All Deaths In Jujutsu Kaisen

    As a Dark Shounen, Jujutsu Kaisen is no stranger to deaths. So, just how many characters have died so far in the series?

    Okay so, we collectively agree that Jujutsu Kaisen never holds its punches, yes? Like all the deaths in it so far, have literally been the most painful thing I’ve personally experienced. And that’s saying something, considering I was there when Neji Hyuuga was killed in Naruto Shippuden. Because there’s just something about the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen that is so much more brutal in a way you don’t expect, unpredictably so.

    And boy, are there a lot of deaths in this manga. I mean, if you’ve watched the anime, you get a glimpse of all the possible deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen, but obviously the manga is way, way worse. Gege Akutama, the mangaka for the series, doesn’t do things in moderation and we, the poor readers, have to suffer with the consequences of getting attached to characters, only to realize they don’t make it to the end. Because it has happened so many times in Jujutsu Kaisen.

    Like, saying ‘I hope you go to hell to someone you hate, is weak. But ‘I hope your favorite character in Jujutsu Kaisen kicks the bucket next chapter’? That is much more frightening. It’s very much in the realm of possibilities. I mean, remember when Gojo Satoru’s fate was up in the air for an entire year? And thousands of fangirls were ready to crash every internet forum if he was confirmed dead? Yeah, being a Jujutsu Kaisen stan is an experience. So, if I was to catalog all the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen, it’d be insane, right

    Firstly, some characters like Ryomen Sukuna died and then became cursed spirits. So, do they count? Secondly, there are just so many dead people in Jujutsu Kaisen, but the series isn’t completed yet. But attempting the impossible is what we do around here, so here are all the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen in another segment of Get Ranked! Yes, ranked from least harrowing to most devastating, because we don’t do things halfway!

    25. Wasuke Itadori

    Wasuke Itadori

    This was the catalyst for Yuji Itadori’s entire story, so of course it deserves a mention. Wasuke Itadori, Yuji’s grandfather, single-handedly inspired Yuji to embrace this new violent world he had been thrust into, accepting his role in it. Thankfully, his death was not violent or awful, which is sadly rare in Jujutsu Kaisen.

    During the Fearsome Womb Arc, Wasuke Itadori passed away in the hospital, suffering from a chronic illness. He told Yuji to live up to his strength and help the people around him, so he doesn’t die a lonely death. 

    24. Megumi Fushigoro’s Divine Dogs

    Megumi Fushigoro’s Divine Dogs

    If you don’t count these precious babies’ deaths because they aren’t definitive characters, you are objectively wrong. I know they died pretty early on, but animal deaths always hit me hard. And Megumi Fushigoro’s doggos were such good boys too! But in a way, this was our first introduction into how dark the series could get.

    Maybe it isn’t the most impactful of all the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen, but it was certainly a harbinger of the bad times to come. 

    23. Naobito Zenin

    Naobito Zenin

    Naobito Zenin was the head of the Zenin family. He is also one of the many Sorcerers that lost their lives in the Shibuya Incident. Initially, he was called there to help with the situation, flanked by Maki Zenin and Kento Nanami. Together, they take on Dagon, who has become a strong Cursed Spirit and he loses his arm in the fight. But other than that, he was still kicking.

    That is, until Jogo entered the fight. Naobito notices Toji Fushigoro taking Megumi Fushigoro somewhere, but returns to the fight against Jogo. Naobito evades him for a while, but eventually Jogo burns him alive. 

    22. Yu Haibara

    Yu Haibara

    Yu Haibara was a student at Jujutsu High who studied alongside Kento Nanami. It was revealed in the Gojo’s Past Arc that he was from a non-Sorcerer family, but he did have a sister who could see Curses, at the very least. However, despite the horrors of the world, Yu was just a very upbeat guy. 

    Sadly, Yu dies during a mission soon after. But he did have a conversation with Geto Suguru beforehand, where they discussed whether he liked being a Sorcerer at all, and he said he liked doing what no one else could do. Yu later returns in a vision to Nanami, pointing at Yuji Itadori as the reason why he became a Jujutsu Sorcerer.

    21. Nobuaki Zenin

    Nobuaki Zenin

    Nobuaki Zenin was the head of the Kukuru Unit that was deployed to neutralize Maki Zenin when she was found to have murdered Ogi Zenin, her father. Of course, by that point they hadn’t realized that Maki would stop at nothing to massacre the entire family for they did to her and her sister, Mai Zenin. So when she is spotted by Nobuaki, he underestimates her yet again.

