All Sternritters In Bleach: Ranked!

    There are 28 total members in the Sternritter, the most powerful of the Quincy in Bleach. So, how do they stack up against each other?

    Bleach is back, with all the Sterritter, Shinigami and shenanigans galore. And you know what that means? That’s right, Shounen fanboys and fangirls alike will once again be sitting down to rank each category of characters and argue about it endlessly online! Okay, I kid but honestly, those debates are half the fun with Shounen series like Bleach. For example, look at all the Sternritters in Bleach, there are so many that ranking them all would be a huge task. But it’s one we’ll take on gladly

    But I do mean this is going to be a huge list, because the Sterritters is an elite force made up of 28 individuals, with their own titles to represent them individually. They also correspond with letters in the alphabet, given to them based on the abilities they inhabit. Because of how they were created, the Sternritter are poised to be extremely powerful. However, there is still a hierarchy there, with one half being the ‘upper echelons’ and the other being considered lesser in terms of strength. 

    However, underestimating any of the Sternritter is not advisable. I mean, they are powerful Quincy that are tasked with killing the Shinigami in Soul Society, specifically in the Zero Division. Which means that each Sternritter individually is comparable to a Captain-level Shinigami, or higher. And that’s why the Sternritter were so important in Wandenreich’s army, taking the lead in invading Soul Society and eradicating every Reaper that opposed them. It doesn’t matter how high up they went, because not even the Royal Guard was safe from the Sternritter.

    So, technically, we have an idea of which of the Sternritter are the most powerful, the ones that are considered a cut above the rest. But the problem arises when you try to rank all 28 of them, even the ones that are currently deceased. For that, you have to look at the nuances and really weigh them against each other. So, without further ado, let’s look into all the Sternritter in Bleach, in yet another round of Get Ranked!  


    “Σ/V” Shaz Domino

    Shaz Domino was so comically overrated that he got one-shot killed. Like, that tells you as much as you need to know.

    Alongside not having a real title, Shaz was simply a cruel man who was way too filled up on his own hubris. He was powerful, of course, as a Sternritter would be. But out of all of them, he was arguably the weakest. His Schrift was very briefly utilized, manifesting as Reishi weapons. But beyond his laughable death, he holds no value. 


    “Y” Loyd Lloyd

    "Y" Loyd Lloyd

    Unlike his twin, Loyd Lloyd ranks pretty low on this list. Which is odd, because out of both of the “Y” siblings, Loyd has the more straightforward powers when it comes to strength. 

    Named The Yourself, Loyd has similar powers of mimicry as his younger brother, but where that power divulges is its nature. Loyd can also adopt and perfectly mimic anyone, however his powers enable him to also mimic his opponent’s powers and abilities. Which is very useful when trying to create a counterattack


    “Q” Berenice Gabrielli

    "Q” Berenice Gabrielli

    So, even though Berenice Gabrielli died before we could really see what their powers were about, it doesn’t mean they weren’t powerful at all. Their Schrift was most peculiar.

    Known as The Question, Berenice’s ability worked in a way where they could weaken their opponent by simply questioning their mere existence. And that sounds convoluted, but imagine reducing your enemy to nothing by simply talking out loud. But it was the nature of this power that made them so susceptible to being defeated, as they needed to vocalize for the power to activate.


    “R” Jerome Guizbatt

    "R" Jerome Guizbatt

    Lack of restraint is what defines Jerome Guizbatt, when it comes to the Sternritter. Though, with a title like The Roar, that is self-explanatory. 

    Jerome is monstrous in his strength, becoming a towering creature with enhanced strength when he uses his Schrift, and uncaring about where his powers land him. After all, he was indirectly the reason why Berenice was killed in the first place. He has little to no regard for holding back, unleashing his Schrift even on the most low-ranking Shinigami.


    “W” Nianzol Weizol

    "W" Nianzol Weizol

    Don’t ask me why, but Nianzol Weizol and his Schrift reminded me of Bella Swan from Twilight and when her powers got stronger after she became a Vampire. No, I will not be taking questions at this time. 

    Okay but seriously, ‘The Wind’ is named after their powers, but that name doesn’t necessarily attribute to the nature of said power, but rather the way it works. Nianzol Weizol is like a shield, where if they get attacked by someone, that attack gets deflected off of them and returns back to the person doing the attacking. But it also works in an offensive way, where they can use that force turning the attack away like a blade, essentially cutting their opponent in half.


    “K” BG9

    "K" BG9

    BG9 is a robot. Like, that’s truly it. They are a cyborg and most of their powers remain unknown. However, they are quite the adversary

    We actually don’t know what the “K” here stands for, but BG9 is mostly known for their intelligence, which is comparable to a supercomputer. And they are just as calculated and analytical, not taking any remorse over hurting everyone and anyone. Not even children are spared here. However, they met their match in Suì-Fēng, who managed to defeat them and take their 10-barrelled minigun.


