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    Considering I have made it no secret how much I adore Yuri!! On Ice, which is widely considered the best Ice Skating anime out there, you’d think I’d be more informed of other anime and manga like it. And surprisingly, there is a whole subsection of Ice Skating anime and manga out there that have made their mark in the sports manga and anime genre. There’s just something so elegant about the sport, which translates well into an animated format. So, consider me intrigued

    And, let’s be honest, while Yuri!!! On Ice is probably the best known out of all the Ice Skating anime and manga, there are more out there for us to explore. Sports manga tends to mix genres openly because of the subject matter in centers around, so the way Ice Skating lends itself to that ends up being very versatile and enjoyable. Like, some people might just think Ice Skating is all pretty twirls and jumps, but the actual sport itself can be pretty brutal

    But ever since I was a kid, I loved Ice Skating. Which sounds wild, considering I grew up in a semi-tropical climate with more heatwaves and monsoons than any semblance of snow. However, there was a place in my city, a recreation center with bowling, arcade games and, yes, an actual ice rink. And the way I felt just stumbling my way through, was exhilarating. The glide and beauty of ice skating left me in awe. So, when I watched Yuri!!! On Ice, it was that same feeling.

    It’s probably why Ice Skating anime and manga tend to be some of the most well-animated content in the sports genre, period. Hell, the style of beautiful animated characters dancing through routines was so influential for a while, that it even made it into the official opening of the original Persona 5 game. So, if you have been as enamored with the sport as I am, here are my top picks for the best Ice Skating anime and manga in yet another segment of Get Ranked


    Omoi No Kakera

    Omoi No Kakera

    Though this anime stems from a time of great loss, it is still a story of hope. And it might not be the best ice skating anime I’ve ever seen, but it does deserve a mention.

    Omoi No Kakera was an anime short that was unveiled during the 2015 NHK Grand Prix, as an attempt to bring focus on the stories of many who lost their loved ones during the 2011 Earthquakes in Japan. As such, the story follows Hina Satou, an aspiring child figure skater who lost her mother in the ensuing Tsunami. Now she resides in temporary housing near the Miyagi Prefecture with her father. But despite being torn between navigating both the traumatic memories of the tragedy and the impact of her gentle mother leaving her life so soon, she plans on going after her dreams once more. 

    The problem with Omoi No Kakera is that it’s simply too short for the story it wanted to tell. There isn’t any time for us to get attached to the characters, to feel their growth. Still, the sentiment present is very touching.


    The Pretty Rhythm Franchise

    The Pretty Rhythm Franchise

    Idols and Ice Skating, with a ton of pretty fashion and choreography that rivals Cirque Du Soleil routines. Need I say more? If that’s up your alley, then you’re in luck!

    The Pretty Rhythm franchise might’ve spawned from a rhythm game, but its many anime series have their own charm. And yes, there are multiple different Pretty Rhythm anime that you can sink your teeth into, starting with Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream. There are also a ton of spin-offs, manga adaptations and even movies, which generally follow the plot of the game they are based on. And the stories might seem simple, but they are perfect for those looking for a dose of flair and some wholesome fun.

    The franchise is supremely popular in Japan for its beautiful aesthetics and gorgeous styling, along with the sheer volume of content you can binge. And that’s always a treat.


    King Of Prism

    King Of Prism

    Remember those spin-offs I was talking about with Pretty Rhythm? Well, King Of Prism happens to be one of them. Though instead of the all female Prism Stars, this one focuses on male idols. 

    King Of Prism starts off with Over The Rainbow, which was actually a group teased in the Pretty Rhythm games, a boy idol group that was getting ready to debut. And after they were successful, due to their unique styling of idol music and ice skating, a lot more students decided to enroll at Edel Rose and compete for the Prism King Cup. But considering the tough competition in the form of ‘Schwarz Rose’, could our protagonist Hiro find his own spotlight with his teammates? 

    Look, maybe this is a simple genderbent concept, but the actual portrayal of boy idol groups is pretty neat to see. And hey, the ice skating aspect of it is beautifully done, as expected for the series.


