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    Class Leaders in Classroom Of The Elite hold a special position in the plot. But who are they, and what are they like? Let's discuss!

    Classroom Of The Elite is one of those high school anime series that make sense in the vaguest of ways. Because of course, classes are divided by skill level in the hierarchy and all the class leaders in Classroom Of The Elite are representative of the stereotypical intelligence that their classes hold. And that, in turn, leads to the main caveat of the plot; Which class is led by a supreme leader, and which one is fighting in the trenches? 

    In total, there are seven class leaders in Classroom Of The Elite. Though here, they are known as ‘class representatives’, students that are all rounders when it comes to academics, leadership skills, etc. And it’s these class representatives that make up the upper echelons of the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, an institute set up to train Japan’s youngest to be Japan’s very best. And because of how the food chain works here, which class you end up in greatly matters. This isn’t your regular old public high school, that’s for sure. 

    In some ways, Classroom Of The Elite’s class hierarchy reminds me a lot of Kakegurui. The vibes for both Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School and Hyakkou Private Academy are pretty much the same. Both are elite secondary education institutes that pride themselves on churning out graduates that will later make up the order of the world, emulating the injustice and unfairness of the real world right at home. And because of that, how the students interact with each other gets much messier as we go forward. 

    So, having some students be on top of the pyramid means they get to lead the flock behind them into some sense of victory. Which is why all the class leaders in Classroom Of The Elite matter so much. It isn’t just about leadership skills, it’s also a taste of how they will position themselves once they graduate and start their careers. So today, let’s discuss all the class leaders in Classroom Of The Elite and how they stack up against each other in another segment of Get Ranked

    7. Kakeru Ryūen

    Kakeru Ryūen

    The class leader of Class 1-C proves that what really matters when it comes to class representatives is your personal skill set, and not how you portray yourself or act around others. 

    Why? Because Kakeru Ryūen is a delinquent who is more of a feared dictator, than a magnanimous leader. Kakeru leads Class 1-C with all the grace of a B-Grade mafia boss’, using his intimidation to control henchmen that sully their hands on behalf of him. Sadistic and almost comically antagonistic, Kakeru doesn’t hold his crass nature back. He is vindictive, only focused on his goal of trying to control the school single handedly. And his disrespectful nature knows no bounds. Which makes you wonder how he even made it into such a prestigious institute in the first place?

    Well, that’s because he is still one of the most intuitive people around. Kakeru Ryūen is scary good at how he can make up strategies on the fly. He is not above playing it dirty, using every scheme he can, to whatever end he wishes. 

    6. Yōsuke Hirata

    Yōsuke Hirata

    Before Suzune stepped on the scene, Class 1-D had a much friendlier class leader in the form of Yōsuke Hirata, a mature and friendly student who was famous for his genial personality. 

    Which is why the contrast is so extreme here. Because while Suzune is cold and ambitious, Yōsuke feels like he genuinely cares about his peers, going out of his way to help whoever might need it. He is mild mannered, yes, but appreciative and trustworthy when someone needs him to be. And it doesn’t matter what social standing they are from either. You see this when he defended a then newly transferred Ayanokoji against salacious rumors, despite not knowing him prior. 

    However, this selfless nature stems from childhood trauma, where Yōsuke blames himself for abandoning a friend who was the victim of incessant bullying. This is why he can also be prone to being naive, going into a catatonic state when he breaks under pressure. But so far, he has always bounced back, and is slowly learning to forgive himself.

    5. Suzune Horikita

    Suzune Horikita

    Despite her academic capabilities, Suzune Horikita was put into Class 1-D, which is considered one of the lesser classes in their year. However, she is nothing if not determined. 

    And that’s why Suzune ends up becoming the class leader for Class 1-D, even though the main reason she was placed in that exact class was because of her inability to truly work with her peers. But her skill set is pretty much unmatched, and she gets to enjoy being on top. But that’s not enough for her, because all she really wants is to get inducted into the halls of Class 1-A, where her true worth will be merited. So, she remains cold and indifferent, rarely phased by any situation that she comes across. And while her lone wolf personality sounds like an ideal, it really isn’t when you consider how being a class leader is about listening to those around you.

