Has Tower Of God Ended?

    Webtoons can be a finicky thing. I, for one, adore them for their ease of access and update model. There are always more chapters available to binge through for the more popular ones, but sometimes, they tend to take far too long to end. I mean, it makes sense why. Despite the one chapter per week situation, artists want to make sure they continue to keep their fanbase interested. So, most webtoons go on for years without a finale in sight, much like in the manga. But some of the biggest webtoons have been rumored to be near their end, including Shonen sweetheart Tower Of God.

    Tower Of God has been in the public eye for a while now, with its 3rd season underway. However, its creator, SIU, has announced a hiatus recently. While that doesn’t mean the webtoon has ended, it has been put on pause, delaying whatever finale is coming until further notice, which is unfortunate but sadly, artists’ hiatuses aren’t anything new when it comes to the world of webtoons.

    When it comes to webtoons, Tower Of God is one of the biggest ones that is currently still ongoing. After its debut on the LINE Webtoon app, it was so successful amongst both local and international readers that it got an anime adaptation, with a second season already greenlit. With a fan base this dedicated, no wonder people are curious about its conclusion. But it feels like this, much like other popular Shonen works, will be taking its sweet time getting there.

    But how much longer should fans be expecting here? Is it a matter of months? Or even years? While you can’t ever discern when a creator might end their story or how you can get a rough idea. With this current hiatus, and the fact that our main protagonist hasn’t even faced off any of the main villains yet, I think we might have an estimate here. And so, welcome to Lore Analysis – where we take a close look at the story so far for specific works and see what direction their plot is going. Today, it’s Tower Of God’s (eventual) finale.

    Tower Of God: What’s Its About?

    Tower of god

    Meet Twenty-Fifth Baam, the protagonist of our story, who constantly obsesses over entering the Tower, a massive structure whose interior is easily over 10 times the size of our own world. His friend, Rachel, also wishes to climb to the top in order to see the world outside the hellscape they’ve been situated in.

    One day, a bright light envelops the area they are in, and Baam finds himself on the Tower’s first floor with Rachel nowhere in sight. Resolved to find his friend, he sets out to climb the Tower in an effort to find her while hiding his status as an Irregular, an individual who was not given permission to enter the Tower formally. Which, hey, kind of makes sense, considering the Irregulars we meet later in the series are walking nukes that everyone is scared to face.

    Rachel had entered the first floor prior to Baam but was told by the administrator that she wasn’t chosen by the Tower and, as such, didn’t deserve to ascend further. Rachel falls into despair when she watches Baam clear the first-floor test, lamenting that she should have been the one to progress since Baam has no desire to ascend the Tower for himself.

    Where The Story Is So Far:

    baam tower of god

    6 years following the events of the first season, Baam was rescued by the FUG, a criminal organization that seeks to use him as a weapon against the Tower’s leaders. Coerced into working for them under the threat of his friends being killed, Baam takes the name of Jue Viole Grace and climbs the Tower while being trained for an elite position in FUG.

    Upon reaching the 30th floor, Jue Viole Grace participates in the Workshop Battle, an event that rewards its competitors with unique weapons and items. His goal and FUG’s is to acquire the Thorn; a weapon said to have the capacity to kill the Tower’s ruler, Zahard. By the end, we deal with Baam learning about his past while also settling on a goal to topple Zahard and his rule.

    We are left with Baam attempting to consolidate control over FUG in an effort to save his mentor from his time under them and to attempt to foster rebellion against the Tower.

    Is Tower Of God Ending Soon?

    Yuri Ha Jahad Zahard

    The third season is still ongoing, despite SIU’s hiatus. Considering that we have yet to see Baam contend with any of the central villains in the series, it’s a bit foolish to cause the series to be done.

    Though fans are worried, given the length of the creator’s previous hiatus, that the momentum the series has had might be running out. Hopefully, the recently announced second season of the show helps tide fans along.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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