Is Yorozu Stronger Than Gojo Satoru?

    Yorozu is the newcomer to Jujutsu Kaisen who holds a lot o promise. But can she go up against Gojo Satoru himself?

    Gojo Satoru might’ve been the indisputable power king of Jujutsu Kaisen, but newer characters just might be putting a dent in that reputation. I mean, this was expected considering our man Gojo has been locked away for a good number of chapters by now. No matter how strong he is, he has completely missed out on all the up and downs of the current Sorcerer’s world. And Gojo certainly hasn’t come across Yorozu yet.

    But in that case, is Yorozu stronger than Gojo Satoru? I’m going to be honest with you: Not really. However, we can’t be too sure about that because Yorozu is a such a recent addition and her powers have not been extensively explored. Beyond some huge moves directed at the freshmen Sorcerers, we can’t gauge how powerful it is. But there might be something in the background we could use to determine just what level of might Yorozu has, especially compared to Gojo Satoru.

    Look, we’re well aware that Gojo is the metric standard for power levels in the Jujutsu Kaisen series for a reason. He is simply one of the strongest characters there, to the point where his absence has led to so many things going into disarray. But then, the thing to remember is that the current arc of Jujutsu Kaisen is filled with new characters that are more horrifying than the next. And none more so than the mystery that is Yorozu. However, called it a mystery would be lying, because Yorozu happens to be Tsukimi Fushigoro.

    Yes, that’s the comatose sister of Megumi Fushigoro. And while real-life Tsukimi was a gentle soul, Yorozu happens to be a Sukuna fan girl who would raze entire grounds for him. But with Gojo back, how does this Cursed Spirit fare? Is Yorozu stronger than Gojo Satoru, or is she just another try hard? Let’s discuss that and more in another segment of Character Versus!

    Yorozu: A Battle Hungry Spirit?


    The thing is, I could try deciphering everything about Yorozu in the short time we’ve seen her in the manga. But that’s the issue: There is not a lot of information about her regarding her powers or anything.

    However, that doesn’t mean Jujutsu Kaisen fans haven’t had a taste of what Yorozu might be hiding behind her oddly jovial facade. Because it’s clear that she is one of the strongest sorcerers in the game. Considering the woman not only challenged Sukuna the first thing they met, but ended up holding her own? That says something about just how much power she is hiding.

    And it wasn’t like the battle was easy for Sukuna either. Despite being one of the most famous Cursed Spirits out there, even he had to take a step back from toying with Yorozu and get serious once the fight got heated. In fights before, he had always depended on his vessel’s techniques rather than his own formidable ones. But with Yorozu, he actually had to pull out Mahoroga aka the Ten Shadows Technique. Remember, this is the famed ‘King Of Curses’ most powerful ability.

    That alone shows that the insect winged magic that Yorozu holds, isn’t to be taken lightly. Especially after Chapter 217 of the manga, where this hyped battle went down.

    Gojo Satoru: The Trump Card Is Back!

    Gojo Satoru

    Look, what can I say about Gojo Satoru that has already not been said? He is a special grade Jujutsu Sorcerer, after all. He has a reputation for a reason. Considering he’s the strongest sorcerer in the world. I mean, it’s no wonder that his own superiors decided to lock him up, fearing his ambition could change the very foundations of their establishment.

    But that’s just his natural intimidation coming out, thanks to the immense reserves of Cursed Energy he plays host to, and secret bloodline techniques no one else in the world possesses. Truth is, Gojo Satoru is extremely gifted when it comes to his powers. As the pride and joy of the Gojo Family, he is the only person alive to have inherited both the Limitless technique and the Six Eyes technique.

    But here’s where he and Yorozu have common ground: Both of them have fought Sukuna before. Granted, Gojo did it while Sukuna’s vessel was Yuji Itadori and Yorozu encountered Megumi being possessed instead. But because of this, we have an idea of how the battle would go. Because, let’s face it, when you can sneer in the face of danger, that’s how you know how powerful a foe is.

    With Gojo, we saw him fight Sukuna using his Domain Expansion and various other techniques. And the battle, despite looking effortless, was still one that Sukuna deemed worthy of showcasing his true power in. But the thing is, Gojo Satoru was also holding back during said fight. In fact, he later admitted that if both of them were going at it using the full scope of their power, Gojo would likely win over Sukuna.

    And, I mean, that is a bold claim to make. Almost unbelievable. But the thing is, Gojo has never been proven wrong otherwise.

    Winner: Gojo Satoru Is Stronger (So Far!)

    Gojo Satoru

    Look, simply going off these two fights alone? I don’t think Yorozu is stronger than Gojo Satoru. However, she is still one of the strongest Sorcerers we have seen so far. The fact that she did make Sukuna, of all people, put in some effort instead of gliding his way through, says enough.

    But if she was going against Gojo? I mean, that’s a tougher sell. Yorozu might be an ancient 1000 year old spirit and all, but Gojo is simply far too skilled and has shown his powers are unsurpassed. Whereas Yorozu might lose to Sukuna, the same can not be said for Gojo Satoru, who has shown to be the ultimate weapon in the fight against the Cursed Spirits.

    But hey, things can always change, once we learn more about Yorozu’s true powers and whatever else she might behiding. But until the, it’s clear that Gojo Satoru is definitely stronger than Yorozu. Though, I do hope we get to see them battle one-on-one soon, just to settle the score officially!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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