    Ginban Kaleidoscope

    Ginban Kaleidoscope

    The best way I can describe Ginban Kaleidoscope is that it’s Bleach, but with Ice Skating instead. No wait, hear me out, I’m serious. That’s exactly how it starts.

    Tazusa Sakurano is our protagonist, a champion figure skater on her way to the Olympics. Her path is bright, paved with success if she gets through this one competition in Canada. So, of course, she crashes and burns instead, hitting her head on the ice after a failed move. She returns to Japan, devastated when she starts hearing the voice of a stunt pilot named Pete Pumps, who dies right around the time she failed her program. Turns out, his soul is now trapped in Tazusa’s body as punishment for his sins. And the two have to work together, or Tazusa can kiss that medal goodbye

    Tell me that isn’t some Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki dynamics right there. But the anime itself is unique in the way it blends the clearly supernatural problem with the competitive nature of a sports manga, making for a great watch!


    Endless Night

    Endless Night

    Okay, this is technically an anime short, but it’s so impactful that I had to include it. Although, do we expect any less from Sayo Yamamoto, the director of Yuri!!! On Ice?

    Because while it might seem like an over-glorified anime music video, Endless Night is actually a beautiful short animation about a novice figure skater that dreams of skating on the same ice as his idols. And if that sounds sort of familiar, that’s because this was Yamamoto’s first project involving the subject in 2015, before Yuri!!! On Ice was fully conceptualized

    As per Yamamoto’s brand, the animation in Endless Night is downright mesmerizing, showcasing the magic of ice skating at its most wondrous. It’s short, sweet and hauntingly beautiful.


    Knight Of the Ice

    Knight Of the Ice

    A rom-com? In the middle of my sports manga? It’s more likely than you’d think! And listen, Knight Of The Ice may not be the best ice skating manga or anime out there, but it sure is cute

    Chitose is a girlboss with very serious career aspirations who doesn’t have the patience to waste her time, and not a figure skater. You know who is, though? Kokoro Kijinami, a world class ice skater who happens to be Chitose’s childhood friend and major distraction. But behind the flirtatious nature and glittering charisma, Kokoro is actually a huge nerd who claims he can’t land a quad if Chitose isn’t there, reciting a spell from his favorite magical girl anime. So, when she’s pulled to go on a business trip right before Kokoro’s big competition? That spells disaster, for everyone involved.

    Knight Of The Ice is ridiculous, and heavy on the kitsch. But that’s what makes it such a charming read, with two very engaging main characters and a dynamic that makes you laugh. 




    This is an award winning manga, so you already know you’re in for something special. Medalist is one of the other ice skating manga that is supported heavily by the sports community it depicts. 

    If you came here for figure skating, with a ‘Karate Kid-esque’ touch, that is what you’re getting and more. Medalist is an underdog story, where Tsukasa Akeuraji, an ice dancer who got into the sport too late to make any mark, meets Inori Yuitsaka, a little girl with big dreams. Like him, little Inori was deemed useless, a late comer to a rat race that had already begun. But conviction and drive is what unites these two unlikely people, with Tsukasa taking the helm of being Inori’s mentor and vowing to make her a Medalist

    And hey, it’s getting an anime adaptation soon too, so there’s no excuses for missing out on this amazing tale. 


    Yuri!!! On Ice

    Yuri!!! On Ice

    Look, I can go on and on about Yuri!!! On Ice, an original MAPPA animation and why it revolutionized both animation techniques and the sports genre, in a way. And yes, I am biased, so buckle up.

    But the reason why this anime tops the list is because, despite all the ridiculous antics, the heart of the story is about Yuuri Katsuki and his struggles with performance anxiety as an athlete on the world stage. It portrays that pressure of representing your people and meeting your idols in a way that very little sports anime take a look at. Its authenticity is why so many actual ice skating and figure skating athletes adore this anime, its accuracy depicting their emotions and issues while still keeping things genuinely light hearted. 

    And, listen, I don’t know what’s a bigger seal of approval than Olympic figure skaters showing their love for your ice skating anime. Like, Yuri!!! On Ice is that girl. 

    So, this is my definitive list of some of the best ice skating manga and anime out there. However, there are so many more that I personally haven’t indulged in. But if you have, and you think they belong on this list, sound off below!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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