Will Megumin And Kazuma Get Together?

    With Megumin and Kazuma, it was never a question of if, but when!

    Ah yes, KonoSuba. Aka ‘who will Kazuma get together with’ simulator. Why? Because there are simply too many waifus to choose from in this anime. And it’s this particular conundrum that leads to the most questioning from fans. Even if it feels like our protagonist has a pretty good thing going on with his rivalry with a certain Goddess, there’s always room for debate. Or well, in the case of Megumin and Kazuma Sato, there isn’t even room for that.

    Why you ask? Well, it’s because the question isn’t whether Megumin and Kazuma will get together, but rather when. This was confirmed in Volume 17 of the light novel for KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!, where they ended up getting together and making the relationship public knowledge. And honestly? Much like its title, this was a long time coming. By now we had seen Kazuma reject almost all of his potential love interests, but Megumin. This makes sense when you consider how their bond grew much more organically than it did with others.

    But why her, specifically? Like, to those that aren’t hardcore fans of KonoSuba, the face of the series always felt like it was Aqua, aka the reason why Kazuma was even stuck in this situation in the first place. But this wouldn’t be the first Isekai to go down the route of not having the first girl (aka the one who was introduced to initially) be the one who ends up with the protagonist. I mean, just look at what happened in The Devil Is A Part-Timer, with the front runner, Sadao Maō, not ending up with his rival, Emi Yusa, despite all the hints pointing towards a romantic turn.

    So, why did Megumin and Kazuma get together, when his interactions with Aqua were so charged from the very beginning? Well, there’s actually a lot more to this than plain old chemistry. And we’ll discuss all that and more in yet another segment of Waifu Wars! Here’s how Kazuma’s relationship with both girls worked, but in different ways. Let’s get into it!

    Kazuma And Aqua: Frenemies For Real?

    So, like, this is rare to find in an Isekai so bear with me here. Despite Aqua being his longest-running companion ever since he died and being the direct reason he got Isekai’d in the first place, Kazuma has little romantic interest in her.

    And honestly, it was fun to see. The two absolutely despised each other in the beginning, with one being forced to help the other and vice versa in a new Fantasy realm that neither was familiar with. And their personalities were so off-putting to one another, that it didn’t leave much room for deeper feelings to grow. Or at least, none of the romantic kind. Because, as the story goes on, we do learn that Aqua holds a very special place in Kazuma’s life as his oldest friend. Which, yeah, that checks out. Because Kazuma was a Hikikomori before his death, it was likely that he never had a bond like this before.

    And Aqua is a Goddess, right? So, it’s hard to believe she’s ever connected the same way with another person before. As they spent more and more time together, the two grew close and developed respect and trust in each other in a platonic way. You see just how deep the bond runs between the two when Aqua finally got a chance to return to the Heavens, and Kazuma actually told her that he didn’t want her to leave.

    Despite all their constant fighting and arguments, Kazuma cares about Aqua, going as far as to beat people up when they tried criticizing her. However, their relationship is more ‘annoying siblings’ than it is ‘passionate lovers’.

    Megumin And Kazuma: Getting Together Slowly?

    When I say that Megumin and Kazuma are much more of a slow burn, but in a healthy-ish way, I mean it. Usually, main characters like Kazuma are generally clueless about who likes them, and then they get caught up with a female character that had always been there and magically realize their feelings. But that’s not what happened here.

    For all his perverse nature and boisterous attitude, Kazuma treated Megumin much more like an equal. And in the group, she was always the one most vocal about defending Kauma against badmouthing. Of all the girls in the Guild, it was Megumin and Aqua showed 0 interest in Kazuma. At least in the beginning, that is. Megumin genuinely believed he was no more than a dumb coward at the best of times, back then. But slowly she realized that Kazuma is a much more complex individual.

    Megumin would often describe Kazuma as a contradiction, where he might act perverse but remain reliable. That he lets go when he’s comfortable, but genuinely struggles hard when the need arises. And she grew affectionate towards him with all his flaws, rather than an idealized version of him. It also why she ended up confessing her feelings to him around Volume 9, with them entering a relationship in Volume 12. Though it was a secret that they were ‘more than friends, but less than lovers’. It’s also probably why Darkness got the courage to kiss Kazuma, only to be rejected because she wasn’t aware he was already with Megumin by this point.

    There’s even a short story in Volume 17, where Kazuma and Megumin go out on a date, only to be trailed by Yunyun, Funifura, and Dodonko. So, the couple even had the approval of their allies!

    Megumin Was Always Going To Win:

    It was a no-brainer after Volume 9, especially with how Kazuma kept rejecting every other girl that confessed to him. It was only a matter of time before he and Megumin would get together.

    Simply put, the two work. It isn’t the way it is with Aqua, because she and Kazuma are like family. But Megumin and Kazuma get together because of a budding romance between the two. And honestly, good for those two. Just leaves more Aqua for the rest of us!


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