Is Your Throne On Hiatus?

    Is Medea and Psyche's Story On Hold? Or Is It The Definitive End?

    As much as I love following things that are still coming out and super hyped, I hate waiting for them to update. It’s why I don’t opt for works that haven’t already been finished, be they anime or webtoons. It’s why I skipped reading Your Throne for a while, thinking I could stockpile chapters to binge when I feel like it. But then I heard rumors about a hiatus and instantly went into panic mode. I mean, not another webtoon I was waiting to see reach its climax!

    Sadly, yes, turns out Your Throne is definitely on hiatus as of June 2022. After 126 episodes, we finally reached a breaking point. But it’s also kind of weird because the ending we are at currently seems pretty definitive. Like if the creator, SAM decided to just end things here, it wouldn’t feel incomplete. And that’s the first time I’ve seen a webtoon pause without leaving the readers on a painful cliffhanger. It’s refreshing, but also means we don’t have a date for when it’s coming back.

    However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tons of webtoons regularly go on hiatus. Usually, it’s because the artist has reached a point in the story where a break makes sense, allowing breathing time for both the audience and the artist. But sometimes it could also be because the artist needs time off, either due to a medical issue or a personal emergency. So, a hiatus isn’t the end of the world. However, there is always the fear of whether it will come back from said break.

    But that’s something that rarely happens. And besides, Your Throne is a huge title, one of the most popular entries on Line WebToon. So, it’s safe to say that it will come back at some point. However, when and how is the biggest mystery. So, why are people waiting so eagerly for this webtoon? Let’s discuss it!

    Your Throne: The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side

    Your Throne

    Part of why Your Throne became such a popular webtoon in less than two years was because it was a familiar setting with a wildly different premise. It followed the other extremely gorgeous ‘royaltymanhwa coming out of Korea, but here, the princess doesn’t find her prince. She learns he’s the villain out to kill her.

    Your Throne was so unique because the characters aren’t just tropes for kicks, they serve a purpose. Medea Solon isn’t just cool and edgy, she’s genuinely ruthless and cunning. But she’s also the hero. Her rivalry with Psyche Callista, who took her place as the fiancé of the prince, Eros Orna Vasilios, is so short-lived because it turns out, the prince is absolutely evil. And so, what started as something we’ve all seen before, i.e. a love triangle with two girls competing for the heart of the prince, quickly becomes a fantastical thriller-filled mystery, politics, and unlikely allies when Medea and Psyche accidentally swap bodies.

    And in episode 126, everything is coming to a head. The long con Medea was playing to keep Psyche safe and oust Eros is on the verge of being discovered. She had been participating in the Daphnes, a competition kept by the Vasilios Empire, and had won it too. But just barely, because she is bloodied and bruised. As she approaches the Royals, you can see Helios Niccolo, her childhood friend, and personal bodyguard, bumping into her, stopping her from going any further.

    She has won but also displayed all of her abilities to Eros. Now what?

    Hiatus End: A New Season Incoming?

    Medea Your Throne

    As I said, SAM isn’t finishing Your Throne just yet. They had put a notice and tweet regarding going on break and taking some time off from the story. Line WebToon, on the other hand, has a banner on Your Throne’s page that says it will return soon. This is further cemented by the fact that the official website for the webtoon itself states that a new season of Your Throne will start once the creator is back from their break.

    Again, this makes sense, considering how SAM had been working Your Throne non-stop since early 2020. They have reached great heights in the webtoon industry at a very fast pace, and that kind of thing can take a toll on you.

    So, a break to recharge yourself for even more great writing sounds like a good idea!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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