    Of course, that was the wrong thing to do because she takes on Nobuaki and his team, piercing his neck and leaving him to bleed to death. 

    20. Yuki Tsukumo

    Yuki Tsukumo

    This is just going to be me ragging on Gege for the way he treats the women in Jujutsu Kaisen, isn’t it? But out of all the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen, this one seemed so the most unexpected considering how Yuki Tsukumo is one of four Special Grade Sorcerers, close in strength to Gojo. So, realistically, she should’ve been alive right now. Hell, much like Goro, she also rebels against the status quo set up by the Sorcerer’s Society.

    When she died, her death just felt like wasted potential, which is why it ranks so low on this list. The woman literally turns herself into a Black Hole to absorb Kenjaku. And yet, Kenjaku just counters it using his anti-gravity technique, rendering her sacrifice pointless? It grates me to no end that we lost Yuki for literally no reason.

    19. Jinichi Zenin 

    Jinichi Zenin 

    You know, at this point you’d think there was at least one decent member in the Zenin family that didn’t berate the Zenin twins. But apparently, no one was smart enough to see their own deaths coming. After Ogi dies, Jinichi Zenin is alerted about the situation and he intercepts Maki along with other members of the Zenin family.

    Of course, that works about as well as you’d think, considering how quickly Jinichi gets beheaded by Maki.

    18. Ranta Zenin 

    Ranta Zenin 

    Ranta Zenin was one of the more timid members of the Zenin family, likely due to his younger age. He was still a semigrade 1 Sorcerer, just very respectful of his seniors, obeying every order they gave to him. He was also one of the people who confronted Maki after she killed her father. 

    Though he tried to hold her down, Maki easily escaped the clutches of his Cursed Energy and Ranta died due to over-exhausting his powers

    17. Chojuro Zenin

    Chojuro Zenin

    A Sorcerer of older age, Chojuro Zenin still looked pretty confident when he went up against Maki alongside the other members of the Hei, the Zenin family’s Sorcerer Unit. And if it was anyone else, his powers and the others would’ve subdued them easily.

    But Maki was on a warpath and no Domain or Cursed Energy was going to be enough to hold her at bay. And so, Chojuro died alongside his family when she ripped his throat out.

    16. Muta Kokichi

    Muta Kokichi

    The moment I saw Mechamaru during the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc, I knew that robot was up to no good. And turns out, I was right because that was actually Muta Kokichi, a reclusive second year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High who was working as a spy for Mahito. Why? Because Mahito promised him something that no one else could, a functioning body that wasn’t sickly due to his Heavenly Restriction.

    But trusting Mahito for anything isn’t a good idea. When Mahito feels like Muta has outgrown his usefulness, he does give him a new body. But the two engage in a fight and Muta dies.

    15. Hanami


    I always call Hanami the ‘Poison Ivy’ of Jujutsu Kaisen, because of his entire environmental terrorism thing. Like, he genuinely hates humans for ruining the planet, and you have to kind of agree with the man? Obviously, killing innocent civilians isn’t the answer here, but Hanami is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit, after all.

    However, even he couldn’t step up to Gojo Satoru’s power, being killed by the man during the Shibuya Incident Arc. However, his death was a sacrifice, leading to the actual Shibuya Incident to occur. 

    14. Dagon


    Dagon was one of the Cursed Spirits that was triggered awake during the Shibuya Incident. Initially, he was in his timid Cursed Womb state, being guided along by Hanami. However, it was Hanami’s death that made his powers accelerate and his rage grew him into a fully-fledged Curse Spirit.  But despite being a powerful being, he was killed by Toji Fushigoro, who he underestimated because of his lack of Cursed Energy

    It was frightening to see Toji take on Dago’s curses with nothing more than his physical prowess, but the real ‘Oh God what the hell?!’ the moment was seeing Toji stab Dagon mercilessly into bloody oblivion. 

    13. Nagi Yoshino

    Nagi Yoshino

    I don’t think anyone will ever forget Nagi Yoshino and how unexpected her death was. Like, okay maybe not unexpected, considering she was an ‘anime mom’ and those never last very long, but I digress. Her death was yet another sign that this series did not come to play when it came to even the most innocent of victims. Junpei’s mom was kind and just wanted the best for her son, you know? 

    However, she was killed by a Cursed Spirit who was attracted to Sukuna’s finger inside her house. It’s a small mercy that we never saw her death explicitly, but it was said that she was found as a bloody corpse in her bed, the entire lower half of her body missing.

