Top 10 Best GL Webtoons To Read Right Now!

    Yeah, BL webtoons are all the rage. But maybe you should give these amazing GL webtoons a read too!

    You know, as top-rated as BL (Boys Love) webtoons are, GL (Girls Love) doesn’t seem to get nearly as much love. This is so unfair because both spectrums are so, so good when you start reading them. While I am a very proud and out Fujoshi, that doesn’t mean I haven’t dabbled in the world of GL. It might feel like a sparse landscape, but once you get into GL webtoons, you start seeing them everywhere. And the perspective they explore is so unique.

    Then again, queer webtoons in general have become so widespread that they are competing with regular webtoons on the daily. Sure, you have normal hetero relationships topping the romance section, but they’re also queer relationships that are quickly climbing their way through the ranks. And out of them, lesbian romances are the ones that feel like the least explored. But GL webtoons happen to be some of the most heartfelt stories out there, with plots that leave you spellbound.

    Of course, just because they are often written from a more mature perspective, doesn’t mean it’s always emotional and gentle. Sometimes, some GL webtoons can be straight-up comedies, with dynamics so entertaining that you can’t stop binging. And I appreciate that because for so long, GL webtoons felt like they were stereotypical, with nothing more to them than surface-level ‘depth’. They veered into being derivative and often felt like ‘male fantasies’ rather than being written from the female gaze. Which, oddly enough, isn’t a problem with BL.

    But I digress. Nowadays, most queer webtoons are doing so well because they aren’t pandering to the masses. And GL webtoons are no exception. Whether you’re looking for whimsical, action-heavy, or even just hilarious reads to pass the time, look no further. These are our Top 10 best GL webtoons to read right now to your heart’s content, in another segment of Get Ranked!


    Everyday Lily

    Everyday Lily

    I’m going to start with this one because far too often we see queer characters as being ‘miraculously gay’ for one character, rather than affirming their sexuality.

    In Everyday Lily, that is not the case. Both main characters identify as Lesbians from the get-go, so there is no guesswork nor awkward conversations. This GL webtoon revolves around the dynamics between Jua, someone who is very experienced with casual arrangements, and Nayoung, who is obsessed with romances only seen in books. And how these two get into a relationship, despite Jua rejecting Nayoung the first time around.

    Despite dealing with realistic issues such as being a closeted queer adult, Everyday Lily manages to be wholesome and sweet.


    My Food Seems To Be Very Cute

    My Food Seems To Be Very Cute

    Listen, I grew up on Twilight. So of course, I was going to shoehorn a vampire romance into this list!

    My Food Seems To Be Very Cute has the most literal title, considering this is a love story between a vampire and her clumsy werewolf companion. After Maria was locked in a coffin, she was woken up by a lonely werewolf named Xing Lan, who was looking for a friend. With the promise of blood, Maria agrees to travel by her side, and the two forms an unlikely bond.

    Can I just say that the art for this GL webtoon is just utterly adorable? Like, for a supernatural story, it’s so fluffy and cute!


    What Does The Fox Say?

    What Does The Fox Say?

    Yeah, the title got me confused for a second too. But unlike the viral meme song, this GL webtoon ends up being way more intriguing.

    What Does The Fox Say take love triangles to a whole new level? The plot revolves around Sumin, a team leader at a game studio, that is headed by her ex, Seju. Of course, ‘ex’ is being gracious here because no matter how many times they break up, somehow the two end up back together. But everything changes when Seung Ji, a cold but beautiful new employee, ends up joining the company and gets interested in Sumin.

    This is pure drama, where you can’t predict who ends up with whom. Characters aside, this webtoon will keep you hooked till the last page.


    Her Tale Of Shim Cheong

    Her Tale Of Shim Cheong

    Of course, we needed a historical GL webtoon here. This list is about diversity and Her Tale Of Shim Cheong is certainly unique.

    The plot is based on a classical novel, taking liberties with the characters in it. Shim Cheong is just trying to survive in a world that doesn’t care for her, or her blind father. So, when she comes across a drowning girl who was committing suicide, she ends up saving her. Turns out, this girl was the daughter of a prominent family who was sold off to a minister. Between their hardships, Shim Cheong and the minister’s wife end up falling in love.

    A super underrated GL webtoon, the beauty of Her Tale Of Shim Cheong is in the earnest way it is told. The gorgeous art doesn’t hurt either!


    Soul Drifters

    Soul Drifters

    Think Mr. And Mrs. Smith, but with a little fantasy action and a lot more gay undertones! That’s what Soul Drifters feels like.

