Has Spy X Family Ended?

    Spy X Family might've just launched it's anime this year, but are we closer to the end than we think?

    2022 has proven itself a great year for anime, and Spy X Family was one of the biggest titles to come out of it. I mean, yeah, Chainsaw Man isn’t doing shabby either, but Spy X Family just caught the audience with its extremely wholesome vibe that coupled brilliantly with a fast paces Spy Noir setting. There is no reason it should work as well as it does, but here we are. However, the insane popularity means fans want more. So, has Spy X Family ended?

    Well, no, of course not. Spy X Family has not concluded yet, with the manga still in the middle of the plot and the anime adaptation being in its infancy. But I can see why fans would be worried about whether it has ended or not. It’s just too good. Like, yes, we want to see how the story would end up between the Forger Family and the war they are caught between. There are so many characters the fans have come to care about, that knowing Spy X Family might come to an end someday, is sort of scary. This a story we don’t want to let go of, right?

    But that tends to be a thing with beloved manga and anime in general. Spy X Family was already a manga sweetheart, being immensely popular amongst enthusiasts. And when plans for an anime debut were revealed, people were ecstatic. There was a lot of material to cover, and the manga lend itself to an animation project easily. But because it was so fast-paced, questions about whether Spy X Family had ended started popping up before the first season was done.

    It also didn’t help that rumors of cancellation were floating around but turns out, that was one big misunderstanding. The manga is still going strong, but we have yet to see how the relationship between Loid Forger and Yor Forger will shape up. And, of course, there is the whole conflict between Westalis and Eastalis. So, has Spy X Family ended? Let’s discuss this in Lore Analysis!

    Spy X Family: Why Fans Want More

    Yor Forger Nixeuu  Spy X Family

    As stated before, it’s understandable why fans love Spy X Family as much as they do. It was something so different when compared to anything else on the market. Like in a sea of high school couples and Isekai protagonists, Spy X Family tells the story of a found family and a relationship between two fully-fledged adults.

    And I know that doesn’t sound revolutionary or anything, but it is rare. And the way the plot unfolds is through the eyes of a literal child, aka Anya Forger. So, you see the Forgers, a perfectly nuclear family complete with a dog, and realize just how much is going on underneath. Yor is an Assassin, Loid is a Spy. And Anya is an experiment that can read minds. Aside from her, no one is aware of this reality.

    But despite all that deceit and acting, there is genuine heart to the story here. The Forgers are growing closer like a family would, providing each other support and care, and affirmations. In the end, they are all people trying to make a world that doesn’t need people like them. And seeing those relationships morph is exactly what keeps fans coming back.

    No, Spy X Family Hasn’t Ended Yet!

     Spy X Family

    So, why has Spy X Family not ended yet? Well, it has to do with how the mangaka is taking their time to genuinely flesh out all of the characters and plotlines without rushing a romance. Even found families take time to build trust. And when everyone is hiding a secret, well, it takes even longer to unravel everything.

    But that’s why people are so immersed in Spy X Family. There’s just so much personality to every character, with their separate backstories and how their past will affect their present. That means we have a very long time to go before we reach any kind of climax. Like, so far, we know that Yor likes Loid. But we don’t have an exact clue over why Loid is doing what he’s doing. We don’t know the significance of it all. And so, the show will (literally) go on!

    Another reason why some people thought that Spy X Family had ended was due to misinformation being spread through a now-lost TikTok video, but that has cleared up. So, Spy X Family is going nowhere!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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