    “I” Cang Du

    "I" Cang Du

    With a principle that leads him to believe that things in life also belong together in their death, Cang Du is a genuinely peculiar member of the Sternritter.

    Extremely stoic and loyal, The Iron is known for being calm even in the most outlandish of situations. But his eccentric nature also leads him to drone on a bit, getting lost in his own poetic justice. His Schrift, however, is pretty standard where he can turn the outer layer of his body into a shield of iron, reinforced against strikes by the toughest of opponents, even Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya


    “T” Candice Catnipp

    "T" Candice Catnipp

    Can I just say that the name Candice Catnipp absolutely sounds like it belongs in an anime like Tokyo Mew Mew and not in Bleach

    But The Thunderbolt is more than just her cutesy name. As the first female Quincy to enter the Thousand Year Blood War, Candice was a fiery force of nature. Her Schrift matched that, with her being able to project lightning bolts and reign literal fury on the battlefield. Although she was ultimately beaten, she does take the credit for taking Kenpachi Zaraki down with her. Hell hath no fury, right?


    “L” PePe Waccabrada

    "L" PePe Waccabrada

    I’ve got to admit, PePe Waccabrada and his whole ‘love is peace’ schtick really made me crack up when I saw the contrast between him and the other members of the Sternritter.

    But honestly, he’s a compelling opponent. Literally titled as ‘The Love’, PePe uses his powers to instill a neurotic infatuation in whoever he attacks, leading them to become his mindless puppets. And that works really well when you need absolutely loyal spies, but also doubles up as insurance during battle when you need someone else to take the fall for you. Ultimately, PePe does get his just desserts for manipulating his own teammates and is executed via consumption


    “U” NaNaNa Najahkoop

    "U" NaNaNa Najahkoop

    You read that right, I did rank the one Sternritter who almost defeated Sōsuke Aizen pretty low on a list about the most powerful of all the Sternritter. But hear me out!

    NaNaNa Najahkoop is a cautious man, but that makes sense with how his Schrift works. Able to discern weaknesses in his opponent’s Reiatsu by observing their spiritual power on a whole, it makes sense that his given title is ‘The Underbelly’. He analyzes a person covertly to figure out what is the best way to tackle them. However, NaNaNa also got iced out by his own team so, he wasn’t the best out of all the Sternritter when ranked. 


    “O” Driscoll Berci

    "O" Driscoll Berci

    Driscoll Berci is unsettling, even for the Sternritter standards, and that’s saying something. Perhaps his merciless nature is why he gained the moniker of ‘The Overkill’.

    The best way to describe Driscoll is bloodthirsty. He gives his all in battle, and takes no prisoners. It’s kill or be killed, quite literally. His Schrift depends on how many lives he takes, because killing gives him a power boost mid-battle. It doesn’t matter who he kills, any being is enough, as long as he gets to spill blood. 


    “N” Robert Accutrone

    "N" Robert Accutrone

    It speaks volumes of how strange some of the Sternritter can be when you have The Overkill in the same team as Robert Accutrone, who can only be described as a ‘midwestern father figure’.

    But no, as respectful and to-the-point as Robert might be, he is still a stoic killer who focuses on the mission. He’s pretty no-nonsense, which adds to the responsible vibe he has going on. And so, he is lethal in battle, with his speed being his biggest asset. But while he has his faith in the mission he is assigned, Robert does tend to be more pragmatic than most.


    “J” Quilge Opie

    "J" Quilge Opie

    Quilge Opie holds importance amongst the Sternritter because he was one of the first of them to truly take on Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist

    Known as The Prison, Quilge can use his Schrift to block different dimension doors from being opened. It also works as a sort of jail to hold any enemy in, no matter if they are from Soul Society, Hueco Mundo or otherwise. And despite his casual nature, the Subjugator of the Arrancar is clearly invested in his boss’s orders, literally throwing caution to the wind regarding his severe injuries just so he could stop Ichigo from progressing forward.


    “P” Meninas McAllon

    "P" Meninas McAllon

    Despite her adorable appearance, Meninas McAllon is mostly known for being the person that almost decimated Rukia Kuchiki in her first appearance. 

    She’s also known for having supernatural strength, one that surpasses all of her peers, hence her title being very simply ‘The Power’. Like, bestie here is picking up entire concrete buildings and yeeting them into the air like they are a dodgeball, which is wild to see. And she is very proud of her occupation as a warrior, not hesitating for a second when dealing out strikes. However, her ignorant nature does eventually get the best of her.  