    Imagine not having to fear the inevitability of death, because society has come so far. In this future world, the Eternal Life Corporation has made a killing by working on life-changing projects that take on mortality itself, and Claire Clayton gets to be a part of that as a researcher there. With her wife, Sheryl Gloss, also working there, it feels like a charmed life.

    Except that the company is hiding a sinister secret, and Sheryl might be part of it. Expect the unexpected with this spooky GL webtoon!


    Ring My Bell

    Ring My Bell

    Love that when you question how to deal with a homophobe, this particular GL webtoon answers with ‘by dating them, obviously!’.

    Mai, the main character of Ring My Bell, is a webcomic artist herself. So, when she gets this major deal to illustrate a webtoon about relationships, she should’ve been ecstatic. That she was very recently dumped by her ex-girlfriend so she doesn’t think she can handle something like that. Couple that up with her new homophobic neighbor and, well, things are rough.

    So, she decides to kill two birds with one stone. Dating the awkward neighbor, who apparently hates her, just so she can write about relationships again, is definitely a plan for the ages, right? Look, this GL webtoon ticks all the right boxes of sweet, fluffy, and slightly deranged!


    My Darling Is The Cutest

    My Darling Is The Cutest

    Miscommunication galore! But hey, isn’t that just the standard with most high school romances? So, My Darling Is The Cutest is no exception.

    Sadie is the queen of Brilliant Minds High School. Beautiful, untouchable, and the top student? What doesn’t she have? Well, a relationship, for starters.So, when rumors of her dating the second top student start going around, Sadie panics and claims she likes her classmate, Lex Qi instead. Turns out, Lex Qi not only heard her but reciprocates, much to Sadie’s dismay. And Lex Qi is ecstatic.

    Things get way more complicated once the two enter a relationship, with Sadie unable to clear the air. But aren’t the best relationships based on a funny origin story?


    You Were Worth It

    You Were Worth It

    The art of this GL webtoon is what catches the audience at first blush. But it’s the heart-warming relationship between the couple that makes them stay.

    You Were Worth It isn’t a very long webtoon. Nor does it have a lot of drama or plot twists. But what it is, is a genuine introspection of what it’s like to love someone with insecurities and paranoia. Keiva is timid and constantly overthinking things, but Rose never loses her patience with her. To them, love makes it all worth it.

    Again, the style here makes it look grittier than it actually is. It’s definitely more Slice-Of-Life if anything. The characters are the best part.


    Mage And Demon Queen

    Mage And Demon Queen

    This was my very first GL webtoon and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially to Fantasy RPG (Role Playing Games) enthusiasts.

    Like, the plot isn’t seriously complex or whatever. In fact, it feels a lot like crack, most of the time. But Mage And Demon Queen are as straight forward as GL webtoons come. You have Velverosa, a top-level boss that rules as the Demon Queen in her High Tower and defeats any guild that comes at her. Except when she meets her match in a simpering idiot of a mage named Malori who is obsessed with reaching the very top.

    Not for riches or fame, oh no. Malori fights so hard to reach the final boss, just so she can have a chance at courting her for marriage! Like, no wonder this webtoon is so popular on the Line WebToon app. Because it’s hilarious.


    SQ: Begin With Your Name

    SQ: Begin With Your Name

    I am a huge fan of queer stories that don’t take themselves too seriously but still touch upon actual issues the community often ends up facing. That doesn’t mean making things dark. Instead, you are given a relatable love story.

    SQ: Begin With Your Name is the story of Sun Jing and Qui Tong, two girls that stumble into a friendship during their teenagehood, that ends up becoming more. Starting with the tomboy Sun Jing being enamored by the cool Qui Tong and trying desperately to start a conversation with her, we see the two evolve from best friends and confidantes into lovers.

    With plenty of light-hearted comedy, you wouldn’t think it tackles some heavier topics. But this GL webtoon is so well-balanced, you don’t want the binge-reading to end!


    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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    1. Hello, my name is Lucía, and I greet you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I wanted to ask if you could recommend me GL stories similar to “My Darling is the Cutest,” “Begin with your name,” or “Crescent Moon And Doughnuts,” but with the protagonists having a romantic relationship and kissing. The issue I’m facing is that most suggestions tend to leave things vague, so it would be nice to find some manga where the protagonists have a physical relationship without it being as controversial as “Citrus.”

      Thank you for all your recomendations. I enjoy them very much.

      • Hey Lucia! I totally get what you mean, which is why I specifically recommended GL stories here that aren’t vague. With your taste, I think you’d really enjoy SQ, You Were Worth It and Everyday Lily. No beating around the bush with these GL romances, so I hope you enjoy!

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