Is Reze Dead In Chainsaw Man?

    So, the one kudos I’ll give to modern-day Shonen manga is the fact that it’s way more callous about killing characters off. And, while that might be heartbreaking for some, it does add way higher stakes than what we were used to before. I mean, just look at Naruto Shippuden. We lost maybe two big characters but, well, Orochimaru is still alive. But Chainsaw Man doesn’t stick by those old rules, despite its entire thing with reincarnation and all. Take the case of Reze, for example.

    Reze was a major antagonist in Chainsaw Man, during the Bomb Girl arc. However, she didn’t live very long after, meeting her end at the hands of Makima during the Control Devil arc. However, she wasn’t the only one, considering that the final battle at the end of said arc took down a majority of the big-name Devils that had it out for Denji. However, as with most Devils, there might a slight chance she can come back, but so far it seems slim to none.

    But that is pretty much the standard in Chainsaw Man. At some points, it is all or nothing and you meet death pretty abruptly. Then again, there is always a chance that you can come back to the plot as well, at least with the Devils that is. However, the fact that Reze was killed by Makima because she viewed her as a threat, is infinitely funnier when Makima ends up being killed by Denji at the end of her arc. Turns out, both of them failed at their one job.

    It’s safe to say that fusing with Pochita put Denji on the map of some pretty unsavory people. And hey, it’s got to be hard trying to navigate who wants to get close to you because they care, and who has it out for you. But does killing them off mean that Denji is safe from them, like with Reze? Let’s discuss that and more in Lore Analysis! Today, it’s Bombastic Beauty’s death and what led up to it.

    Reze: The Bomb From The Soviet Union!

    Reze - Chainsaw Man

    When we first meet Reze, she’s a very soft-spoken girl who seems enamored by Denji. She’s cute, and kind and laughs at all his jokes. You know, your average girl-next-door. Except, of course, she happens to be a near-immortal demonic creature out to kill him instead.

    Lady Reze, as she’s sometimes known, is actually an agent for the USSR and her main goal is to destroy Denji. At first, she was just one of the many kids kidnapped by the regime and made to experience harsh training and near torturous experimentation to be molded into the perfect super soldier. But then her body was made to fuse with fragments of the Bomb Devil, and since then she’s been a Devil-Human Hybrid, much like Denji.

    At first, she tries her best to get her hands on his heart, the core of his powers as Chainsaw Man. Because that’s where Pochita hides, who happens to be the Chainsaw Devil. However, when she realizes that her entire fake act of liking Denji wasn’t all that fake, she actually goes to meet him again but is intercepted by Makima in an alley, who kills her alongside the Angel Devil.

    However, that isn’t the last we see of her. It turns out, she becomes part of this team of Weapon Devils that is being ensnared by Makima through her powers as the Control Devil. She even fights Denji head-on, who decapitates her during the final battle.

    Why Is It Always The Female Devils That Are Sent to Kill Denji?

    Reze Death

    So, I know it’s not always that the female Devils are the focal villain of any arc targeting Denji. But it happens a little too much. Though, there is a reasoning for that, albeit a ridiculous one.

    Turns out, Denji is just really dumb around women. He’s kind of never had a meaningful relationship with a girl before, so he loses his brain cells every time a pretty woman shows any amount of interest in him. And of course, that is a weakness that can and is easily exploited by the people hunting him and Pochita down.

    We saw this with Reze and Makima. And, hell, even Power to an extent. Though that relationship has significantly evolved into something more wholesome.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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