Will Sanji Get Conqueror’s Haki?

    Mysterious powers are part and parcel of what makes the world of One Piece so intriguing. It’s how a character will be introduced at some point, and we get to see their growth happen, even as they gain said mysterious power. And really, the character arcs and world-building are exactly what makes One Piece such a solid show. There are very few characters that seem like they are wasted or have shown their full potential. Just take a look at Sanji, a character we’ve been seeing since the very start. There is still more to him than meets the eyes.

    A lot of fans believe that the infamous Vinsmoke Sanji might be hiding the potential of owning a Conqueror’s Haki, a power so rare that only a handful of people across the seas have acquired it. It is actively claimed to be the Power of Kings. And while Sanji is technically a Genma prince, Sanji is not hiding a power that only one in several million are bestowed with. But it is an interesting theory.

    I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time a crew member of the Straw Hate Pirate crew was revealed to have a previously untapped ability. But, for a power that’s supposed to be so elusive, it is kind of hard to imagine it turning up that frequently in one crew alone. There are already two people in one group having power which is supposed to be a literal one-in-a-million situation. So, could our boy Sanji be playing around with those odds?

    Welcome to Character Analysis! This is a segment where we take a closer look at trending characters from various manga, anime, and even light novels. We break their characterization down to see what exactly makes them so prolific. And we even get to answer some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that folks might have that are new to the fandom. Today, let’s see if Sanji might be a good candidate for the Conqueror’s Haki!

    Vinsmoke ‘Black Smoke’ Sanji: He’s Cooking Up Trouble!

    Sanji Black

    I mean, we all know who Black Smoke Sanji is. He is the official cook of the Straw Hat Pirate crew, the fifth member to join. In a group of characters that are loud and tackle things head-on, Sanji is an outlier. Much like food tends to be a comfort, Sanji is the calm energy of the pirate crew.

    You can see his quiet demeanor impact his fighting because even in battle, he’s subdued. It’s this kind and gentle energy that brings him up as the heart of the group. Sanji is just very calm, his personality is a contrast to the others on the crew.

    But kindness doesn’t mean naivety. Sanji is incredibly perceptive, facing things with tact and delicacy. It’s why, despite his soft nature, he’s probably the most hardened and experienced member of the team. He’s faced his demons, had his fair share of betrayal, and running from things. It’s why fans love him so much, and why he seems to be the perfect candidate for something like a Haki.

    Haoshoku Haki: The Power Of Kings

    Luffy Conqueror Haki

    Haki is described as a sort of spiritual energy that is, technically, present in almost everyone. But most people aren’t skilled enough to harness it. To channel Haki, a person must be very attuned to their strength and skill.

    Haki comes in three types, but the most obscure one is Haoshoku or Conqueror’s Haki. This type of Haki allows the user to channel their willpower over others, dominating them into submission. People who can utilize this Haki are known as Supreme Rulers, as they are supposed to be far and few in between. But that isn’t the case here.

    In just the Straw Hat Pirate crew, Roronoa Zoro has been shown to unconsciously utilize the Conqueror’s Haki in battle, when he faced off against Kaido during the Wano Country arc. And then, of course, there is Monkey D. Luffy himself, Captain of the crew and confirmed by Eichorou Oda himself to be born with Conqueror’s Haki.

    Sanji Doesn’t Have Conqueror’s Haki, Period.

    Diablo Jambe Sanji

    While Sanji might have royal blood in him, that doesn’t automatically guarantee him to be able to harness the Conqueror’s Haki. The main thing that everyone brings up regarding this Haki type is how the user has to have this goal in front of them, that they devote themselves to completely. Zoro and Luffy have shown that kind of determination before.

    But Sanji? He’s plenty motivated, that’s not wrong. But his ambitions aren’t as lofty, and he isn’t as single-minded towards them either. Not in the same way that the other two are. Conqueror’s Haki reflects one’s spirit, after all.

    So, he currently hasn’t shown any potential for a Conqueror’s Haki. But never say never with Oda-san! He might develop it in the future but for now, Sanji is not hiding a secret Haki.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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