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    So, one of my favorite aspects of anime is the fandom. It’s the love that the enthusiasts have for their favorite piece of media, and what spawns from it. Think fanfiction, fan art, fanzines, etc. But the one thing that has been a mainstay of fandom culture? Anime music videos

    Anime Music Videos, or AMVs for short, have been popular ever since YouTube existed. They are independent videos made by fan creators using various scenes from an anime and enhancing them by adding their effects and music. Hence, the music video aspect of it all.

    Gone were the days when every Naruto Shippuden video had the same mix of Bad Boy by Cascada in the background. AMVs nowadays feel like they condense all the emotions you felt while watching the anime in real-time. It makes you fall in love with that franchise all over again.

    I rank a good AMV by a three-point system: How good the effects are, how perfectly the music and lyrics work with the anime chosen, and by how hyped it gets me. (Or emotional if it’s that kind of AMV.) So, while some of the AMVs in this list might not have the biggest fandom, they are certainly works of art all the same. So, let’s dive in!

    5. Sk8 the infinity (AMV) HandClap – Gacha Math

    Honestly, with how underrated Sk8 The Infinity is, I didn’t expect this AMV to have nearly 4 million views.

    The song works so well to play off the goofiness of the main characters while highlighting how slick the animation is for all of the skating scenes. Its poppy vibe perfectly suits the bright and fresh visuals that Sk8 The Infinity is known for and brings out the best in each scene.

    Also, I just love Handclap by Fitz And The Tantrums!

    4. AMV | Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) – Gasoline (Halsey) – Mocha AMV

    I’m not a big Demon Slayer person, but this AMV gave me literal chills when I first watched it. You wouldn’t think someone like Halsey would suit something with such heavy Japanese themes. But Gasoline is one of her songs that mixes Asian instruments with her signature haunting quality.

    This is why this particular video ends up working so well! It describes the pain that Tanjiro has been through, all along his journey. The lines where he had to push through so much violence, despite the goodness of his heart are extremely raw.

    Each lyric seems to match up with every scene like it was written especially for it!

    3. Jujutsu Kaisen Women – TOMBOY「AMV」– Margi Nyx

    Listen, Jujutsu Kaisen made being a woman in Shonen fun again, change my mind.

    I happen to love G-(IDLE)’s single Tomboy because it is perfect for the JJK girls. They are strong, they are independent, and they are just as bada*s as their male cohorts. Not only is the video well made, but it also matches the song’s energy, beat-for-beat. Seeing the breakdown where Nobara tells off Momo that she doesn’t need to conform to any gender ideals because she is Nobara first?

    Priceless. Truly iconic behavior.

    2. [AMV] In The Name of Love [Yuri!!! on ICE] RLOrbiter

    This AMV was recommended by a friend, and it’s what restarted my love for them in general.

    I genuinely started to watch Yuri!!! On Ice solely, because that friend swore this AMV would have me obsessed. And she wasn’t wrong. It fits perfectly with how Yuri was so lost in his anxiety and depression. Yet, it was Viktor’s dedication to him that pulled him up from drowning.

    The song’s lyrics depict their collective love for skating, and how much they mean to each other, perfectly. I can’t deal!

    1. Anime’s Got Talent – Edited with @JazzsVids & @Replay Studios – Luna

    This? This right here is a piece of Internet History.

    I watched this AMV when it first came out, years and years ago, and it hasn’t left my mind since. Despite it not being very emotional or meaningful to a particular anime, it’s exactly what I adore about anime in general. Which is how fun and diverse the medium can be.

    It is a feat of editing and mixing animation styles. It genuinely didn’t need to go as hard as it did. But I’m so glad it did.

    These are just a few of my current favorite AMVs, but sound off below with the ones you’re currently obsessed with!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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