Top 8 Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    If you’re a seasoned web novel consumer, the novel The Second Coming of Gluttony will not be a new title to you. The novel is considered one of the epics when it comes to fantasy novels.

    The Second Coming of Gluttony, by Korean author Ro Yu-jin, is known for its impeccable character development, dynamic fight scenes, and a rise-of-the-underdog plotline.

    That being said, that is not all there is to it. The fans of the series have a personal attachment to the show. Therefore, the sentimental value is rather higher than one might expect.

    Second Coming of Gluttony: Prologue

    We start out the story with Seol Ji Hu, our weak and unremarkable protagonist who destroys his future by his own volition, thanks to combined anger management issues and compulsive gambling.

    Of course, he gets a second chance at life from his future self, but unlike most resurrection fantasies, he doesn’t have any memory of the past. Just intuition.

    These feelings he has won’t be enough on their own to change his fate from a forgettable loser to an incredible hero, but it will be a start.

    Coupled with that, he also regains his unique ability, Nine Eyes, which was the reason e became a gambling addict, especially when he lost it thanks to over abuse. Once it had reawakened inside of him, it became his guiding light through the dark tunnel of redemption.

    Second Coming of Gluttony: Top Wallpapers/ Fan Arts

    This novel is highly regarded for its rich world-building and colorful characters. As such, you’ll find many concept arts being released by the official distributor, Breathe Corporation. That being said, here are our top favorites!

    1. Seol Jihu

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    First, we have our dashing protagonist, Seol Jihu. He was once someone believed to be dependable and good-natured, but he came to ruin when everything started falling apart thanks to his greed. After a life of gluttony and despair, he is now a man out on his quest for redemption.

    2. Teresa Hussey

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Next up, we have Teresa Hussey. Teresa is a resident of the Lost Paradise, as well as the princess of Haramark. But now, she is one of the unique Paradisians who are blessed by the power of the land, all thanks to her ancestral blood being that of a Sky Fairy.

    3. Seo Yuhui

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    The Daughter of Luxuria (or Executor), Seo Yu Hui is a reincarnation of the Goddess Luxuria. She is also a Unique Ranker that stepped down from her duties but found herself returning once again to the Lost Paradise.

    4. Chung Chohong

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Introducing the crass maiden herself, Chung Chohong, the priest-turned-warrior! Chung is a former member of the Carpe Diem faction, however now she’s part of Valhalla, founded by Seol Jihu.

    5. Flonecia Lusignan La Rothschear

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Known as the Ghost Saintess, Flonecia Lusignan La Rothschear is the ill-fated daughter of the Rothschear family who met a violent end and lives life as a vengeful spirit.

    6. Phi Sora

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Pride incarnate, Phi Sora is a part of the Carpe Diem wing however her former alliance was with the White Rose band. She is not someone who moderates, often harsh in her judgment.

    7. Maria Yeriel

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Initially presumed to be a mute, Maria Yeriel is an Earthling Priest who just can not control her foul mouth. She tries in the name of her faith but easily comes across as rude. She is also a close friend of Seol Jihu.

    8. Claire Agnes

    Second Coming of Gluttony Wallpapers

    Given the rank of Evil-Hunting Tarantula, Claire Agnes is Seol Ji Hu’s trainer when he is preparing to enter Lost Paradise. She is rumored as having a mean streak, with whispers of how she once cut down a subordinate into pieces.

    All in all, you can download these wallpapers from the mentioned links. These Second Coming of Gluttony wallpapers are compatible with all sizes and can be cropped to fit anything, including Android, IOS, and Windows.

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