Top 10 Anime With No Bad Episodes

    Lots of amazing anime out there, but are there any anime with no skips in the episodes, period? Let's discuss!

    Has there ever been an anime with no bad episodes in its entire season? I mean, for anime that have episodes ranging in the triple digits, that’s a little harder to claim. It’s only natural that amongst a huge number of episodes, there would be a few duds along the way. That doesn’t make the anime itself any less beloved or good; it just means that consistency is harder to come by. However, that doesn’t mean that the number of anime with no bad episodes is zero

    There are some anime out there that have me hooked to every single episode, no matter what’s happening. And it’s not like they have to be consistently exciting either, with a shocking plot twist in every episode. There are slower paced anime such as Sasaki To Miyano, that had me so invested, that I couldn’t wait for the next episode. But of course, a lot of them are like the former, with something interesting happening every second, like in Jujutsu Kaisen. But all in all, you can expect no skips

    And we don’t talk about how hard it is to pull something like that off. There are some very long running series out there that are mega popular but their fans would agree that some episodes are better than others. To have consistency with quality is easier to do when the quantity is lesser. So, it makes sense that shorter series would be the anime that have no bad episodes on a whole. But here’s the thing: That doesn’t mean they are the greatest anime of all time.

    They don’t have to be huge franchises that are crowd favorites, they just have to be engaging overall. It isn’t like Attack On Titan, which is a mindblowing series but with downtimes in between episodes. Some anime are short lived and perfect within that range. Today, we’ll be ranking the top 10 anime with no bad episodes in another segment of Get Ranked! So, if that sounds good, then hop on board!


    The Tatami Galaxy

    The Tatami Galaxy

    The only way I can properly describe The Tatami Galaxy is as a fever dream. A lucid existential crisis, every single scene in this beautiful anime is worth rewatching. Because you never know how things are going to go. 

    At its core, The Tatami Galaxy is a coming of age tale about a student simply called Watashi, a placeholder for an unknown protagonist who studies at Kyoto University. Watashi spent most of his life being a loner, trying to break couples apart alongside his only friend, Ozu. However, it is revealed that his universe isn’t alone, and Watashi encounters the ‘God Of Matrimony’, who makes him reflect on how he’s lived his freshman life. To change that, he starts jumping through the parallel universes to join ‘Circles’ and finally live the ultimate college life. Except, things aren’t all they seem, even when time travel gives him a second chance and his rose tinted glasses fall off. But then, he meets Akashi, a lonely student that lingers in the background at first, but quickly becomes the center of Watashi’s affection. 

    The Tatami Galaxy is surreal, with an art style that flows like vapor on a hot summer’s eve. Nothing about it quite makes sense, with characters that are simultaneously unsettling as they are welcoming, and everything feels larger than life. In a way, it captures that feeling of being a grad student, just on the cusp of something great, if you don’t fall.


    Spy X Family

    Spy X Family

    Everyone was anticipating the launch of Spy X Family last year, and for good reason. The manga is very beloved and the storyline is just so fun. A spy dad, an assassin mom and an esper for a daughter? Sign me up!

    Meet Agent Twilight: One of the most illustrious spies the world has ever seen, who is working on a covert operation to broker peace between Westalis and Ostania. And the mission assigned to him is to observe Donovan Desmond, a member of the National Unity Party. To do this, Agent Twilight must hide in plain sight. And what better way of getting close to Donovan, a family man, than having a family of his own? Thus, he becomes Loid Forger, father to Anya Forger, remarried to Yor Forger. Except Anya is an orphan he adopted who has the ability to read the minds of everyone around her, and Yor is actually the ‘Thorn Princess’, a deadly assassin. Besides Anya, no one in the room is aware of the other’s true identity and they are trying their best to appear as a normal, nuclear family. Key word here being ‘trying’. 

    It’s fluffy, it’s heartwarming and it is hilarious. Spy X Family is one of the few anime series that involve an older coupling and the found family dynamics here are simply to die for. And the wholesome fluff doesn’t mean the action gets negated, because every episode has something going on that you need to keep your eyes peeled for! 


    Sasaki To Miyano

    Sasaki To Miyano

    You know how I said that anime doesn’t have to be a constant action fest loaded with exposition for it to be something unskippable? Well, Sasaki To Miyano is proof of that exactly, with a story that feels as gentle as a breeze, but you can’t look away. 