    “G” Liltotto Lamperd

    "G" Liltotto Lamperd

    A lot of Bleach is inspired by aspects of different religions such as Christianity, and Liltotto Lamperd feels like she is representative of the Seven Deadly Sins

    Specifically, Liltotto is called ‘The Gluttony’ because her Schrift involves consumption. No, like she literally eats her opponents in one bite, no matter what their size, and ends up absorbing their powers. So yes, that big mouthed nature of hers isn’t simply a metaphor. It got so bad that she ended up eating PePe and gaining his powers of infatuation. 


    “E” Bambietta Basterbine

    "E" Bambietta Basterbine

    I love how one of the key things that I can remember about Bambietta Basterbine has nothing to do with her power, but rather that Liltotto once called her ‘slut’. Like, it’s so catty for no reason and makes me cackle?

    However, Bambietta did fare better than her teammate on this list, considering she ranked above her. And for good reason, considering ‘The Explode’ is also known as the leader of the female Sternritter. And her name is pretty direct with her powers, considering she does have explosive powers that can turn anything around her into bombs powerful enough to level entire blocks. And no, you can’t even shield yourself from the impact considering the nature of her powers.


    “Z” Giselle Gewelle

    "Z" Giselle Gewelle

    Say what you will, but Giselle Gewelle is as close as we are going to get to a necromancer in Bleach. Which is funny when you, you know, consider what Bleach is about. 

    But that is why Giselle is called ‘The Zombie’, with her being able to use her own blood to turn living beings into corpses that only do her bidding. And this power doesn’t exactly have a limit, which is dangerous in the hands of someone like Giselle who is also sort of unhinged. Like, she made a bunch of Shinigami rip each other to shreds while they were fully aware they were attacking their own. And if that’s not psychotic behavior, I don’t know what is.  


    “H” Bazzard “Bazz-B” Black

    "H" Bazzard "Bazz-B" Black

    Okay, I’m aware that I already used the ‘fiery’ thing for Candice but again, the same could be said about Bazzard Black, also known more commonly as Bazz-B

    Though, his official title is ‘The Heat’ which, yes, that is definitely more apt. Bazz-B’s Schrift is very much fire based, using his Reishi to turn the very air combustible and burn everything in his path. His fire is all-consuming, even melting the ice created by the 10th Division’s Captain using his Bankai. Couple that with his anarchist nature, and it makes Bazz-B a very dangerous individual to face in battle.


    “S” Mask de Masculine

    "S" Mask de Masculine

    Again, the names in Bleach are A+, thank you Tite Kubo. But Mask De Masculine is more than just a funny moniker, even if his attire as a wrestler did catch me off guard. 

    Clearly pulling inspiration from Lucha Libre wrestling in Mexico, Mask De Masculine is every part his title of ‘The Superstar’. A larger than life personality, he is aided by his partner, James, who follows him in battle and cheers him on, activating his Schrift. The cheers helps Mask De Masculine’s endurance and overall strength, alongside helping him recover from any injuries sustained. 


    “Y” Royd Lloyd

    "Y" Royd Lloyd

    Just like his elder brother, Royd Lloyd also has powers of mimicry. But the reason he ranks higher is because of how he ends up executing those same powers in a different manner. 

    See, not only can he mimic abilities like Loyd did, Royd’s mimicry is almost too good, to the point where he can also take upon his opponents memories and emotions. This means his copying of the other character is perfect, down to the tiniest detail, to the point where it can confuse the allies of the person he is mimicking. And that is a dangerous skill, allowing Royd to even utilize Yhwach’s powers for his goals.


    “C” Pernida Parnkgjas

    "C" Pernida Parnkgjas

    Could Pernida Parnkjas even count as a being when they are actually the dismembered hand of the Soul King himself? Apparently, yes. And boy, it doesn’t make them any less intimidating. 

    Pernida is also known as ‘The Compulsory’, as it controls people through their nerve endings and gains information on them the same way. Because of how they literally look like a cartoon gloved hand with eyes, they cloak themselves but that doesn’t make them any less stronger. Mind control is one hell of a Schrift and it took a lot for the Shinigami to gain an upper hand on them. (I will not apologize for that pun, thank you.)


    “F” Äs Nödt

    "F" Äs Nödt

    If you were ever a fan of the Scarecrow from the Batman series, Äs Nödt might just be your favorite out of all the Sternritter members in Bleach. 

    Also known as ‘The Fear’, Äs Nödt is eerily similar in his arrogance to the Scarecrow, not to mention the dark sense of humor evident when he eviscerates Byakuya Kuchiki. And his powers are just as haunting, with Äs Nödt being able induce limitless fear and incapacitating his enemies without technically doing anything.

