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    This pink ray of sunshine took over the anime community in a big way, so what's her story?

    Calling Anya Forger  (アーニャ・フォージャー, Ānya Fōjā) the best part of Spy X Family might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s kind of the truth. In a landscape filled with teenage protagonists, and maybe some adult ones peppered here and there, she seems like an outlier. I mean, let’s be honest: An anime from the perspective of a kid doesn’t sound all that appealing. This is why Anya being so relatable is so wild. The kid is taking over anime in a big way, and we couldn’t be more excited.

    By now, you’re probably aware of who Anya Forger is. The ‘Waku Waku!’ girl with her iconic pink hair is one of three protagonists of the manga sweetheart, Spy X Family. It is now a super hit anime as well. But I’d like to argue that while, yes, her adoptive mama and papa are also main characters, it feels like Anya is the perspective we see things from most. So she is the central character to the entire narrative, whose actions affect us most. And so, to have a child be the focus, you’d think the idea would get old fast.

    But nope. Turns out, Anya Forger might just be one of the most endearing characters in anime. Not just because of her antics, but because you don’t ever feel like she’s trying too hard to appear likable and cutesy. Anya’s character is an interesting one because, while she does act her age, she never comes across as grating or unrealistic. Instead, Spy X Family makes good use of the fact that it doesn’t have your typical anime character ages, which is usually High School students. It’s such a refreshing change, a new point of view that we haven’t seen explored before.

    And let’s be real, Anya Forger is just plain old fun. She’s quirky, cunning, and, most importantly, maddeningly cute. If you aren’t watching Spy X Family, then you’re seriously missing out. Anya Forger might be small, but she’s got a big personality and she isn’t afraid to use it! And if you’re curious about the little pink dynamite, here’s a Character Breakdown of the most adorable mind reader around! Let’s get into it.

    Who Is Anya Forger?

    Anya Forger

    To the unsuspecting public, Anya Forger is the only child of Loid Forger, a psychiatrist at Berlint General Hospital. To help her get into the prestigious Eden Academy and give her a full family life as well, he married one Yor Briar, a clerk at City Hall. Together, they make up the Forger family and own a dog named Bond. All in all, your average nuclear family unit.

    Except not really because Loid Forger is actually a spy codenamed Agent Twilight with WISE (Westalis Intelligence) and Yor Forger is a deadly assassin that goes by the moniker ‘Thorn Princess’. Loid only adopted Anya for the sake of Operation Strix and Yor only married Loid to get the Secret Police from suspecting her of being a covert operative. Neither spouse knows these facts about the other, nor do they suspect that Anya is an Esper who can read minds. So, not your average nuclear family unit.

    But because Anya has telepathy, she knows everything that goes on in her parents’ heads. And so, she went along with Loid, despite knowing the truth of why he was adopting her so easily, and even helped get Yor to agree to the marriage, despite knowing her reality. Now, she pretty much lives the life of a normal toddler. With a few exceptions of, oh, you know. Maybe some bomb threats here, helping thwart a terrorist attack there. With her adorable little hair ornaments and fake parents that look like they genuinely do care about each other to some extent, no one could really say she isn’t just another little girl. However, rarely is the truth that simple.

    A Cute Demeanor Hides A Traumatizing Past:

    Anya Forger

    While Anya might feel carefree and childish, it’s easy to forget the conditions in which she was raised. She was, after all, an orphan left in a strangely decrepit orphanage. Turns out, there’s a reason for that. Because before she was Anya Forger, she had to go by many other names, tossed from one foster family to another. But her first name was sadly a number.

    She was Test Subject 007, an accident that came to be due to unregulated experiments at an unknown research facility. With no guardians to protect her, she was treated harshly by the scientists at the organization, basically an object for them to constantly test and see if she could be of any use during the war between Ostania and Westalis. She was forced to manifest her powers and work hard, despite being a baby at the time.

    Eventually, she escaped this place and was bounced from institution to institution, with no identity or records of her existence. She learned early on that her uncontrollable powers aren’t something people can easily accept, and they make her more of a target. Sometimes she was Anya Williams, other times she was Anya Levski, always hiding and running when things didn’t work out. And that is so much for a little girl to bear. Alone in this world, who would want a ‘freak’ like her? All she ever wanted was a family that wouldn’t abandon her, a home she would find love in.

    So, when Loid came around, she did her best to appeal to him. Anya lied about her age, her intelligence, and virtually anything that would make sure Loid would adopt her. She knew it was all for a mission, that this family would be fake, after reading his mind. But Anya would take that over the trauma she had already had to face. And so, Test Subject 007 became Anya Forger, with things taking a turn for the better.

    Anya Is Every Kid Ever (Except She Isn’t):

    Spy x Family

    So, anime has plenty of tropes, right? One of them is when a surprisingly young kid goes through emotional/mental hardships, or harrowing incidents and they supposedly come out stronger because of them. Or more stoic and intelligent. It’s the whole ‘traumatized gifted kid’ schtick. One that is really overdone.

    But that’s not what ends up happening with Anya Forger. She doesn’t miraculously become mature at, what, age 4? Nor does she shed her ‘innocence’ to show a ‘darker’ side. Instead, Anya is cautious but hopeful. She is exactly her age, with a naïveté and carelessness that is characteristic of a child. She likes Spy shows and playing with her toys. She hates studying as any toddler would. She play-acts with her plushies, loves peanuts, and enjoys going out with her family.

    But at the same time, you can see hints of her past in her present. Because of her abandonment issues, she takes it upon herself to make sure Loid’s plans go well, even if she does just end up hindering them sometimes. Because of her powers, she is easily overwhelmed in large crowds, fearing her powers being discovered. And she can’t relate to peers her age, only finding a friend in Becky Blackbell. It’s why she can appear blunt and unconscious of social cues. But it’s these quirks that make her so easy to love. She isn’t just being childish for the sake of it, nor is she trying too hard to appear as the main character. She has a childish view of things, and it’s such a change of pace.

    Anya Forger And Being The Spirit Of Spy X Family:

    Spy x Family

    To say that Anya Forger is integral to the plot of Spy X Family would be an understatement. Through her, we see a real family form. Before, Loid and Yor were just working, utterly alone. And perhaps they were content with that lifestyle at the time, but things have changed since.

    Loid might keep saying it’s for the mission, but the lengths he goes to for Anya are not unlike someone who loves their child. Same for Yor, who is extremely protective of Anya despite her not being their biological child. Loid ends up defending his wife and child to the snobs of the Eden Academy council despite barely having known both for a little while, impressing Henry Henderson. And so on.

    Any Forger is the soul of Spy X Family, of finding a place you belong, even in the unlikeliest of circumstances. While we haven’t reached the end of the manga yet, it’s easy to see how their little family has grown from an act to Loid and Yor being loving and caring parents to Anya. And we can’t wait to see where it goes from here next!

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