Will Kazuya Confess To Chizuru?

    Ah, young love. Or, well, technically, university love? So, not that young but it’s still been a journey seeing the main cast of Rent-A-Girlfriend stumble around relationships and bonds that come and transform as you hit certain milestones in life. But long-time fans know that, in the end, only a very specific OTP (One True Pairing) will be endgame in this harem manga. This has got them questioning: Will our protagonist Kazuya be confessing to Chizuru any time soon?

    If you’ve been loyal followers of the manga series, you already know that Kazuya almost confessed to Chizuru in Chapter 213. And for a while, it was almost like all the missed opportunities were on purpose as if Chizuru was avoiding hearing the confession. But then came Chapter 227 and, well, what’s better than a confession? That’s right, a kiss!

    The whole Rent-A-Girlfriend saga has taken the lovelorn anime fans by storm, thanks to its pretty balanced take on an otherwise controversial genre aka Harem. With a lovable cast of characters, including the two main leads, there is just a lot of maturity for what is basically a show about a fake girlfriend service. And hey, in a roster of cute girls from Rent-A-Girlfriend, Chizuru stands a class apart. She already has so much spunk, so it’s been amazing to see what she’s like when she’s caught off guard.

    And with this confession, she was taken by surprise multiple times. But Kazuya didn’t get to have the last word, considering his confession was always left incomplete. And so, welcome to Lore Analysis! This is a segment where we take a look at the story of a trending anime or manga and pick it apart to see what clues lie hidden that show us the future. In this case, let’s see how far we have to go before our two lovebirds finally get together! Let’s jump right in!

    Kazuya x Chizuru: A Tale As Old As Time?

    Kazuya X Chizuru

    Everyone knows how the story goes: Boy meets girl, they fall in love, go on dates, proceed to fight, break up. And then, the boy goes on to hire a fake girlfriend from a service? Okay, so maybe the story of how Kazuya and Chizuru met is a little off-kilter but that’s what sets up their dynamic so well!

    With their pretend relationship hitting the wall during the ‘The Girlfriend And The Paradise’ arc in the manga, things are seriously convoluted. You have everyone questioning whether the two are even together or despise each other’s guts. Because, yeah, no newly dating couple acts that stubbornly with each other. But the thing is, they might not be that far off.

    Chizuru is starting to show genuine signs of affection towards Kazuya, who is already convinced of his own feelings. But the thing is, due to the nature of their relationship, he isn’t sure if Chizuru likes him back. Thanks to constant meddling from the other characters, including his ex-girlfriend Mami, he doesn’t even get a proper chance to try and acknowledge those feelings in front of Chizuru. He has tried multiple times, but something always came up, leaving them in a tense situation.

    The Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Is Heating Things Up!

    Kazuya x Chizuru

    Sure, Kazuya has been trying to confess for a while now, but he got so close in chapter 213! He had just settled down to talk to finally talking with Chizuru and was about to confess all his feelings towards her. That is until a certain ex texted his phone and the moment was gone. Seriously unsatisfying, but it was especially upsetting for Chizuru.

    I mean, the girl has known for a while that she has developed feelings for Kazuya, but she’s too scared to acknowledge them. Their bond is so precarious that it’s likely she doesn’t want to lose what they have. Even if it’s based on a lie.

    But of course, this doesn’t remain the case for long. People are catching up to Kazuya’s lies regarding his and Chizuru’s relationship. And it doesn’t help that Chizuru herself says nothing about it. But she ended up taking matters into her own hands.

    Kazuya x Chizuru: Seal It With A Kiss!

    Mizuhara Kiss Scene

    In chapter 226, it finally happened. Chizuru finally mustered up the courage to stop trying to avoid Kazuya whenever he was on the brink of a confession. In fact, she met him head-on. This is the climax of the Paradise arc, where Kazuya is starting to regret all the lying and avoidance and just wants to openly admit he cares for Chizuru. And then, in the midst of everyone, Kazuya’s phone falls open to Chizuru’s rental page.

    The secret is out and while Kazuya tries his best to minimize damage, it doesn’t work. The gang asks for the two to ‘prove’ their love and for the first time, it’s Chizuru that initiates. She grabs Kazuya and kisses him in front of everyone, finally leading to the conclusion that they were always going to be canon.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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