Does Shizuka Like Akira In Zom 100?

    Look, I’m already a fan of zombie horror so when you add a little bit of rom com to it, like with Shizuka liking Akira in Zom 100? Yeah, I’m sold. Though, the entire premise of that series is so out there, that honestly anything it tries to sell me, I’ll bite. You rarely get some new blood in the zombie genre, so a little romance in Zom 100? Like, let’s go because that show is doing the unconventional tropes right

    The best part is that yes, Shizuka does like Akira in Zom 100, and it is reciprocated. In Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead, Akira Tendou eventually confesses to Shizuka Mikazuki, his former colleague and current partner-through-dystopian-hell, and it turns out that the feelings are returned, albeit she is still processing things. And so, the two agree that it’s better for them to remain friends for now and not immediately jump into dating each other. Which is surprisingly mature in a reality where you could die any minute because, well, zombies. 

    But the way it deals with relationships in a time where everyone is under threat of being eaten, is one of the very charming things about Zom 100. It’s surprisingly positive and understanding about human emotions, even if they are literally intermingled with the fear of the undead. And the story of how Akira actually found purpose in a zombie apocalypse alongside companionship, and even love, is not something you grow to expect from the genre the tale is based in.

    But here we are, with a genuinely enjoyable story that doesn’t make a joke out of their protagonist not having connections prior to a cataclysmic event. Akira and Shizuka end up working so well that the zombie almost feels secondary to their zeal for life. And so today, let’s discuss why Akira likes Shizuka in Zom 100 and how their relationship is one of the many refreshing things about the series in yet another segment of Lore Analysis!

    Zom 100: Finding Love Amidst The Undead?

    Shizuka Zom 100

    So, the plot of Zom 100: Bucket List Of the Dead should be pretty self explanatory. But let’s elaborate a little. Akira is our overworked protagonist, a 25 year old office worker who is on the grind under capitalism. He works thankless hours in an uninspiring job, going through the motions like a robot. So, you’d think a zombie apocalypse should be the final nail in the coffin, right?

    Except it isn’t. Instead of finding the bleakness in seeing your landlord quite literally eating his own tenant for lunch, Akira rejoices because weirdly enough? He’s free from the shackles of society. Because there is no societal norm left anymore, not in Japan, nor anywhere else. The sky’s the limit, if you can bypass the whole plague thing going on. But Akira sees the hope in that, finally getting a chance to live life to the fullest instead of succumbing to the dread.

    And with this also comes on a new positive outlook on life. Because prior, Akira actually did have a crush on a coworker, an accountant at his company named Saori Ohtori, who turned out to be the company CEO’s mistress. Now, he doesn’t have anything holding him back from exploring new avenues and meeting new people. And hey, what better way to find the love of your life than scavenging for items that would quite literally save your life. 

    A Normal Romance? In My Zombie Anime?

    Zom 100

    And so, enter Miss Shizuka Mikazuki. And for once, I thank the anime gods because this is an age appropriate romance? Like, imagine my shock. Shizuka isn’t some manic pixie dream highschool girl that Akira ends up saving from the zombies. Instead, she is an accountant who worked in an overseas firm, and is raiding the same grocery store as Akira. 

    Like, that is such a meet-cute, if you can ignore all the despair and dying happening around them. But Akira, who is basically a golden retriever boyfriend ready for the picking at this point, takes one look at Shizuka and her stern demeanor and knows that she is The One™. Like, she nags him for grabbing beer instead of actual essentials and he simply folds, like paper. However, she does reject his proposal for them to team up for a better chance of survival, since she’s a lone wolf

    But their meeting was clearly destiny, because then they meet again when Akira ends up saving a busload of people. And while Shizuka initially chastises him for playing the hero, she does see that this loud, carefree man, has a lot more complexity to him than she originally thought. And slowly, he tells her about the bucket list he has going on, and this is where their bond really starts deepening. 

    As the two face many challenges together in this post-apocalyptic setting, you can see how well balanced they are for each other. I know I mentioned the lack of an age gap, but I wasn’t joking. The two are mature adults, but they have opposite ideologies in life. However, that is exactly what makes them perfect for each other. Shizuka helps keep Akira grounded, not letting him throw his life away on a whim. Whereas Akira helps her be a little more positive, breaking down the walls Shizuka created around herself. 

    Akira Likes Shizuka, But They Are Friends First:

    Shizuka Zom 100

    However, when Akira does confess to Shizuka during the Hot Springs trip, she first rejects him. But then she also admits her own feelings for Akira, saying that it’s hard for her to say yes because she is not used to being social or even friendly. As an introvert, acknowledging crushes or even dating is way out of her ballpark. Like it would be very easy to give the two a confession scene with a kiss where Akira would get the girl.

    But instead of glossing it over by forcing her into a relationship, Zom 100 actually acknowledges her insecurities. Akira is happy to just keep things comfortable between them as friends. And he’s willing to stay that way for as long as Shizuka likes. Nothing about their relationship changes post confession, but at the same time, everything does. It’s just that neither the series, nor the characters, are being weird about it. 

    And can I say how honestly nice it was to see that happen? I’m so used to a buildup with a big romantic payoff, because it’s dramatic. But Akira genuinely likes Shizuka in Zom 100, so he’s giving her the space to process and come to him whenever she feels like it’s right. It’s very affirming and refreshing to see, and I hope the series continues on this trend! 

    Honestly, Akira and Shizuka are half the reason Zom 100 is doing great, and it’ll be a real treat when they do end up together. I mean, they have all the time in the world, right? Well, as long as they avoid being bitten or eaten, that is!

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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