15 Best Manhwa/Manga Like His Place

    Here are fifteen manhwa titles that will surely grip you just as "His Place" did. Each one is a treasure trove of storytelling excellence!

    Going through manhwa titles can be a mixed bag of experiences. You may stumble upon gems that take storytelling to an art form, weaving complex narratives with mature themes that resonate with you on a profoundly intellectual level.

    But let’s face it—more often than not, you find yourself sifting through a sea of mediocrity. The characters lack depth, the plot is predictable, and the themes barely scratch the surface of human emotion or societal norms. This leaves you yearning for narratives that don’t just entertain, but also challenge your perspectives and provoke thought.

    That’s why this list exists. If you’ve been captivated by the complexities of “His Place”—that potent mix of intricate relationships, existential queries, and psychological undertones—you’re in for a treat.

    We’re diving into 15 handpicked manhwa and manga titles that promise to deliver a reading experience that is not only adult in content but intellectually stimulating. Say goodbye to shallow plots and one-dimensional characters; it’s time to elevate your reading experience.


    The Unwanted Roommate

    The Unwanted Roommate

    Get ready to plunge into a story where the simple act of sharing living space turns into an existential battlefield. “The Unwanted Roommate” draws you into a complex world of hidden motivations, clandestine plans, and under-the-radar power dynamics.

    With cohabitation as the setting, the characters find themselves in a forced intimacy that exposes their darkest corners—sometimes with their consent, but often without.

    It’s a fascinating look at how physical proximity can lead to emotional distances or, inversely, bring down walls we didn’t even know we had. This manhwa doesn’t just scratch the surface; it digs deep, forcing both its characters and its readers to confront uncomfortable truths about human nature.


    The Sensual M

    The Sensual M

    Hold onto your seats for this one because “The Sensual M” is about to shake your very understanding of relationships.

    With a narrative that delves into taboos and societal norms, this manhwa serves as a lens to scrutinize what we often sweep under the rug. What does it mean to have a ‘normal’ relationship?

    Who sets these definitions, and why do we follow them? These questions are not just asked; they’re dissected in a narrative that’s as provocative as it is insightful.

    By the end, you’ll find yourself questioning not just the characters’ choices, but your own biases and preconceived notions about love, power, and intimacy.


    Perfect Half

    Perfect Half

    This manhwa presents an intense exploration into the psychology of power dynamics, gender roles, and societal expectations. But don’t expect a dry, academic treatise. This is a living, breathing narrative where the battle of the sexes serves as a backdrop for deeper questions about human psychology and societal constructs. How do we define power?

    What shapes our understanding of masculinity and femininity? This manhwa tackles these heavy questions head-on, challenging you to reconsider everything you thought you knew about the social constructs that define our lives.


    The Masked Fables

    The Masked Fables

    “The Masked Fables” isn’t your average anthology; it’s a labyrinth of human psychology, dressed up as individual stories. Each tale dives into a facet of human behavior or a societal norm that we often take for granted.

    One story might have you navigating the intricate maze of revenge, while another could plunge you into the murky waters of unrequited love. The brilliance lies in the unpredictability.

    You’re kept on your toes, always guessing what psychological gem will be unearthed next. Trust me, this is a compilation that invites multiple readings, each time offering a new layer of understanding.


    A Pervert’s Daily Life

    A Pervert's Daily Life

    Don’t let the provocative title fool you; “A Pervert’s Daily Life” is a cerebral experience. It’s easy to dismiss this manhwa as mere titillation, but that would be doing it a disservice.

    This title questions societal norms around sexuality and relationships, often flipping the script on what we consider ‘normal.’ It explores the duality of human nature, the constant tension between our public personas and our private desires.

    By navigating the fine line between societal expectations and personal inclinations, it poses the question: What really defines perversion? It’s a narrative that prompts self-reflection, pushing you to challenge your own biases and assumptions.


    S Flower

    S Flower

    “S Flower” showcases emotional vulnerability against a backdrop of intense relationships, and it does so without pulling any punches. This manhwa dives deep into the complexities of gender roles and societal expectations, particularly focusing on how these constructs shape our relationships and emotional experiences.

    It’s not just about challenging stereotypes; it’s about dismantling them to examine the pieces. What makes a man ‘masculine’? What makes a woman ‘feminine’? And how do these preconceived notions impact the emotional dynamics between people?

    Trust me, this is a manhwa that will leave you pondering long after you’ve turned the last page.




    Imagine a medical drama where the stakes go beyond life and death, delving into the ethical and personal complexities that come with the territory. That’s exactly what “Pulse” delivers.

    This isn’t your typical hospital drama; it’s a pulse-pounding narrative—no pun intended—that dives deep into the personal lives and ethical dilemmas of healthcare professionals.

    From the high-pressure decisions in the emergency room to the moral quandaries of medical research, “Pulse” brings an added layer of complexity that will keep your heart racing. It’s a compelling look at how personal and professional lives can collide in the most unexpected ways.


