Is Lady Nagant Dead?

    Death isn't uncommon in My Hero Academia, but could this particular character be making a comeback?

    My Hero Academia has been amping things up as of late, with characters like Lady Nagant, presumed dead, coming back and Bakugou surviving a literal death blow. The popular series never did shy away from much harsher topics, like death and corruption. Though when is death ever permanent in Shounen anime anyways? And the same holds for My Hero Academia, where neither the good guys nor the bad guys are spared the axe.

    But somehow, this one villain had a comeback. While plenty of fans were convinced that Lady Nagant was dead at the hands of All-For-One in Chapter 315, turns out that was a lie. Lady Nagant is not dead, making her comeback in Chapter 378. I mean, the woman did explode and all. But it turns out, she just might’ve survived the brutal attack, and also had a change of heart on the way. Though we’re still iffy about that latter one, it did feel like Deku might’ve gotten through to her before her ill-timed ‘demise’. Nevertheless, when the dust clears, she is found by Hawk, injured, but still breathing.

    Though, we have to say that bringing characters back from the brink of death has become a sort of trademark for My Hero Academia. It feels like it was only last month that the entire Anime Community was collapsing over the possible death of Bakugou Katsuki. But just when you felt like there were real consequences here, that we might’ve just lost a character from the main trio that comprises Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, and Shoto Todoroki? The series takes a step back and Bakugou is revealed to have survived the onslaught.

    So, having Lady Nagant not be dead? It isn’t all that odd, to be honest. But what does make her survival a wild card is her position in the story as a traitor. And what that ends up meaning for the plot going forward. So, in today’s Lore Analysis, let’s discuss the character death in My Hero Academia and why Lady Nagant might’ve lived to tell the tale of why she chose the path she did. Let’s dive into it!

    Lady Nagant And The Death Of A Hero:

    Lady Nagant

    So, Lady Nagant is what we call a sleeper agent. Maybe that’s stretching it though. Her real name is Kaina Tsutsumi and she was a Pro-Hero that was later disillusioned with the life she was leading. When her job went from protecting civilians to killing even the most low-level of villains on the orders of her superiors, well. Let’s just say things weren’t turning up for the better.

    It felt to her that the Hero Commission was based on a lie that was as fragile as its ego. And so, when she saw that children were looking up to people like her without being aware of the bloodshed behind the scenes, it broke her. She had the blood of so many on her hands, and couldn’t continue in good consciousness. But when she tried leaving and her superiors threatened her, that was it. She killed them.

    Upon defecting, Lady Nagant only wished for the Hero Society to finally dissolve. She genuinely started believing that All-For-One’s rule would be better than the corrupt institution she had been under this entire time. And so, when All-For-One hires her to work as a double agent and assassinate Deku, she agrees.

    Surviving For A Redemption Arc?

    Lady Nagant

    We all know that Midoriya isn’t just targeted because he’s the heir of the One-For-All Quirk. It isn’t just his powers that make him so important to the politics between the Pro-Heroes, the League of Villains, and the Civilians. Especially now, following the devastation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

    People have lost their trust in heroes, seeing how many civilian lives were lost in the battle for power between the so-called good guys and the bad guys. Simply put, they are suspicious of anyone with a Quirk, and that includes Deku. When really, he was supposed to be the bridge between the two, considering he started as someone without a Quirk. But nevertheless.

    So, what does that have to do with Lady Nagant? Well, we got to see a hint of Deku’s true power, which is his compassion and empathy. Even during the Tartarus Escapees arc, when Lady Nagant was trying everything to make sure Deku was dead, he didn’t let up. Deku didn’t villainize her or call her a traitor for losing hope in the Heroes.

    Instead, he talked her down. Deku told Lady Nagant that her heart was that of a Hero, and her good intentions weren’t dead just yet. He knew that she misfired on purpose, that she didn’t want to hurt Deku in the first place. No matter how cynical she was, she still wanted to do the right thing. Of course, at the time, that might’ve been following All-For-One’s orders. But things change, and perspectives change. And the sad part was that he did get through to her. But it was a little too late.

    After the Self-Detonation Quirk, that All-For-one implanted in her, backfired, we see the rubble around her heavily injured body. For a while, it was presumed that Lady Nagant was dead until Hawk came over and examined her, only to find her breathing shallowly.

    After she recovered slightly, she ended up telling Deku, Hawk, Blue Jeanist, and Endeavor just what All-For-One had planned, thus betraying her previous employer. And for fans, that was the start of her redemption. While she still has plenty to answer for, and the road ahead will be a bumpy one, it still looks like this is the change Lady Nagant was waiting for in a society that had failed her so.

    And it was all thanks to Deku. Naturally.


    Anza Qureshi
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