Has Ai Reincarnated In Oshi No Ko?

    As a Ai Hoshino fangirl, I also want her to be reincarnated back in Oshi No Ko. But not as her children's child?

    Sometimes, I think anime fans need to learn how to cope. Because those memes about Ai being reincarnated in Oshi No Ko are getting a little redundant. And this is coming from someone who genuinely believes that Ai Hoshino, the titular character of the series, was one of the best things about it. Honest to God, I think that first episode in the anime that revolves around Ai, was the most interesting one. But how her story ended is the exact reason why bringing her back would be a bad idea.

    So, is Ai going to be reincarnated in Oshi No Ko? Likely not. I know the rumors have been going around, and people really want to see her have a somewhat happy ending, but that would completely negate the point of the story in the first place, which is about moving on from the past. Besides, the fact that some people think she is going to come back as the daughter of her own children, Aqua and Ruby, is beyond absurd. Mostly because that would require them to be in an incestous relationship, which isn’t exactly a great idea?

    Although, it’s not like I can blame the fans of Oshi No Ko either way. Between the supernatural reincarnation elements and the weird history between Ruby Hoshino and Aqua Hoshino, it’s kind of hard to ignore how inappropriate their dynamic comes off as. Especially now, since Ruby has been hinting at these one sided feelings for her own brother. But dear Lord, sometimes a meme is just a meme. And while I would also love to see Ai Hoshino come back and live a life that treated her kinder than her previous one, I know it’s not happening anytime soon.

    However, the reincarnation does end up giving fans hope. Hey, if Ruby and Aqua got a chance, then why shouldn’t Ai? But we don’t know exactly why those two were picked to be reincarnated in the first place either. So, how do we determine who gets a second chance and who doesn’t? Is there anything left of Ai’s story that would require her to come back? Or has her story permanently ended? Let’s break that down in another segment of Lore Analysis.

    Ai Hoshino: When A Star Burns Out

    Ai Hoshino

    When I say Ai Hoshino was my favorite part of Oshi No Ko, I’m not exaggerating. The way her character was only there for a short time, yet became the catalyst for the entire plot? Yeah, that’s icon behavior. And it’s easy to see why, considering she was the most complex character in the story. I know the Aqua fanboys would disagree but hear me out. Her characterisation is layered and nuanced, it’s fascinating.

    Ai isn’t just written to be a star for nothing. Even her character design proves how she was born to be in the spotlight, and yet she never truly believed she deserved that sort of love and devotion. The entire time we learn about her history, it’s always about how people believed her potential was more than she ever did. And it’s amazing to see because clearly, Ai was so self assured about herself. But that wasn’t always true. 

    When she was part of B-Komachi, the group was only doing ok until she truly started devoting herself to her craft, following the birth of her twins. She wanted to do better for them, so she dove deep into trying to reciprocate the love she got from her fans. The funny part is, Ai never cared for her fans in the same way. Like, she wasn’t naive at all, she knew that this was a parasocial relationship she was encouraging, that it was all a lie on her part. But she didn’t care, the fact that she never felt the same love others felt for her, it didn’t matter. Why? Because this is what she was born for. 

    When Ai became pregnant, her biggest fear was not being able to love her own children. I mean, she was a foster kid herself, that sort of abandonment leaves scars. Couple that up with the messed up system that is the idol industry, and it’s no wonder her carefree and bright appearance hid something much darker underneath, almost tragic. And really, tragic is the best way to describe how Ai’s life ended. After the ordeal of giving birth secretly, so that her idol image didn’t get tarnished, becoming a single mother while juggling fame and still being there for her children, she finally reached heights only a few could dream of.

    But right before B-Komachi was set to perform at the Tokyo Dome, one of the highest honors for a group that started out as small as they did, Ai Hoshino was murdered in her own home by a fanatical stalker, right in front of Ruby and Aqua. Like a comet that lit the sky brilliantly for a short bit, her light vanished forever. But not before realizing that she did actually love something in her life more than being a performer, and that was her children.

    Why Ai Won’t Be Coming Back To Oshi No Ko?

    Ai Hoshino

    So, here’s the deal; The reason it’s hard for Ai to be reintroduced into the story beyond flashbacks and maybe some dream sequences, is because it simply doesn’t make sense. Even if she were reincarnated, what would be the point? Yes, she died early, but did she die unfulfilled? That’s the real question. 

    A thing a lot of people miss out on when reading Oshi No Ko is why exactly were the twins the only people to be gifted with the chance of being reincarnated. Aqua was Ai’s physician in his previous life, Dr Gojou Amamiya. He was a fan of Ai, and got to know more about her up close. When he figured out who was stalking Ai from the very beginning, he ran after them and lost his life in the process. Ruby was also Dr Gojou’s patient, a mere 15 year old who died from a terminal illness, but shared the same love for Ai as he did. Both of them were touched by her presence in their lives, which was tragically cut short. But it’s important to remember that the other thing that ties Serena and Dr Gojou together is the lack of closure

    When you think about it, both of these individuals never truly got to live their full lives, or die content. Serena was always hopeful she would live past age 16, only to pass away before that, a life gone to ailment and suffering. Meanwhile, Dr Gojou finally started to feel more hope in life, and thought he might be able to help Ai through his own ways, only to be killed for learning the truth he can’t even remember now. Both had unfinished business, and so both of them got an opportunity to try again. 

    People forget some of the themes of Oshi No Ko only truly work when Ai is the victim, not someone that can be saved. And it wouldn’t make sense to give her a happy ending. Ultimately, the series was always about yandere fans and the exploitation that is the backbone of the entertainment industry. To take that core conflict away from it by bringing Ai back would be disregarding everything the plot currently has going on.

    And listen, the fact that some people want Ai to come back in the form of Ruby and Aqua’s child is pretty nasty. Like, they are twin siblings. There is no way a mainstream manga series like Oshi No Ko would have incest in it as anything more than a gag. Plus, Aka Akasaka, the mangaka of the series, has admitted that Ai will likely not be coming back as her story arc is done and dusted with. 

    Though, maybe we can expect her in an epilogue, being reborn in a family that is there for her, surrounded by love. I think ultimately, that would be the kindest way that Ai could be reincarnated in Oshi No Ko. But so far, she isn’t back in the light novel, the manga or even in anime.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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