    12. Rika Orimoto 

    Rika Orimoto 

    Another one of those cases where they died before the series started, Rika Orimoto was just a little girl when her story ended. She was a girl with a crush, a childhood friend of Yuta Okkotsu who had promised to marry him in a park, as children often do. But before she had a chance to grow up, Rika died in a car crash, her body dismembered. 

    When Yuta sees this, he unknowingly curses her to become a Vengeful Spirit that attaches herself to him. From then on, she became known as the ‘Queen Of Curses’. 

    11. Junpei Yoshino

    Junpei Yoshino

    I like how Jujutsu Kaisen took the time to develop Junpei Yoshino as a character, and give us this entire arc where he starts trusting Yuji as a friend. And even though he was traumatized by all the bullying, being tempted by Mahito to take revenge, you could’ve sworn that Yuji’s friendship would save him. Like there is no way Jujutsu Kaisen was going to let us get attached to this sad little emo boy and not deliver, right?

    Well, they certainly did deliver something. Junpei is used as a pawn by Mahito and turned into an Abomination, right in front of Yuji. We see Junpei cry out for help before succumbing to a quick death, replaced by a monster that Yuji had to kill. 

    10. Jogo 


    When you meet Jogo and his almost patriotic notions about Cursed Spirits being the superior beings who deserved the world, you knew the man was going to get defeated by his own hubris. Like, his jealousy and anger were his downfall. He force fed Yuji all of Sukuna’s fingers, thinking the King Of Curses would be on their side, only to realize that wasn’t the case. Sukuna does say that he might reconsider if Jogo could land a single hit though, so they fight. 

    But in the end, Jogo quickly understood he was no match for Sukuna, that even his Domain Expansion would be overtaken by him. In the end, Sukuna and Jogo’s fight doesn’t last very long, with Jogo succumbing to Sukuna’s power.

    9. Toji Fushiguro

    Toji Fushiguro

    That’s right, the most anticipated character for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 also croaks it, not just once, but twice. Yeah, it’s one of those cases. But Megumi’s estranged father, Toji Fushiguro, was initially killed off by Gojo during the Prequel Arc, where a part of his body was literally erased by Gojo’s Cursed Technique. But then later on, Granny Ogami brought him back to life when her family joined forces with Pseudo-Geto

    Because of this, Toji was left a mess of pure aggression, taking on the strongest beings he saw during the Shibuya Incident. But his death was heartbreaking, because despite all the carnage on his mind, he recognized it when he turned on his own son. And to save Megumi, Toji decided to kill himself.

    8. Suguru Geto

    Suguru Geto

    Look, this is where that whole ‘suspension of truth’ thing comes into play. Technically, Suguru Geto the human is dead. After Geto went all ‘dark side’ and became a Cursed User, he defected from Jujutsu High, and the Sorcerer’s World, in general. All because of his disdain towards non-magic users, or the non-shamans. To Geto, the lives of fellow Cursed Users mattered more

    And after an attempt at trying to acquire a Cursed Spirit that was currently attached to a student at Jujutsu High, Geto is killed by Gojo, of all people. But Gojo made the mistake of not taking his body back, leading an unknown creature to possess the body and use it as their Host.

    7. Masamichi Yaga

    Masamichi Yaga

    Masamichi Yaga was Panda’s surrogate dad and that alone should’ve been enough to keep him immune from death, in my opinion. Sadly, Gege personally targets every person I love in this series and so, it was only a matter of time until the Principal of Jujutsu High was killed off. But the way it happened was so heartbreaking too. To subdue Gojo Satoru, who was already a threat to the bureaucracy of the Sorcerer’s Society, Masamichi was blamed for ‘instigating’ the conflict between Gojo and Geto, leading to the whole Shibuya Incident. 

    Sentenced to death, Masamichi is on his way to say goodbye to Panda, when Principal Yoshinombu Gakuganji corners him for information. But Masamichi doesn’t reveal anything, and he is unceremoniously executed.

    6. Mai Zenin

    Mai Zenin

    Okay, and talking about Gege’s unnecessary death flags: what is up with him killing off the most bada** women in Jujutsu Kaisen? No, really, I need an explanation because my girls Mai and Maki Zenin have been treated brutally. Like, burning Maki alive during the Shibuya Incident wasn’t enough, her twin sister had to go too? Having the sisters be hurt by their own father, Ogi Zenin, was such a horrifying thing to experience, especially after they tried so hard to live up to the Zenin Family expectations. 