    And so her stubbornness is the very thing that holds her back. And once she realized that, she genuinely started making strides outside of her antisocial demeanor, relying on her peers so they could help each other towards the top.

    4. Arisu Sakayanagi

    Arisu Sakayanagi

    Class 1-A is at the top when it comes to the point system employed by Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, and its chosen Class Leader represents that excellence. 

    Arisu Sakayanagi might not look very intimidating, with her petite build and a disability that makes her appear weaker than she is, but that doesn’t mean she is someone that you underestimate. With her cool and calm demeanor, you’d think she’s never lost her composure. And that’s what most students end up seeing: a person that is intelligent, but not held back by conservative ideals. Arisu is calculated, but believes in evolving ideas to their prime, instead of letting things stay stagnant. It’s what makes her such a natural leader, listening and commanding as she sees fit.

    However, as Kiyotaka Ayanokōji gets to see, Arisu isn’t as easy going as she may seem. But she still manages to lead Class 1-A flawlessly, alongside her co-leader, Kōhei.

    3. Kōhei Katsuragi

    Kōhei Katsuragi

    Okay, can I be the first to say that the co-leader of Class 1-A does not look like a highschooler? Like, when you compare him to the other class leader, Arisu, the difference feels like it’s night and day. 

    With an intimidating build and a bald head due to some unnamed illness, Kōhei doesn’t look like someone you want to mess with. If Arisu is more easy-going and lax with rules, Kōhei is the one that keeps order. He worked very hard to get where he is, and his demeanor showcases that. While he is by no means militant, he holds himself up to the laws of the school and abides by the regulations set. But that doesn’t mean he is incapable of understanding his peers. And this is what makes his character so great, the subversion of how he seems scary, but is actually respectful and accommodating of his peers. 

    One of Kōhei’s best qualities is how he doesn’t let status come in between him and other students. Their designation or class standing doesn’t matter, because Kōhei will still treat them with respect. He might be a stickler for authority, but he is just.

    2. Ryūji Kanzaki

    Ryūji Kanzaki

    Just like Class 1-A, Class 1-B also shares its authority between two class leaders. One of them is Ryūji Kanzaki, the more mysterious one out of the pair. But so far, he has been an ally.

    Again, the biggest issue here is how students of higher ranked classes look down upon the ones that are considered lesser. However, despite being from Class 1-B, Ryūji has never been cruel in his dealings with other students, like those of Class 1-D. But while he might seem non-assertive and hidden in the shadows, it’s best not to underestimate just how loyal he can be. Just because Ryūji doesn’t command a lot of attention, doesn’t mean he isn’t a capable leader.

    And we see a hint of that fiery nature when Ryūji is forced to confront people, like when he suspected Masayoshi Hashimoto of some wrongdoing. But his empathy is one of his biggest assets. 

    1. Honami Ichinose

    Honami Ichinose

    The second leader of Class 1-B is the most magnanimous out of all of them. Buckle up folks, because Honami ichinose is a real bleeding heart, and everyone knows. 

    If Kakeru Ryūen is comically evil, then Honami is almost unbelievably good. Like, it is hard to believe she’s ever had a negative thought in her life. Because Honami is a pacifist like no other, putting the wellbeing of others above her own. She is almost benevolent, kind to anyone and everyone around her. And while that is admirable, you would think it means she is easy to take advantage of. But there’s a reason why she is in Class 1-B, and her intelligence isn’t just for show. She is rational, taking things apart logically rather than with emotion alone

    Perhaps the best thing about Honami is her conviction in her morals. She isn’t underhanded or pretending to be someone she is not. She truly believes in bettering society and helping those that might be lost. And that genuine consideration is why she’s on top of the list here!

    So, that was all the class leaders in Classroom Of The Elite. But because of the nature of the series, never trust anyone, even if they feel like they might be a good person. Class leaders are supposed to be the paragons for their peers, but that’s not often the case. 

    Still, who is your favorite class leader in Classroom Of The Elite? Sound off below!

    Anza Qureshi
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