Will Sukuna Beat Gojo?

    In a battle between the Gods of Jujutsu Kaisen, can Sukuna beat our fan favorite Gojo?

    Oh boy, this is going to be a rough one. The question of whether Sukuna can beat Gojo is a popular one, but one that instigates so many wars in the fandom. And I’m not just saying this because I happen to be a Jujutsu Kaisen stan. But truly, I can’t ever be properly unbiased whn it comes to these two, considering I’m too busy being distracted by their looks. What do you want me to do, choose between the two most powerful (and hottest!) characters in the series? 

    Alright, fine. I guess that’s what I’m here for, so I’ll take the plunge: Considering Ryomen Sukuna has just eaten his 19th finger? Sukuna is gearing up to beat Gojo Satoru, no question. I mean, full power Sukuna is such a wild card, that it’s not hard to imagine that he can beat Gojo by the end of it all. But the problem that contradicts this is that Gege, aka our mangaka, has said that Gojo was designed to be the power ceiling to beat. So, doesn’t that make him the most powerful character?

    And, reader, herein lies the issue! Because I would put all my money on Gojo beating Sukuna, simply considering my favorite argument aka plot armor. But Gege has always kept us on our toes, by killing off characters that we were sure would survive till the very end. (Rest in peace, Nobara Kugisaki because you were done so dirty.) So, I can’t even be fully sure of Gojo surviving Sukuna at his arguable best. Because we have seen exactly what kind of damage he can do.

    But then again, we’ve also seen how much Gojo Satoru hides behind his sanguine smiles. The man isn’t argued to be the best Sorcerer in the world for no reason. He has never unleashed the full extent of his powers either. Which also makes him an unpredictable foe. In the end, does sheer power triumph over a cunning mind? Or can Gojo beat Sukuna at his best? Let’s discuss that and more in another segment of Character Analysis!

    Gojo Satoru: Strongest Sorcerer And Intelligent To Boot!

    Gojo Satoru

    He’s hot stuff and he knows it. Even before we get down to talking about what makes Gojo strong, I just wanted to say that having a strong character who doesn’t downplay his superior status for humbleness? It’s refreshing.

    Because really, Gojo Satoru not only lucked out by being born in a clan that is so gifted in techniques, but he also honed his own skills outside of what his blood granted him. Because, yes, his powers are truly limitless. But it’s his genius level intellect that really puts his enemies on edge, and we don’t discuss that much. It isn’t about him simply being smart, able to tease and toy with his foes just as well as Sukuna can.

    The best part about Gojo Satoru being so OP (Overpowered) is that it feels earned. His strategizing abilities have nothing to do with his lineage, at all. That’s all Gojo. In the end, even if he were stripped of a lot of his powers, he would still remain one of the best minds in the Sorcerer’s world. Why? Because he’s adaptable, willing to change his technique to match his rivals at the drop of a hat. Fighting enemies isn’t just about overpowering them, but also outwitting them with the least amount of collateral damage. And Gojo balances everything beautifully.

    He acknowledges that absolute power absolutely corrupts and wants to change the status quo precisely for that reason. And as a Special Grade Sorcerer, he has the power to just that. Being part of the Gojo family means he has access to two specific Inherited techniques: Limitless and Six Eyes. Limitless itself is very formidable, offering Gojo a Domain Expansion technique like no other. But Six Eyes enables him to never run out of Cursed Energy, ever

    And Gojo happens to be the only person who can use both these techniques and branch out with them too. This means he’s a veritable monster out on the battlefield, rarely exhausting himself, even when it comes to someone like Sukuna. 

    Ryomen Sukuna: He Isn’t The King Of Curses For Nothing!

    MEgumin Sukuna

    So, to follow an act like Gojo, you have to be more than just a regular Cursed Spirit. And, well, Ryomen Sukuna fits the bill. Because this man was indestructible in both life and death, and that makes him the ‘King Of Curses’.

    Back during the Golden Age of curses, Sukuna ruled the realms. And after he was destroyed, with his appendages severed from his body, he still lived on. They couldn’t even destroy his twenty fingers back then, and Gojo can’t do it now. Combine that with Sukuna’s own knowledge on Cursed Objects as a previous Sorcerer, it puts him at a huge advantage. And remember, this is just his reputation back then. His fingers, now cursed objects, hadn’t started gaining power for over a millenia.

    Sukuna was reincarnated in Yuji Itadori after the latter consumed a finger, leading him to awakening properly once more. And his power was so immense, that his coming back was felt all over Tokyo. He is a Special Grade Curse Spirit, after all, someone who was able to go toe to toe with Gojo upon just waking up. 

    But perhaps the biggest argument in Sukuna’s favor is how he was not only able to defeat Jogo, but Mahoraga as well. Mahoraga is a Shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique, and not even a Gojo family member with the Six Eyes technique has been able to beat him. But Sukuna absolutely decimated the creature, proving his prowess and making people realize he isn’t just all talk

    The man can regenerate, has massive reserves of Cursed Energy, is tactical and manipulative, and hasn’t had to pull out any of his Innate Techniques, leaving his exact power levels a mystery. With each finger that Sukuna ends up consuming, he only grows much stronger. And considering he has only one more finger left to consume before he is completely revived? Well, that doesn’t spell anything good for the Sorcerer’s Society

    Winner: Gojo Only Beats Sukuna If Plot Armor Comes To Play

    Gojo Satoru

    This is absolutely not a diss to Gojo Satoru. The man is probably the strongest character in the series, which is why he’s posed as the character to take down Sukuna. But the truth is, the only way he’s doing that is because the plot asks for it, and if he gets help from other Sorcerers. 

    Let me explain: Sukuna, as he is, is going to be the toughest battle in the series. He is, after all, the primary antagonist. And while people love hyping up Gojo because he’s on the side of the ‘good guys’, Gege has never been one to conform to expectations. So, just because Gojo is that pinnacle of power he wanted in the story, doesn’t mean Gojo will hold that position permanently.

    So, I’m going to be brutally honest here and say that in a one on one battle, not holds barred? Sukuna would win. It will be a tough battle, leaving everything down to the last moment, but still. The only way Gojo is winning this is either Sukuna loses some of his powers through a plot armor issue, or if Gojo battles him with other powerful Sorcerers aiding him.

    Is plot armor a copout answer? Maybe. But Jujutsu Kaisen never does things halfway, so take my word with a grain of salt. It could honestly go either way, I’m just trying to be as impartial as I can be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going back to thirsting after both these fine gentlemen like the unhinged fangirl that I am. Until next time!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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