    But it was when they were thrown into a curse-filled pit, that the two reconnected. Unconscious in real life, the two met on a beach in a vision where Mai asks Maki to take down the Zenin Family on her behalf. She sacrifices her energy to keep Maki alive, and Maki awakens to see her sister dead.

    5. Naoya Zenin

    Naoya Zenin

    I love it when little jerks like Naoya Zenin get their comeuppance. Even though he was the leader of the Hei and considered himself the ‘trueheir to the Zenin family, he was no match for Maki. The same Maki he bullied for being too weak, antagonizing her and Mai for being female Sorcerers. And his remarks on said female Sorcerers were enough to make everyone root when he finally died. Maki had already killed her father, the Kukuru Unit and Naoya was next on the shitlist

    And it was Naoya’s arrogance that did him in, because God forbid someone like Maki be the true inheritor of Toji’s fierceness. His overconfidence made him underestimate Maki, whose lack of Cursed Energy meant she escaped his Domain easily. In the end, she finishes him off with her hand in his face to shut his whining up, just like God intended.

    4. Ogi Zenin

    Ogi Zenin

    Maki VS The Zenin Clan Arc, you will always be famous. The absolute hype of Maki finally getting revenge for her and her sister being constantly belittled by their own family is incomparable. Like, finally a rare win for the women in Jujutsu Kaisen! And really, nothing brings sisters closer than being abused by your awful dad, to the point you want to kill him.

    And ultimately that is Ogi’s fate. He hurt Mai, and even Maki for intercepting him, then threw the sisters into the curse-filled pit. Ogi thought that was the end for the ‘weak links’, until he felt a foreboding sensation, something akin to Toji Fushigoro’s aura. Turning around, he sees Maki, reborn. So he tries to fight her off, only to be beheaded by his own daughter.  

    3. Mahito


    Mahito had been the villain for Jujutsu Kaisen for so long that it’s hard to believe that the manga didn’t end with his death. But Lord, was it satisfying to see him finally pay for his ways during the Shibuya Incident. With so many deaths underneath his belt, including some of the most major characters in the series, you’d think Mahito would get out alive. But not if Yuji Itadori had something to say about it. 

    And so, Yuji falls into this unescapable rage where he just pummels Mahito into the ground, aided by Aoi Todo. There was just no way Mahito was surviving an onslaught that brutal, with Yuji and Aoi tag teaming to decimate him into smithereens. And so, Mahito dies and Yuji gets justice for the friends he lost to him.

    2. Kento Nanami

    Kento Nanami

    Repeat after me folks: This death was completely unnecessary and Gege was wrong for doing us Kento Nanami fangirls this dirty. Nanami was probably the second most beloved adult in Jujutsu Kaisen, and his relationship with both Gojo and Yuji made him a quick fan favorite. As a Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer, the man felt untouchable. Like, this is ‘no nonsense’ Nanami we are talking about, his calm during fights was legendary.

    But while he might’ve held his own during a fight with Mahito before, the second time was not the charm. During the Shibuya Incident, Nanami faced off against Mahito once more, but this time he had been significantly weakened after facing a barrage of mutated humans. So, when Mahito started targeting him, he resigned to his fate and died fighting him. 

    1. Nobara Kugisaki

    Nobara Kugisaki

    Let me just crack my knuckles for this one, because oh boy, do I have stuff to say. Nobara Kugisaki was like, one of the main trio, right? Like, it was her, Yuji and Megumi. They were a team. And the woman had proven herself an icon in previous chapters, with the way she took on Cursed Spirits like it was her birthright. So, her death at the hands of Mahito during the Shibuya Incident, felt like a cruel joke

    But the thing is, there’s a reason why this death tops the list. And it’s because even when she was dying, it wasn’t Mahito’s Cursed Energy that killed her. Instead, her resonance technique insulated her from his attack, and the real cause of her death was blunt force trauma to the skull. She had outsmarted him, till the very end

    And it’s this that leads some fans to believe that she might just come back as a vengeful spirit. A lot of fans don’t even consider her dead because of this. But whether she’ll pull a comeback a la Rika? Only time will tell. Still, Nobara Kugisaki, man. What a queen

    I think this might be it. We are done with all the deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen, so far. Of course, the manga is entering its home stretch, so expect this list to get updated when that happens, because you know we’re going to be served some massive casualties. Until then, hold onto your faves, Jujutsu Kaisen fans. You’ll never know who’s next!


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