Did Tanjiro Die At 25?

    The Demon Slayer Mark is a boon and a curse. But does this curse affect our boy Tanjiro?

    With the introduction into the lore of Demon Slayer, people genuinely expected Tanjiro to die at age 25. And considering how tragic the series can get sometimes, it wasn’t an unfounded rumor. I mean, Tanjiro Kamado had already lost so much during everything that went on, that a self-sacrificial notion would not be all out there, at all. In a world where people die with no rhyme or reason, what’s to save our protagonist from fulfilling a prophecy already there? 

    So, there are two reasons why many fans think Tanjiro dies at age 25, however most of them believe that only because they haven’t completed reading the manga. But the first reason is because of the Demon Slayer Mark, which is considered a curse amongst Demon Slayers as those who possess it often die before they turn 25 years old. And yes, Tanjiro has one. The other reason is because, well, Tanjiro did technically die during the final battle. Of course, he was then risen again as a Demon and cured, so it didn’t last long.

    But you can see why the confusion exists in the first place. I mean, it’s not like the mangaka for Kimetsu No Yaiba, or Demon Slayer as it’s known internationally, ever spared their fans from pain. Like, they straight up slaughtered the Kamado family in the very first chapter. So the fear of eventually losing our beloved protagonist by the end of things? That isn’t exactly unbelievable. But thankfully we know now that Tanjiro survived the very end itself, alongside his sister, Nezuko Kamado

    The best part is that if you’ve read the story and all its details, you’d be anticipating this ending because foreshadowing was present all over in the series. Like, we knew how Demon Slayer would eventually end. So today, let’s take our time to discuss how Tanjiro not only didn’t die at 25 in the series, but survived the final war, saved his sister, killed the bad guy and got a happily ever after, to boot! This is Lore Analysis!

    Demon Slayer Marks And Dying At 25: A Myth?

    Demon Slayer Marks

    So, what is a Demon Slayer Mark? They are irregularities that appear on the skin of Demon Slayers, looking very much like a birthmark. They can be present since birth or develop over time, being awakened during certain situations. 

    And the design itself is random, but can hint at the various types of Breathing Style technique that their owner might favor. Think Mitsuru Kanroji and her heart shaped Demon Slayer Mark, representing her position as the Love Hashira. When awakened, they help a Demon Slayer evolve as a fighter, allowing them to access different abilities and forms of their Breathing Style techniques that they’ve never been able to do before. 

    But getting a Demon Slayer Mark is often seen as a taboo. The thing is, while it’s basically a super powered boost, it also comes with an associated curse. Because no one that had a Demon Slayer Mark has lived past their mid-20s. Hence, the entire rumor about Tanjiro supposedly dying at age 25. But people forget that being a Demon Slayer is risky business, it doesn’t have a long shelf life because of how dangerous the job can get. A lot of Demon Slayers die at the cusp of adulthood, so that adds fire to the fuel

    However, there have been cases of Demon Slayers with Demon Slayer Marks that lived beyond age 25. I mean, Tanjiro is one example already. But Yoriichi Tsugikini, the founder of the Demon Slayer Corps, also had one and he was an old man when he died. It’s likely that the Curse Of The Mark? It’s a superstition

    Tanjiro Did Die (But It Wasn’t Permanent)

    Tanjiro Death

    During the fight with Muzan Kibitsuji, a lot of good people lost their lives. Of course, that was to be expected when you’re going up against the King Of Demons himself. And you’d think as the protagonist, Tanjiro would have some plot armor, right? Kind of. Because he actually did end up dying.

    But then Muzan raised him as a Demon, transferring his anger on to Tanjiro so that he’d attack his Demon Slayer allies instead. The thing is, while that might have worked in the beginning of the series with Nezuko, that wasn’t going to fly this time around. Why?  Because there was finally a cure. Tamayo, a brilliant doctor, had come up with a humanizing cure for Demons which aided Tanjiro to fight back against Muzan’s influence. 

    And, well, it works! Tanjiro manages to fight off the Demonic presence and ultimately aids in killing Muzan off permanently. In the end, Tanjiro goes back to being a human, alive and well, living a long and happy future with those he cares about. So, no, Tanjiro does not die at age 25. Instead, he goes on to get married, start a family and even see Nezuko marry his best friend, Zenitsu Agatsuma.

    In the end, after all that trauma and hurt? There is a happy ending for Demon Slayer!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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