Best AMVs Of All Time

    The creative industry is a mystical place; you have well though-out anime that manage to captivate the hearts of their audience. There are anime openings or AMVs that make you shed a bucketload of tears, and there are some scenes that just leave you in awe.

    Anime creators are extremely talented individuals, no doubt about it. But can you – as an anime fan, express the same level of dedication and creativity as someone that has been writing anime for decades? Well, it turns out there’s a pretty good test for this, and it’s called the art of creating anime music videos – or AMVs in short.

    There is a certain gap – or a bridge between a creator and a consumer, and you don’t need to cross it. However, some individuals have dared to make the leap. As a result, they have managed to create some of the most iconic AMVs of all time.

    We’ve created a complete list to honor their work and dedication to the craft; honestly, these works are mesmerizing! With that said, here’s a complete list of some of the best AMVs of all time:

    10. Whatever It Takes – Mix – Royal Grindi

    An AMV doesn’t need to have everything in it. It turns out you can make jaw-dropping content as long as you just dig one well to the very end.

    There aren’t any mesmerizing effects here, and no special production either. It’s just an AMV that has reached the epitome of synchronization.

    Besides, who doesn’t love the sound of blades clashing?

    9. Payphone – Mix – Umika Sayoji/Уми Сайоджи

    How well can you narrate a story? It can be anyone’s story – even yours, or it can also be a cry for help. Despite her heartfelt creation sitting in the hearts of every teenager who watched this AMV in their childhood, Umika Sayoji is no longer with us in this world.

    However, her final creations have left an enormous fanbase behind, which is pretty much deserved. Don’t believe us? You haven’t watched the AMV yet!

    Aside from being an awesome AMV creator, she was a pretty talented artist as well. You can check her works from the following links:

    8. Sold Out – Kimetsu No Yaiba

    The transitions, the *shiiing* of the swords, and the beat-by-beat synchronization. Everything about this AMV speaks of perfection. Unfortunately though, the real creator of this masterpiece is rather elusive to the online world.

    However, one thing is for sure; it doesn’t get better than this – especially for a solo production!

    7. Don’t Stop The Devil – Mix – Royal Grindi

    AMVs generally start slowly to build up the pace; not here though. Don’t Stop The Devil rips apart the usual AMV logic and injects hype in your blood.

    You start to enjoy riding the high horse until it starts to ramp up.

    Beyond that is a point of no return, and that’s pretty exciting in itself!

    6. Fracture – Mix – Gorz

    The narrative is extremely important when procuring a work of art. How do you intend your creation to be perceived by others? Will they like it, and what exactly is it depicting?

    Now be curious; Just enough to know this is not it. All of this should serve a purpose, but what exactly? The answer lies at the very end – where it all accumulates.

    Will you be able to find it?

    5. Final Spark – Fate Series – Shin & Xophilarus

    There’s no real formula that makes an AMV great. It just needs to hit hard, and if it managed to achieve that, you’re pretty much yearning for a rewatch.

    However, finding such AMVs can be hard. There are ones that tend to think out of the box. They add more flare, try to time everything perfectly, and just do about everything – except what needs to be done.

    This, on the other hand, is a masterpiece that stays loyal to the book.

    4. Ace Of Hearts – Mix – Lokkiclu

    Have you ever edited a work so much that it completely sheds its previous identity to become yours? It’s a scary path where you don’t exactly know what the end product will be like. Would it turn out just ok, or will it be another abomination?

    Fortunately, fate was very kind to Ace Of Hearts. You get these seductive colors entering your peripheral vision from all sides to create a semi-kaleidoscope effect; it’s pretty enchanting.

    3. Into The Labyrinth – Monogatari Series – lolligerjoj

    Mixing chaotic elements with a spooky undertone isn’t as easy as it seems. Pair that with on-point editing, and it’s easy to see why most fans deem it as the best AMV of all time. While it’s pretty up there, the underlying potential of AMVs does not really have a limit.

    Released almost a decade ago, Into The Labyrinth still manages to captivate the hearts of AMV lovers throughout the globe!

    2. Anime’s Got Talent – Mix – JazzVids & Replay Studios

    What happens when you assign an entire indie production crew to make an AMV? Yes, it’s good, it narrates an entire story, and it’s well-edited. However, most of all, it keeps your eyes glued to your screen till the end.

    You don’t get to see overly-used tropes here; every character gets its fair share of time. It turns out you can showcase your ideas while keeping everything simple and easy to consume. Who knew, right?

    1. Sunlight AMV – Mix – Sunlight

    Ever felt indebted to an AMV? Ever felt truly inspired? That’s what happens when anime meets real life. Sunlight is an AMV that will drag you through the creative world of imagination while showing you what acceptance truly is.

    With every ticking second, you become so deeply mesmerized by this fairytale world of Sunlight that you yearn for more. Unfortunately though, the music video is as long as the song itself, so you’d have to make do.

    That’s all for now, but do let us know what you think about these AMVs. Has anything managed to catch your fancy? Or do you perhaps have some suggestions in mind; the comment section is always open!

    Eddie Brown
    Eddie Brown
    Meet Eddie Brown, the maestro behind some of the most captivating narratives in the anime world. With over a decade of experience, Eddie doesn't just write stories—he crafts intricate universes that defy conventional storytelling. From the mind-bending complexities of psychological thrillers to the heartfelt moments in slice-of-life dramas, he's got a knack for creating multi-dimensional characters that resonate with viewers long after the credits roll. Fueled by a passion for pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling, Eddie's work is a testament to the untapped potential of anime as a transformative medium.

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