    Sasaki To Miyano is like the softest love letter. Miyano Yoshikazu is a self-proclaimed fudanshi, aka a guy that enjoys reading BL (Boys Love) manga. And he wants to keep this particular side of him very secret. One day, he comes across his friend being beaten up, only for Sasaki Shuumei, a second year, to come to their rescue. And Sasaki looks like your typical bad boy, with bleached hair and piercings, so his bold rescue inspires admiration in Miyano. Which quickly turns into confusion because Sasaki seems adamant on becoming friends with Miyano. So, when Miyano accidentally lets his secret slip and Sasaki shows valid interest in his hobbies instead of ire? Well, that certainly changes things, doesn’t it? 

    There is zero conflict in this series and yet, it holds your interest in the soft glances and kind dialogue between Sasaki and Miyano. There’s no love triangles, nor misunderstandings. Only simple communication and a love that blooms so sweet, you can’t help but root during every single episode of Sasaki To Miyano.


    Link Click

    Link Click

    It didn’t take too long to realize that Link Click might just be an improvement on a genre we’ve already seen before. Time Travel was supposedly perfected upon the release of Steins;Gate almost a decade ago, but dare I say Link Click did it better

    A Chinese production, Link Click is a Donghua that chronicles the lives of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, two friends who run the Time Photo Studio, an illusive business that helps other people with snapshots of regrets they’ve had in their lives. How? Well, you submit a photograph to the pair and wait for Cheng Xiaoshi to travel back into time at the exact moment the picture was taken, possessing the body of the subject in said picture. This means Cheng also gains their memories and emotions, which is where Lu Guang comes in to help navigate his way through by keeping things in check outside. The golden rule is to leave things as unchanged as possible, to stop any butterfly effects from coming through. However, one day, Cheng Xiaochi makes a mistake.

    Again, you can’t even skip the opening, let alone an episode. Link Click utilizes its environment so well, immersing the viewer into the experience with Cheng. So, when anything does go wrong, the anxiety is almost palpable. For how laidback the series feels, it gets intense at the blink of an eye, keeping you on your toes. 


    Jujutsu Kaisen

    Jujutsu Kaisen

    Is it too soon to deem Jujutsu Kaisen a ‘no skip anime’? Maybe. But the manga is certainly one where there are no bad chapters, so I think the anime works the same way. After all, when was the last time you watched a series that was nearly as much of a roller coaster as this one?

    I think what sells Jujutsu Kaisen is how there isn’t a single character they put all the focus on. Like, yes there is a central protagonist in the form of Yuji Itadori, but the plot involves characters outside of him with just as much zeal. After all, the world of Jujutsu Sorcery is made up of some heavy hitters, and Yuji has only just entered it unwittingly. With Gojo Satoru playing mentor to him, Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki, it should be easier, right? However, the spirit of Ryomen Sukuna that now resides in Yuji makes assimilating a little harder, considering all of the higher ups in Sorcerer world want him dead. But Yuji has no idea how dangerous this world is, when the Curses they fear most, remain hidden in the shadows. 

    Listen, have you ever felt like skipping an episode while watching Jujutsu Kaisen? No? I didn’t think so. Not only is the combat dynamic, each decision taken with the characters and story is important, even if it hurts us a few times. Because Lord knows that Gege, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, does not go easy on his own creations. 


    Trigun: Stampede

    Trigun: Stampede

    So, yes, I am not talking about the original Trigun series here, which is a classic from the 90s. But that’s because I feel Trigun: Stampede is genuinely a no-skip series, even more so than its predecessor. 

    Which is ironic, since Trigun: Stampede is more of a prologue to the story. It explores the origin of Vash The Stampede, our main character and how he came to be who he is. It brings up why Millions Knives, aka Vash’s twin brother, hates humanity so ardently, but Vash believes in their ultimate goodness. We get a real-time look at the July Incident, which was integral in Vash’s development and we even get to explore Nicholas Wolfwood’s backstory. Despite every episode being non-stop exposure, Trigun: Stampede never ends up feeling rushed. Everything about it is action packed, with the flashbacks being integral to the progression of the story. But it works, all of it simply breathes new life into this franchise. 

    And listen, CGI anime doesn’t do it for me either but hell, this is the finest example of it I’ve ever seen. The fighting is seamless and fluid, and I can’t even skip the opening because it’s that good. Trigun: Stampede is one of the newer entries on this list, but it deserves its place, with a story of perseverance and heart, even when everything tells you to be otherwise. 




    Okay, has there ever been a more hype Netflix Original Anime than Castlevania? I didn’t think so. And as a long standing fan of the game series, there is no way I was going to miss out on Castlevania and the story it had to tell. 