    He believes that irrational fear is much more destructive than rational fear, which is why his powers end up working so well.


    “V” Gremmy Thoumeaux

    "V" Gremmy Thoumeaux

    Honestly, no wonder Gremmy Thoumeaux ranks so high on this list. The kid took ‘imagination is the greatest power’ into a whole different realm

    Deemed ‘The Visionary’, if Gremmy wants it to be, it materializes. His Schrift is literally bringing his vision to life, so if he wants an opponent to be made out of gummy worms, it will happen. Like, it isn’t just about him manifesting weapons from thin air, or healing his wounds by simply ‘believing’ them to be healed, he can also create life.

    And it is frightening to see the power of reality manipulation in the hands of someone who looks child-like and innocent, but is actually the complete opposite


    “D” Askin Nakk Le Vaar

    "D" Askin Nakk Le Vaar

    While he doesn’t act like a hothead, Askin Nakk Le Vaar is one hell of a tank. Though, as he’s part of the Schutzstaffel, which is the Imperial Guard for Yhwach, it was expected. 

    I mean, his title is ‘The Deathdealing’. His Schrift involves invincibility from anything and everything through small lethal doses of blood or even spiritual energy that he ingests. And that doesn’t sound all that concerning, until you realize that it means no power on the battlefield is enough to incapacitate him.

    It’s how Askin took down Ichigo, Yoruichi Shihouin and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in one go. Like, imagine how insanely powerful you have to be to pull that off. 


    “A” Uryū Ishida

    “A” Uryū Ishida

    Honestly, thank God Uryū Ishida defected from the Sternritter when he did, because there is no way the Shinigami could’ve survived if he was working as a double agent for Yhwach. 

    But despite being the supposed ‘Crown Prince’, Uryū didn’t stay under his leader’s watchful gaze. However, that doesn’t mean he was let go peacefully, because his Schrift, The Antithesis, is one of the most powerful ones. He can literally reverse events that are taking place in real time. So, imagine you’re about to be fatally wounded by an enemy, right?

    Well, Uryū can use his power to simply reverse the situation, making your attacker be on the receiving end of his own blow. Which theoretically means no win is certain if Uryū is still on the battlefield.


    “X” Lille Barro

    "X" Lille Barro

    Lille Barro was the very first of his kind to gain a Schrift, and that alone should be enough. However, it is his powers as ‘The X-Axis’ that really make him intriguing.

    As one of the top 3 members of the Sternritter, Lille enjoys a power that is almost hard to conceptualize because, well, he can literally make himself intangible. The official name for it is Spacial Phasing, where Lille uses his rifle to shoot through anything and everything without missing his mark. No matter what projectile is in front of him, nor how his target is moving, Lille will simply not miss. And it takes one headshot to kill any being. In a way, Lille is the ultimate killing machine


    “M” Gerard Valkryie

    "M" Gerard Valkryie

    With his superhero looks, it’s easy to underestimate Gerard Valkyrie and assume he isn’t going to be as tough. But there’s a reason why he ranks so high. 

    His official title is ‘The Miracle’. And that’s because he literally gets stronger the more he gets attacked. Which, yeah, it isn’t computing in my head either. But basically Gerard doesn’t even have a Schrift, this ability is naturally borne as he is considered the Heart of the Soul King, and Yhwach’s blood offers him power that is unfathomable.

    So, the more unlikely a situation is, the easier it is for Gerard to manifest, quite literally weaving miracles from thin air, simply because he believed


    “B” Jugram Haschwalth

    "B" Jugram Haschwalth

    So, after so many amazing and genuinely unbelievable abilities, how does Jugram Haschwalth stand on top amongst his peers? Well, he isn’t the Grand Master of the Sternritter for nothing. 

    His title, The Balance, makes a lot of sense when you consider how much responsibility he shoulders. Jugram is the advisor to Emperor Yhwach, even taking his place while the monarch sleeps. And his powers revolve around a reversal as well, similar to Uryū. But Jugram can literally turn misfortune into an opportunity, basically creating a balance between two opposing powers.

    Again, this means any losing battle can easily become a winning war, like Jugram is a mirror that deflects any loss that comes their way. It was only through Yhwach unleashing his Auswählen that Jugram died, showcasing just how invincible he was. 

    So, that were all the Sternritter, ranked from lowest to highest. Personally, I think this list works really well, though it is missing a couple members that died before any of the action really began. Therefore, counting them didn’t feel right. 

    And also, I’m simply terrified of how Bleach; Thousand Year Blood War is going to go if these are our bad guys. But hey, if fans of the manga are sitting right, maybe Ichigo and the gang still have a shot at saving Soul Society and beyond. Here’s hoping!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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