Is Yujiro Hanma Stronger Than Pickle?

    Yuujiro Hanma and Pickle are similar in that they are both insanely strong and terrifying. But between the two, who would come across as the strongest?

    In a show like Baki The Grappler, questions regarding strength are not all that uncommon. So, when fans ask whether someone like Yujiro Hanma is stronger than Pickle, it’s more than just simple curiosity. Because the truth is, these two characters might just face off against each other in the future, and how that battle goes would end up deciding how the plot moves forward. Especially when we consider the protagonist’s goal. That’s just the way it goes for Shounen manga, and Baki is no exception.

    But if we had to choose between the two, would Yujiro Hanma come out as stronger than Pickle? Surprisingly, yes. Which is odd because when you compare the two based on raw strength alone, it would be Pickle that has the upper hand, if only by a little bit. But if you’ve been a fan of brawler style manga for a while now, you would know that winning on brute strength alone is a fool’s endeavor. And for that alone, Yujiro would come out on top

    But how are we so sure about this? Well, there’s a lot more to fighting than the one dimensional way we look at it, which is ‘the strong overpower the weak’. Sometimes, power alone doesn’t cut it and the difference between technical styles, or even strategy, are what end up tipping the scales in the favor of an opponent that would otherwise be underestimated. Though, even that understatement is a stretch, considering Yujiro’s legacy as the ‘Ogre’ means he’s one of the strongest beings in the world, if not the strongest. 

    So, in a manga series that is literally about one man’s journey in trying to usurp his father, power and technique go hand in hand. And so, both need to be considered when we put characters from it against each other. Still, if we had to compare Pickle and Yujiro, who would win? Well, that’s what we are here to break down. So today, let’s see if Yujiro ‘Ogre’ Hanma is truly stronger than Pickle in yet another round of Character Versus!

    Yujiro Hanma: The Big Bad On Top 

    Yujiro Hanma

    I mean, Yujiro Hanma is the primary antagonist of Baki The Grappler, so that alone counts for a lot. You don’t get to Super Villain status in a Shounen manga by being weak, now do you? But Yujiro Hanma is more than just that, because he also happens to be the father of the protagonist of the series, Baki Hanma

    You need to understand, Baki has been training his whole life to finally beat his father. That is his entire thing, to become the top fighter in the world. And for that, he needs to beat the person who currently holds that title, which is Yujiro. Also known as ‘The Mighty One’, Yujiro is a mercenary-for-hire, an assassin for various government organizations and boy, is he an expensive hire. But I suppose that makes sense, considering he has never lost the mission, nor has he failed to kill those assigned to him. 

    Also, the man is simply unhinged. Like even his wife, Emi Akezawa, and his children, are nothing more than a means to an end. He wants Baki to become strong, solely so he could have a fun fight, as if his own son is nothing more than a toy for him to break. And he could break him, considering his supernatural strength that has earned him the respect of every martial artist and fighter around. His intimidating aura is so fearsome, that entire countries just award him amnesty. Like, imagine holding that much power and influence

    But it isn’t just about how strong Yujiro is. For a man that regularly indulges in his impulses, he is a patient man. You’d think he’d be much more boastful, and he is sometimes. But mostly, he simply listens and observes, only revealing as much is needed and never more. This stoicness lulls his opponents into a false sense of security, thinking that Yujiro is a man that can be reasoned with. But then he turns violent at the drop of a hat, leaving no mercy in his wake.

    Pickle: Not A Mere Relic Of The Past


    So, how does someone like Pickle compare to a man of Yujiro’s caliber? Honestly, pretty closely. The thing with Pickle is that he is more of a humanoid than a complete human. His musculature bears something primitive, almost insurmountable. He is huge in stature, but generally non-aggressive. That is, of course, until he feels threatened. Then he becomes a monster incapable of being held down by a literal army

    So, who is Pickle exactly? Pickle is the term given to a man that was found suspended in a saline rock formation, hence the whole ‘Pickle’ thing. The dating suggests that he is from the Cretaceous period, meaning he survived in an era where his kind was probably being preyed upon by creatures such as dinosaurs. Which means he had to become much stronger compared to the apex predators of the time. 

    And boy, did Pickle step up to the challenge. It is said that Pickle would rip apart T-Rexes to eat them. If that wasn’t enough, his sheer endurance to things like being shot is unbelievable, with his durability helping him stay upright despite taking bullets to the stomach at point blank range. And rarely do mere blows to his body faze him. Pickle was used to moving on all fours, so his limb strength is almost unparalleled. In fact, according to the original source material, Pickle is stronger than Yujiro by a hair, with his strength coming from a way of primal living. 

    But the caveat is that he is also primitive in his thinking. At best, his logical skills are only slightly above average, and most of the time they aren’t even that. Still, just his dexterity and power is usually enough to cover the places he lacks as a fighter. Not that Pickle really lacks much, he is a near machine in how much pain he can endure, and how much destruction he can inflict.

    Winner: Yujiro Hanma is The Strongest For A Reason

    Yujiro Hanma

    Look, ultimately, no one is coming for Yujiro’s crown and that’s simply facts. Yujiro Hanma is stronger than Pickle solely because he is the more experienced fighter. While Pickle is a slave to his instincts, Yujiro is so insanely in control of his body, that his technique is simply unmatched. And we all know that power means nothing if you don’t know how to wield it to its true potential. 

    Maybe if Pickle got the proper training and the same life experiences as Yujiro, he’d fare better. But because he lacks both the drive and technique, he ends up coming across as inferior in his fighting skills to Yujiro. At most, Yujiro could have a brawl with him, but we all know how it’s going to end. Pickle can’t brute force his way through years of cunning and power combined, so he would lose to Yujiro easily.

    The strongest will simply stay the strongest, until his own heir comes and takes his dues, that is. Because again, Yujiro is the villain of the story. And it’s only a matter of time until he comes crashing down from the high of being the best around. 

    But man, a fight between Pickle and Yujiro? Fans wouldn’t mind seeing that!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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