    Lady Long Legs

    Lady Long Legs

    Let’s talk about “Lady Long Legs.” This manhwa delves into the complexities of financial dependence in relationships, juxtaposing it with emotional needs and desires. It’s a narrative that makes you question conventional wisdom around love and money.

    Here, you’ll find characters grappling with their need for financial security and the emotional bonds that either strengthen or shatter under the weight of monetary involvement.

    The manhwa is unafraid to tackle questions about control, sacrifice, and the compromises we make in the name of love and stability. It’s a challenging read but one that leaves you questioning the role of finances in your own relationships.


    She’s The Girl

    She's The Girl

    Moving on to “She’s The Girl,” prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of human emotions. This manhwa is a masterclass in psychological storytelling, focusing on how individuals react when faced with extreme situations.

    The characters find themselves in high-stress, high-stakes circumstances that peel back the layers of their personalities, revealing their deepest fears, insecurities, and desires.

    It’s not a story for the faint-hearted; it’s a narrative that pulls no punches in its exploration of the human psyche. If you’re interested in the complexities of emotional resilience and vulnerability, this is a must-read.


    Office Blind Date

    Office Blind Date

    Think your 9-to-5 is just about spreadsheets and meetings? Think again. This manhwa takes the corporate setting and infuses it with the unpredictability of personal relationships.

    The story revolves around characters who find themselves on an office blind date, leading to a series of events that challenge their professional and personal boundaries. It raises questions about identity and compartmentalization: How different are we in our work lives compared to our personal lives? Are these delineations necessary, or even authentic?

    If you’ve ever questioned the persona you put on at work, this manhwa will resonate deeply with you.


    The Taste of Hands

    The Taste of Hands

    Ever wondered what it really takes to climb the corporate ladder? “The Taste of Hands” answers this question with a provocative exploration of ambition and desire within a corporate framework. But here’s the kicker: it does so by intertwining the characters’ professional ambitions with their personal cravings, making for a narrative that’s as tense as it is tantalizing.

    The story uncovers the lengths to which people are willing to go to achieve their goals, even if it means compromising on ethics or personal relationships. The stakes are high, the rewards are tempting, and every decision leaves a lasting impact. It’s a wild ride through the corporate jungle.


    Household Affairs

    Household Affairs

    “Household Affairs” takes us straight into the heart of domestic life but with a twist that will leave you astounded. It’s not just about marital bliss or the lack thereof; it’s about fidelity, identity, and the multiple personas we juggle within the sanctity of home.

    This manhwa is a psychological drama that uncovers the facades people maintain to uphold societal norms.

    The narrative peels back the layers of a seemingly average marriage to reveal the complexities and dark corners that exist within all relationships. If you think you know what domestic life is all about, think again.


    Drug Candy

    Drug Candy

    “Drug Candy” offers an unflinching look at the darker aspects of work-life balance. Here, the struggles aren’t just professional; they spill into personal lives, leading to decisions with intense ramifications.

    The story takes place in a corporate setting but quickly spirals into the characters’ personal lives, drawing you into a world of moral compromises and ethical dilemmas. What’s particularly engaging is how it questions societal norms around success and happiness, forcing you to confront the often-unspoken consequences of ambition.

    It’s a narrative that will make you question your own priorities, making for an uncomfortably compelling read.


    Miss Mystic

    Miss Mystic

    Next up, “Miss Mystic” pulls you into a web of secrets, obsessions, and psychological intricacies. This manhwa isn’t just a story; it’s a study in human behavior. The plot centers around characters who discover each other’s darkest secrets, leading to a complicated blend of fear, attraction, and psychological tension.

    Just when you think you’ve got the characters figured out, a twist comes along that flips the script, challenging your perceptions and expectations. It’s a tantalizing narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, questioning what you know about human relationships and what it means to truly know someone.


    Silent War

    Silent War

    The first on our list is “Silent War,” a political drama that weaves together corporate, familial, and personal power dynamics into a compelling narrative. Here, the battles aren’t just physical; they’re intellectual.

    Each character is a chess piece in a larger game, and the stakes are sky-high. Expect to see themes of betrayal, ethical ambiguity, and the constant struggle for control. The line between friend and foe is blurred, and you’re left questioning not just the characters’ motives but your own moral compass.


    There you have it—a list of 15 manhwa titles that don’t just entertain but intellectually stimulate. Each offers a narrative that is nuanced, complex, and emotionally resonant. If “His Place” left an indelible impression on you, these selections will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    They’re not just stories; they’re intricate studies into the complexities of human behavior and society. Trust me, this is one reading list that will leave you pondering long after you’ve turned the last page. Happy reading!

    Eddie Brown
    Eddie Brown
    Meet Eddie Brown, the maestro behind some of the most captivating narratives in the anime world. With over a decade of experience, Eddie doesn't just write stories—he crafts intricate universes that defy conventional storytelling. From the mind-bending complexities of psychological thrillers to the heartfelt moments in slice-of-life dramas, he's got a knack for creating multi-dimensional characters that resonate with viewers long after the credits roll. Fueled by a passion for pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling, Eddie's work is a testament to the untapped potential of anime as a transformative medium.

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