine Hoshino: The Present At Stake

    Aquamarine Hoshino

    We are all aware of what happened to Ai afterwards. Despite her rising success in both her job as an idol in B-Komachi and her family life, she was tragically murdered by an obsessive stalker right in front of Aqua. And that’s what made Aqua spiral into an obsessive need to find her murderer and exact his revenge. 

    And for a while, that’s all he does. That is the main focus of Oshi No Ko, after all. He spends his entire time learning to be a better actor, just so he could combine the skill with his intellect and worm out who exactly put him on to this strange path. No matter how many years passed to the tragedy, Aqua never wavered and focused feverishly at trying to find the truth. Even if it meant resorting to less-than-savory means to get to the truth. 

    Of course, all of that devotion came at a cost. Because of how one track minded he is about Ai’s death, he really never focused on just living his life, unlike his sister Ruby. While Ruby might’ve been perfectly able to just move on from the past, Aqua couldn’t find it in himself to do the same. Especially once he started to see the pattern and realized that Ai’s death wasn’t merely a tragic accident, but one in a string of murders that had many more victims. And that killer somehow had intimate knowledge of where Ai was hidden, and that the twins were her biological children. 

    This meant that the killer could only be someone who was close to Ai. And considering all the signs we’ve seen, it was possible that the murderer is the father of the twins themselves. And in Chapter 72, it is revealed to be Hikaru Kamiki, a sadistic killer who preys on his romantic partners. 

    Aqua’s Old Body Could Endanger Ruby Hoshino:

    Ruby Hoshino

    Now here’s the caveat: Where once Aqua was completely obsessed with bringing Ai’s murderer to justice, in recent chapters he’s mellowed out. He probably realized that going on this path is self-destructive and he can either mourn the life he lost, or live the new one he is blessed with. Much like how his sister, Ruby, was doing it. 

    But for Ruby, the paths have reversed. While we know Aqua’s past as Dr Gorou, we forget that Ruby’s past is also connected to him. She was Sarina, a terminally ill patient who was actually the one that introduced Dr Gorou to the world of idols and Ai, in particular. But she sadly passed btoo soon. So, a new life under her idol must’ve been a dream come true, which explains why she’s so exuberant about everything. 

    Ruby goes on to follow in her mum’s footsteps, trying to revive B-Komachi and everything. But when Aqua lets go of his revenge due to their father killing himself, Ruby decides to continue it after discovering Gorou’s body while she was out with Akane, who is Aqua’s girlfriend. But this is a bad idea, considering all it’s doing is leading her down a path of darkness that leads nowhere. This is symbolized by the two dark stars that have not appeared in her eyes, contrasting her single bright one before. 

    However, Aqua is her brother. Her brother was an adult at the time, with a capable mind to be conniving about everything. With Ruby, she is still very much a teenager with no clue how she’s going to go about with the revenge. And the rage that follows can be all-consuming

    Still, the manga is ongoing. So, do you think Ruby has what it takes to continue in her brother’s footsteps? Or is this an endeavor best left alone? Sound off below! 


    Anza Qureshi
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