    After Vlad Dracula Tepes loses his human wife, Lisa, to a religious mob that accuses her of being a witch, Dracula is lost in his thirst for vengeance. After all, his beautiful wife was merely a doctor, someone who saw the good in people, and pushed him to do the same. And when they rewarded her kindness with cruelty, Dracula raised an army from hell to take his revenge. While evil has taken over, Trevor Belmont, from the illustrious House Belmont, rescues Sypha Belnades who swears that the key to defeating Dracula is his own son, Alucard Tepes. And so, the unlikely trio has to band together in order to rid the world of Dracula’s anger and grief, once and for all. 

    Castlevania is one of the few anime that has no bad episodes despite its longer run time of four seasons. Every episode is exciting, and frightening in equal spades. The writing here is immaculate, where you can’t even feel fully angry at Dracula for what he did, nor could you blame Alucard for stopping him. It’s out of this world, one of the best anime series to date.


    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica has no bad episodes per say. But man, it is an absolutely harrowing experience if you are not prepared. Like, listen: Do not fall for its candy-coated aesthetic, because this series is one of the darkest things I have ever experienced. 

    And it revs up when you least expect it. We start out with Madoka Kaname, our titular character, entering a new school year with her best friend, Sayaka Miki. However, the two are intrigued by a new transfer student in their class, Homura Akemi and how intense she appears to be. But before they could spare any more thoughts over her, they encounter an injured Kyuubey, a strange creature that wants to make a contract with them. Over what? Why, being Magical Girls, of course! And with Mami Tomoe, their cool senior, being an example of how wonderful it is to be one, there’s no way things can go wrong, right

    Watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica is like getting punched in the gut repeatedly after being lulled into a false sense of security. A deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre, it’s quite honestly one of the most intense anime viewing experiences I’ve had, but that isn’t a bad thing. Highly recommend it if you like your anime haunting and heartening at the same time


    Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden

    My first viewing of Violet Evergarden rendered me so inconsolable, I actually took the day off from university because I couldn’t deal with the emotions. And yes, I binge-watched it in one go, like a mad woman. That should tell you how special this anime is. 

    Violet Evergarden stars, well, Violet Evergarden, a previous child soldier, now a veteran of a war that has only just ended. However, it left her crippled, with automated arms replacing the limbs she lost in battle. And with no news of the man who took her under his wing in the army, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, she is lost in a world with no need for a weapon like her. But Gilbert had entrusted his friend, Claudia Hodgins, to help Violet assimilate back into society and he does that by employing her at his company, CH Postal Company, where Violet learns to be an Auto-Memory Doll, a writer that helps others pen down their feelings. And despite being someone who was raised to be vague and emotionless, Violet is on a journey to help others convey their feelings, while she tries making sense of her own

    Every episode in Violet Evergarden is important. Every single one opens a new avenue of feeling for Violet, even if that emotion is as painful as an open wound. There is something so raw about this anime, and how it navigates love and loss that it would be a shame to skip through episodes. This series makes you cry like never before, and I’m grateful for it.


    Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop

    You know, maybe there is a pattern here. Maybe all anime with no bad episodes also happen to have iconic intros that are just as unskippable. I mean, think about it. Has there ever been a more memorable opening soundbyte than ‘3-2-1, let’s jam’?

    Cowboy Bebop is widely regarded as one of the best television series of all time, and we’ve reviewed why it’s worth the watch before. The series takes place in a lawless space, where bounty hunters, or Space Cowboys, round up criminals to collect their rewards and try to survive. One of these bounty hunters is Spike Spiegel, and he ends up meeting many people during his journey aboard the Bebop. But like every loner that is a part of Spike’s team, there are secrets to be uncovered. Because Spike isn’t just hiding, he’s actively on the run from his past as one of the hitmen employed by the Red Dragon Syndicate. Because the leader, Vicious, is looking for revenge. 

    So, it isn’t just about Spike, obviously. Characters like Faye Valentine and Jet Black add so much nuance, about how we’re all running from something, or searching for meaning. And the episodic nature of the series feels like you’re watching a new story unfold everytime. This is one anime where skipping episodes is physically not possible, despite how the story is presented. 

    So, while a lot of anime are amazing, these are the anime that have absolutely no bad episodes. Of course, you might disagree with them being the best of the best, but face it, you’re not skipping any scene in the anime listed here. 

    But do you think we missed out on any? Comment below on what you believe is an anime with no skips allowed! Until next time!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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