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    Fiona Frost feels like Yor Forger's direct opposite in every way. But what else is she made out of?

    By now, Spy X Family has aired the second half of its debut season and we have become well acquainted with one Fiona Frost (フィオナ・フロスト, Fiona Furosuto). If fans of the hit series thought that Yor Forger wasn’t going to have any competition, well. They were sorely mistaken. But of course, it’s too early to tell how the whole situation is going in the anime, but the manga readers have a pretty good idea of Fiona Frost and her antics. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

    Spy X Family prides itself in characters that might seem familiar at first blush until we see more of them and realize they were nothing like we expected. And Fiona Frost fits that mold perfectly. Of course, her first appearance does throw us in for a doozy, with a cool and calculated demeanor that shows no signs of cracking. But turns out, that icy façade hides a very, very sensitive and passionate woman underneath. I mean, that’s why she has the job she does. You don’t become a spy if you aren’t good at hiding your emotions, you know.

    In a way, she’s designed to be the complete opposite of Yor Forger. And we can see how that works. The little glimpses we have seen of those two interacting showcases why the dichotomy works. Fiona isn’t a bad person by any means, she’s just a woman in love. So to her, Yor is her No.1 rival. Even if Yor herself has no idea about this and the cluelessness that follows is hilarious. But I digress.

    Fiona Frost is just one of the many, many characters we will go on to meet as Spy X Family goes on. Though, with her connections to WISE (Westalis Intelligence) and the implications that have on the plot, she is probably one of the more important ones. So, let’s see what we know so far about the illusive and mysterious woman, and what her character could mean for Spy X Family.

    Who is Fiona Frost:

    Fiona Frost

    Fiona Frost isn’t your average lady. Going by Agent Nightfall (〈夜帷とばり〉, <Tobari>) at WISE, she is a formidable threat to both her peers and her enemies. Fiona Frost was originally a student under Loid Forger, and she flourished under his tutelage. But another thing that sprouted in the meantime was her feelings toward him. Due to his excellent character and the immense amount of respect she had for him, she had fallen in love.

    But the thing is, Fiona is extremely devoted to her job as well. And so, she has a poker face rivaled by none. She is one of the most stoic characters in the series, at least when it comes to appearance. So, she runs into the nasty habit of being judged and feared by her peers for her extreme ambition and ruthless work ethic. People think that her incessant questioning of Operation Strix is her trying to get one up on her previous mentor, but that’s not it at all.

    Truth is, she would give anything to be by Loid’s side during this mission. However, since Fiona was on another mission at the time, she was unavailable for recruitment. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying her best to be near Loid at any given time, even posing as his assistant at Berlin General Hospital, where he works undercover as a psychologist.

    So, all in all, Fiona Frost is a lot of things. But to her, the only thing that truly matters is the love she has for Agent Twilight aka Loid.

    Fiona VS The World:

    Fiona Frost

    Because she’s probably one of the most promising spies at WISE after Loid, Fiona Frost holds a lot of power. And we see that during the few times, she has engaged in combat or gone on missions. For example, during the Campbelldon Tennis arc, we meet a Fiona that’s truly in her element.

    Going under the guise of a married couple named Twain Foney and Nafalia Foney, we got to experience just how in sync Loid and Fiona can be as co-workers, with their intellect and skills aiding them through the underground matches. Because first and foremost, she is a skilled spy. Her affection for Lord is still there, but she knows when to get serious and focus wholeheartedly on the mission.

    Perhaps that’s why she’s frowned upon by many members of WISE because they mistake her obsession to be by Loid’s side as her trying to get ahead at all costs. Which probably doesn’t feel great. But it’s also why she doesn’t care and constantly tries to replace Yor as Loid’s wife. But the thing is, no matter how strong Fiona is, Yor is exceptionally more so. I mean, the woman is Thorn Princess, a very infamous assassin. Just because she is clumsy and much more naïve than Fiona, doesn’t mean she can’t go toe-to-toe with her.

    And this is proven when we see the two get into a tennis match, ad Yor nearly obliterates her. Of course, this just fuels Fiona’s resolve to try harder and be better suited to the mission, so Loid finally notices her. The only thing is, is that her cold hard resolve makes her feel so unapproachable, which is exactly why Loid doesn’t entertain Fiona’s whims to be Anya Forger’s mum. No matter how capable she might be at making her excel at Eden Academy, Fiona is just too harsh on anyone that is not Loid.

    But this is also where you can see how Fiona is really lonely. She isolates herself, devoting her everything to the mission or loving Loid. And that’s why she can’t really comprehend any other emotions outside of obsessive love and duty to her cause.

    Why Fiona Won’t Get The Guy In Spy X Family:

    Fiona Frost

    So, here’s the scoop: We all know that there is a rivalry brewing between Yor and Fiona, especially considering the former’s growing feelings over Loid. But the thing is that we all know how the Forger family is now a tight-knit unit. This means, most likely, Loid will return Yor’s feelings after a certain amount of time.

    I mean, you can see a hint of his armor falling around Yor, with his actions being much more tender and caring than they need to be. So, sadly, Fiona Frost won’t have much space in that dynamic, considering how Anya is the glue that holds Loid and Yor together, and she wants no part of what Fiona keeps planning. For her, Yor is her ‘chi-chi!’ and Loid is her ‘ha-ha!’.

    But more importantly, Spy X Family is about growth and finding a place you belong. So while Fiona might think that being by Loid’s side is where she’s meant to be, it might not be true. We have seen her interact with Franky Franklin and extend an olive branch of acquaintanceship.

    Maybe we’ll see her move on from Loid at some point as well, and meet new people. However, that isn’t happening for a long, long time.


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