Does Himiko Toga Like Deku?

    Okay so, this is where I make a joke about people’s yandere fetishes showing because how can it be anything but that? I get that a lot of wild things have been happening in My Hero Academia as of late, like the main characters dying (and then coming back to life). But somehow, a character like Himiko Toga confessing their affection for another is the most left-field thing to happen so far. Mainly because the characters themselves aren’t even allies!

    Listen, when I tell you my mind was blown seeing Himiko Toga, of all people, confess liking Izuku Midoriya in the middle of them battling each other? It wasn’t an exaggeration. Apparently, resident feral yandere Toga really does like our boy Deku, and I’m shaking. Of all the romantic ships that could come from this series, that was one I genuinely didn’t anticipate!

    And, make no mistake, there are a lot of ships in My Hero Academia to obsess over. I mean, personally, I am a Bakugou x Deku enthusiast so I can see why there is just so much potential in the shipping wars within this franchise. But Toga, of all people? She is, like, the least stable out of everyone in the League Of Villains. Fighting her makes up for some of the scariest interactions because you can never see what she’s going to throw at you. Her bloodlust is quite literal, after all.

    So, when she confessed out of nowhere to Midoriya in chapter 347 of the manga, of course, it rang alarm bells for everyone. Is she doing this to throw him off or does she actually view him as a romantic option? Let’s discuss that and more in today’s segment of Lore Analysis, where we dive into the mythos of prominent anime and manga to see where the plot leads us. Today, it’s cursed ships all around with Toga x Deku!

    Himiko Toga: She’s Knock You Dead (Literally).

    Himiko Toga

    So, what can I say about Toga that hasn’t already been said? Fans of My Hero Academia already know that the bombastic blonde head is more than just a little unhinged.

    But she insists that she’s just a high schooler who shows her affection and love for potential interests in a more visceral way, that’s all. And it helps that her Quirk is a little more intimate than others. She basically needs to ingest the blood of her peers in a bid to gain their powers. Of course, this means she fights with the intent to make the other person bleed.

    However, this has led to a very warped sense of love, where she equates bloodied bodies as beautiful. So, she tries her hardest to leave them as bloody as possible, especially if they are people she is infatuated with. Now is that really how she feels, or is she trying to cover up her murderous tendencies behind a veil of cute and psycho?

    Why Toga Likes Deku:

    MY HEro Academia Art

    So, from what I can tell? It’s legit. She seems to actually like Deku and is trying her hardest to be sincere – in her own really deranged way.

    Let’s start from the beginning. She forces Deku to Okuto Island, using a Warp Gate. And this is where Toga turns around to attack him with her signature blade. Like she’s throwing slashes around, and she seems serious about it. And yet, for some reason, one of Deku’s main Quirks, his Danger Sense, never gives any alerts.

    Like there is a feral girl basically machete-ing her way through you, you’d think that’d be cause for concern for your pseudo-Spidey Senses. But nope, it picks up no malicious intent towards Deku whatsoever. Hell, the Danger Sense has done this before when Toga came to UA Academy and attacked him while trying to not let him face Shigaraki.

    So, back on Okuto Island, when Deku asks why she dragged him out here, she states it’s because she wants him to be her boyfriend.

    Which we already had an inkling about, considering her actions back at the UA summer training camp. Likely, her feelings have remained consistent since.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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