Will Bell Cranel Reach Level 10 In DanMachi?

    Power levels are a standard fixture of the Isekai genre. Depending on either stats or sheer force, it doesn’t matter. As long as there is some power out there in an Isekai story, it will get a ranking and our protagonist will likely aim to top that list. Even in an anime as ridiculous as Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? you get to see how in-depth it can actually get when discussing power mechanisms and the like. On a goal focused on becoming the strongest Adventurer alive, could our protagonist Bell Cranel reach Level 10 sometime soon?

    Despite being the once sole member of a guild under a powerful goddess, Bell Cranel is only a Level 4 up until now. While it is likely he’ll reach Level 10 sometime near the end of the light novel, it’ll take a while till we get to that point. This is a pretty slow-paced story after all, which focuses more on organic growth in its characters over giving power-ups like steroid candy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t anticipate it!

    So far, we already know that Bell Cranel does aim to become a better adventurer due to his admiration for Ais Wallenstein. He didn’t start out that way, of course. His intentions at first were more than mixed up, considering he only wanted to go into the Dungeons because he thought it was an easy place to pick girls up. Yeah, the man decided to slay monsters because he wanted a harem. Talk about priorities.

    But he did mature, growing to show respect to the fighters around him and going on to become a better version of himself. But is that enough to warrant jumping to Level 10 from a Level 4? This is what we’re here to find out in today’s section of Lore Analysis – a segment where we take a look at some of the most popular ongoing plots unfolding in the Otaku world to see what we can predict from between the lines. Today, let us discuss Bell Cranel and what it takes to be a Hero!

    What Makes A Hero In Orario?

    Bell x Hestia Orario

    So, by now we all know how the fictional world of Orario works. The city is actually dwelling for all the Gods, who are looking for a thrill ride. They purposeful diminish their own powers so they can walk amongst mortals and create a sort of competition amongst themselves, to keep things exciting.

    The method? Each God in Orario has a faction called Familia, where human adventurers devote themselves to said God and fight in their name in the Dungeons. In return, the Gods provide them with unique benefits and the means to tackle the monsters dwelling in the Labyrinth. Any God can technically have a Familia, with one of the most powerful ones belonging to the Loki Familia, which is Ais’s domain.

    In a world focused on grinding, an Adventurer can elevate their ranking by slaying as many creatures as come their way. This not only helps them reap better rewards and notoriety amongst fellow Adventurers, but the resulting shards are extremely useful in better crafting weapons!

    Bell Cranel Levels Up!

    Bell Cranel Final Form

    While Bell didn’t have the noblest intentions, he did come from a powerful background. His adoptive father happens to be Zeus, the King of The Gods. And he has even encountered One Eyed Black Dragon, and lived to tell the tale. Not Level 8 or 9 Adventurers have achieved that.

    As stated before, he is the sole member of the Hestia Familia, and so received full attention from the feisty little Goddess. Due to this, he is quickly able to go from Level 2 to Level 4 within just a couple of months.

    It is already stated that the only way to defeat the One-Eyed Black Dragon is to reach Level 10. Combine that with Bell’s real father, Albert Waldstein, being one of the only people who has gone as far as to injure it? It’s basically foreshadowing how Bell’s trajectory is to reach Adventurer Extraordinaire heights and become the strongest in all of DanMachi.

    What Is Bell Cranel’s Motivation?

    Ais x Bell cranel

    Truthfully, it’s just him being devoted to his Goddess Hestia and their tiny Familia – along with his crush Ais Wallenstein. He wants to make her proud, and he wants to prove to himself that he isn’t some shy recluse with delusions of a harem. He’s matured quite a bit since the start of the light novel.  

    As it is, however, he still needs more time and practice before he can ascend to a higher rank. As it is, we are aware of only one confirmed Level 7 Adventurer, Ottar who is the Captain of the Freya Familia. The next Level 7 Adventurers are rumored to belong to the Kali Familia, but so far we don’t have any concrete proof of that.

    But this is what we are sure of: Bell Cranel’s journey has only reached its midway point, but it’s guaranteed he’ll be one of the first to reach Level 10 by the end of things! 

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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