7 Great Powers Ranking In Mushoku Tensei

    Rudeus Greyrat might be part of the 7 Great Powers, but where does everyone rank on that list, really?

    Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is back for the summer of 2023! And with this new season comes a closer look at the 7 Great Powers and their ranking in the world of Mushoku Tensei. After all, what is an Isekai without its power balancing Gods that secretly control everything? Okay, I kid but the 7 Great Powers are important. However, due to the many battles that have been going on, their ranking has left plenty of people confused. 

    The way the 7 Great Powers rank in Mushoku Tensei is a little convoluted. Like, what are the 7 Great Powers? They were a result of the Second Human Demon War, created by the Technique God to be the 7 strongest beings in the entire world, all of whom were capable of defeating him if the situation called for it. But the Technique God himself counts as one of the 7 Great Powers. Though, because he created them, he is considered the strongest in terms of ranking. 

    But once the Laplace War was done, the belief in the 7 Great Powers was left up in the air, with some people even thinking that the Technique God himself never even existed in the first place. However, if you do believe in the 7 Great Powers, there is even more dispute regarding ranking within the group itself, with the first 4 Great Powers taking the title of ‘Upper Ranks’. While the others are relegated to simply being the ‘Lower Ranks’. And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘defeat and take their place’ mechanics here.

    Why? Because apparently the Technique God is only considered the strongest on the technicality (Get it?) of being missing and therefore undefeated. Otherwise, the Dragon God would easily rank above him. So yes, lots of factors to consider here when trying to determine the 7 Great Powers ranking in Mushoku Tensei. But that is exactly why we’ve done all the leg work for you. So, here are all the current 7 Great Powers ranked accordingly, in yet another segment of Get Ranked!

    7. Quagmire – Rudeus Greyrat

    Quagmire - Rudeus Greyrat

    As the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei, of course Rudeus Greyrat was going to enter this list sooner or later. I mean, he has to be one of the most powerful people ever, by the time the story ends. So, it only makes sense, right?

    Holding the title of Quagmire, Rudeus gained the 7th rank amongst the Great Powers. He defeated Kalman III, also known as Aleksander Ryback, who previously held the title. As a North God, Aleksander followed the tradition of defeating his father, Kalman II, as Kalman II had done with his own father, Kalman I. But eventually, the succession was broken when Rudeus ended up challenging Kalman III and proved himself to be stronger. And Rudeus held his position, remaining undefeated by any that came after his position.

    6. Sword God – Jino Britts 

    Sword God - Jino Britts 

    For someone who was pretty immature regarding everything about the Sword God Style, Jino Britts ended up cleaning his act after his fateful interactions with Nina Farion, his wife and the daughter of his mentor, Gal Farion

    Gal Farion also happened to be the former Sword God, who held rank 6 amongst the Great Powers. However, due to being motivated towards a goal, Jino ended up excelling in his swordsmanship and became the first of Gal’s disciples to dethrone him from his rank. But he isn’t very attached to his role as Sword God, often leaving his duties to spend more time with Nina. Still, he was born a prodigy so he still remains one of the most powerful fighters out there.

    5. Death God – Seighart Saladin Greyrat

    Death God - Seighart Saladin Greyrat

    Seighart Saladin Greyrat happens to be the protagonist of his own series called Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Oblige. So obviously, as Rudeus’s son, he would also gain a position amongst the 7 Great Powers.

    Seighart had always shown great strength and intelligence, even as a child. He was then placed under the tutelage of Kalman III, who was usurped by Rudeus himself. And as the story of Jobless Oblige unfolds, it is clear that Seighart is on a path that will only make him more powerful. After becoming the sworn knight of Pax Jr, Seighart eventually ends up succeeding Randolph Marianne, replacing him as the Death God and ranking 5th amongst the Great Powers.

    4. Demon God – Laplace

    Demon God - Laplace

    Okay so, this is going to be a little iffy to explain. Technically, Laplace takes two spots on this list because his body is split into two separate beings. As the strongest Demon, Demon God Laplace ranks as the 4th Great Power. 

    The split of the original Laplace had happened during their fight with the Fighting God, but they stayed separate even after defeating him. Demon God Laplace also ended up losing his Dragon Tribe powers, leading to his consciousness being corrupted. This is why he ends up rallying the Demon Race against the Human Race, thinking they need to be ‘exterminated’. In response, the Technique God created the 7 Great Powers. 

    3. Fighting God – Badigadi

    Fighting God - Badigadi

    Does Badigadi make sense in this list post Mushoku Tensei ending? Sort of. As one of the members of the Immortal Demon Race, Badigadi cut an imposing figure. It’s why he was deemed the Fighting God in the first place. 

    And we see a feat of that strength at Ranoa Magic Academy, where he comes over to challenge Rudeus. Of course, that isn’t the last we see of him either, as he ended up being one of the final antagonists of the series. Being one of the apostles that Hitogami had gathered after his fallout with Rudeus, Badigaldi was very swiftly manipulated by the so-called Human God for his immense power, leading to him stealing the Golden Armor and ascending to rank 3 of the Great Powers.

    2. Technique God – Laplace

    Technique God - Laplace

    Okay, so I realize that he should technically rank no. 1 here. Like, I fully get that. But also, it’s not being the most powerful if you’re not even available to challenge, you know? Like at that point, it’s basically cheating

    Which is why the Dragon Laplace, also known as the Technique God, ranks as only second best, despite being the whole reason behind the 7 Great Powers even existing. And the reason why he has been missing in action for so long is because during the fateful fight where his body split into two, Laplace lost his magic to his Demon half. However, he did retain all of the techniques. To ensure his Demon Side wouldn’t win, he gathered disciples to teach those techniques to, hence the formation of the 7 Great Powers.  

    1. Dragon God – Orsted 

    Dragon God - Orsted

    Orsted had a real whirlwind of a role reversal during Mushoku Tensei. Initially described as being an enemy of Rudeus Greyrat, he became an ally when Hitogami’s true nature was revealed. So naturally, he was Hitogami’s arch-nemesis.

    As the strongest member of the Dragon Race, Orsted was given the title of the Dragon God and so tends to be very emotional when it comes to matters involving his people. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be cunning in his power. There’s a reason why he ranks as first amongst all the Great Powers. The man has mastered every combat technique out there, be it based in swordsmanship or magic. Like, he’s God-Ranked at everything. But Orsted somehow remains <strong>humble, despite being the strongest character in the entire series, period.

    Okay, this took some effort. Because of how Mushoku Tensei panned out, determining the exact ranking of everyone who has been considered for the position of being one of the 7 Great Powers was more than a little overwhelming. But I think we got it right with this list. However, if you disagree, please let us know and sound off below!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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