Will Bell Cranel Marry Ais Wallenstein In Dan-Machi?

    You know, I love me a good waifu war! Well, to be honest, I’m a pretty staunch believer in the whole OTP (One True Pairing) situation and don’t like when the people in my ideal couple are shipped with someone else. Especially when the plot itself canonically ships the two together. That’s also my thought process regarding Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? a show with great waifus, but only one true love interest named Ais Wallenstein.

    The story has been setting up Bell Cranell with Ais Wallenstein for a while now. After all, he was enamored by her strength and beauty at first sight. Bell looks up to Ais, who is one of the strongest warriors he’s ever met, and no one has impacted him more. It also helps that Fujino Ōmori, the author of the original light novel, has stated that Bell and Ais are meant to be endgame, and she’s getting her own arc in the series very soon.

    But what about the other girls who are in love with Bell? I mean, one of them is Hestia, the literal head of the Familia that Bell is part of and a goddess, to boot. Like, it’s not like he’s strapped for options here. Hestia has been a part of his journey, and the two share a very deep bond, considering how, at one point, all they had was each other. So, she is also a strong contender for Bell’s heart.

    But the ship wars continue between fans, with one side believing that Ais is the only woman for Bell and the other vehemently pushing the Hestia x Bell agenda. And neither side is ready to call it quits until we get definitive proof of Bell getting together with either girl in the canon story. So, who will be the ultimate waifu by the end of the tale? Let’s get into it!

    Ais Wallenstein: The Mysterious Warrior Hiding An Inner Child?

    Ais Wallenstein Danmachi

    Ais is that one girl you know is out of your league, but you just pray and hope there’s a miracle where she can like you back. And lo and behold, that miracle actually does happen for Bell!

    Belonging to the Loki Familia as an adventurer and executive, Ais is a formidable opponent for any monster she comes across. In fact, she is considered one of the strongest amongst the First-Class Adventurers’ Faction. However, despite her strong-willed nature and natural prowess as a fighter, she is strangely endearing.

    Her quiet nature often gives her the air of being an airhead, when truthfully, she’s just very, very slow with emotions. She isn’t exactly naïve. But it’s like she has one brain cell, which can fight or comprehend human emotions, but never both simultaneously.

    But that innocent affection is exactly what makes her so perfect for Bell, who has adored her as this perfect individual. But now he has learned about the awkward and gentle girl inside, which only makes him love Ais more. And Ais returns that affection, thinking of him as gentle and jumping to his aide whenever possible.

    Hestia: A Determined Goddess Ready To Go The Extra Mile?

    Hestia Danmachi

    She took over the collective weeb consciousness for a reason, you know? Hestia’s bubbly nature and iconic design aside, her character is devoted to Bell’s advancement in the series. But what makes her stand out amongst the host of other gods is how her childish nature doesn’t diminish her respect.

    Even Loki acknowledged her importance, noting how beings like Zeus hold her in regard. But that doesn’t take away from her immeasurable kindness, often noted to be one of her greatest qualities. When Bell became her first dependent, she made sure to help him however she could. Even at the expense of her wellbeing, like when she persevered for three days in one position just so she could obtain a weapon from Hephaestus.

    But because her simple nature can turn deadly. Falling in love with Bell means she is prone to bouts of jealousy that have once gone as far as endangering Bell during a hostile situation. Her affection borders on the possessive, and considering Bell hasn’t actively returned her affections? It’s a tough time for everyone.

    Winner: Ais Is The One For Bell!

    Bell x Ais

    Listen, when you have a boy like a girl, a girl like a boy, you have an instant ship! Especially considering the Bell x Ais ship has the author’s blessing itself, there was no doubt about it. Even though the light novel is far from over, I’m almost completely certain that these two will be the canonical main couple of the story.

    Sure, Hestia cares for Bell, but Bell doesn’t feel the same way. But with Ais Wallenstein, their love is mutual. Sorry Hestia fans, but Ais is the one Bell will end up with! 

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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    1. But what will happen to hestia? In konosuba aqua left kazuma and kazuma maried megumin. So i guess hestia return to the heaven or something

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