What Does Jue Viole Grace Mean In Tower Of God?

    So, works of fiction that borrow phrases from different languages aren’t really all that uncommon. The strange phrases add a mystery to the story, an intrigue that can hold significance in more ways than one. There is a double meaning to be deciphered there, a secret hidden in plain sight, that sort of thing. And for something like Tower Of God, a dark fantasy thriller webtoon, it definitely benefits from that little bit of mystery. And while French isn’t the evilest language in the world, the phrase ‘Jue Viole Grace’ is pretty menacing.

    The meaning for ‘Jue Viole Grace’ is rather disturbing, literally translating to ‘I Rape God’, which, yeah. But what it actually stands for is even more surprising, considering it isn’t just a throwaway saying but a name. It represents Data Viole, the clone of the Twenty Fifth Baam that was ‘generated’ by the Mirror Of The Past. It was created as a direct nemesis to Baam, the protagonist of the webtoon, to counter his presence on the Hidden Floor.

    Now, in a universe where a supposed tower has the magic to generate mysterious levels filled with dark monsters, finding clones wouldn’t be so far off. But it’s the phrase that really makes it way more menacing. The last time a phrase like that caught me off guard was in the sequel movie to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime, known as Rebellion. In it, the tiny witch familiars would happily chant the term ‘Gott Ist Tot’, wherever Homura Akemi would go. The chilling part? The German translated to ‘God Is Dead’.

    Again, not very comforting. But that’s what makes it so insidious. Little easter eggs like these are insidious; you don’t catch them at first. They slip under the radar until you go back and review. And then, you realize that it was likely foreshadowing something extremely important to the plot. But in the case of Tower Of god, it was less a question of what, and more of who. So, let’s discuss the ‘Jue Viole Grace’.

    Jue Viole Grace: Lost In Translation?

    Twenty Fifth Baam

    Okay so, in hindsight, there is still some dispute over the translation of the Jue Viole Grace. The thing is, some fans consider the word Viole to mean ‘violet’, as in color. However, in this case, the term should’ve been ‘Jue Viola Grace’. But it seems like things got lost in translation.

    From what I can understand, ‘Viole’ is a very harsh word that is most commonly used when it comes to sexual assault. However, the proper word in French is ‘enfreindre,’ which also means to interfere or push into. Again, the semantics of the French language is beyond my expertise. But this kind of mishap does tend to happen when more than two languages cross over. In the case of Tower Of God, it is technically a Korean Manhwa, that got a translation in English, with phrases borrowed from French. See how that can get confusing?

    There is bound to be a mishap here and there. However, it does help that the creator of Tower Of God, SIU, has more or less confirmed that the color-based translation was probably the best option. However, most fans think this suits it better.

    Baam And Data Viole: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

    Jue Viole Grace

    But what about the actual hero that this strange being is modeled after? How does the Twenty Fifth Baam play into everything? Well, for one thing, he happens to be the main character of the entire tale. And secondly, the idea of a foe that is your complete anti-thesis is something that has been played out before.

    Data Viole is basically Baam’s Sworn Enemy. He was created to directly contradict him and provide a level playing field as Baam ascends his way through the Tower. And because he was a direct close, Data Viole was just as powerful as Baam was. It copied his look from when he first entered, but other than that, there were virtually no differences between the two. It has all the powers that Baam encompasses, alongside his Shinsu.

    But apparently, Data Viole only tends to focus on three specific ones: The Shinsu Baang, the Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique, and the Blue Oar. It likely can utilize them all but chooses those specific ones for their sheer power. Again, it is a clone, so there isn’t much room for self-preservation.

    However, there is one thing it can’t wield. That is the Enryuu’s Thorn, a massive diamond-shaped weapon that is rumored to be able to ‘kill Kings’. It used to belong to Enryuu, an Irregular that was ranked 2nd in the entire game. But now, it’s wielded solely by Baam, following the events of Enryu’s Massacre.

    However, Data Viole failed in his mission to subdue and kill Baam. Instead, he ended up being absorbed by Baam’s Shinsu Orb

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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