Is Dracule Mihawk Yonko Level?

    Man, as much as I know One Piece tries to be sincere in its story and characters, I just can’t help but snicker at some of the choices it makes. Hold the rotten tomatoes! I don’t mean the characters are not good, just that some tend to be such blatantly weird parodies of existing tropes, and hyper-specific ones at that. So, when do those zany side characters get revealed to be, like, extremely strong or relevant? It’s jarringly hilarious. I mean, look at Mihawk!

    Dracule Mihawk is a lot of things, but strangely enough, he is not a Yonko-level individual. Well, not in name at least. He’s certainly got the influence, and he’s got the strength to back it up. But canonically, he still isn’t considered to be an official Yonko when compared to the rest of the Four Emperors Of The Sea. I mean, technically, Mihawk has all the qualities down. But for some reason, he never got the title.

    Now in One Piece, titles such as Yonko tend to run a little more flexible than you’d think. There is no strict certification board that dutifully analyzes each character to see whether or not they qualify. By technicality, even the protagonist aka Monkey D. Luffy is considered to be a Yonko when he defeated Kaidou and Emperor. But no black or white rule explains you have to take up the mantle if you defeat an existing member.

    And hence, welcome to Character Analysis – where we take your favorite character and break their attributes down to see what they’re hiding underneath the surface. Easter eggs, hidden homages, whatever the creators imply, we take a closer look at it all to see exactly what makes them tick. And today our subject matter is Dracule Mihawk, the Dracula impersonator from One Piece! Let’s see if he’s got Yonko potential!

    Dracule Mihawk: The Lonely Warlord Of Kurigaina Island?

    Dracule Mihawk Wallpaper

    When we first meet Mihawk, he cuts a very familiar figure. Severe face, pale skin, an inky mane of hair with a giant crucifix right on his chest. It’s almost painfully obvious what Eichorou Oda was trying to emulate, and that’s even before we hear his full name.

    But beyond the Pirate Dracula cosplay, Milhawk is an impressive foe. He is, after all, one of the Seven Warlords Of the Sea. He is notorious for being serious, taking everything around him in a very straight-faced manner. This could be due to his strict code of honor as a swordsman. Which, did I mention he’s the strongest swordsman in the world? Like, in a world dominated by pirates, that is a major title to hold.

    His apathetic behavior puts off most people but in general, he isn’t cruel or malicious. Mihawk is mostly jaded and just aspires to fight with someone worthy of his skills. He even shows respect towards Roronoa Zoro, who is technically his enemy. But instead, he shows admiration for the man, wishing to see Zoro surpass him as a swordsman.

    Yonko: The Most Notorious Pirates In The World!

    Yonko Wallpaper One Piece

    So, what makes a Yonko? A Yonko is considered one of the three great powers that govern the world of One Piece. It is a faction made up of four Legendary Pirates, who have enough influence over their respective territories that they are self-governed.

    The captains are so powerful that their only technical rival is each other. Hence why they aren’t allies to each other. Instead, they share control over the New World, with their politics set in every region. With their control spanning multiple islands and countries, the Yonko helps to maintain power in the world.

    The original four Yonkos have held power for so long, that when Luffy came in as an honorary Fifth member, it made news all across the Pirate world. The others included under this exclusive label are considered to be rulers of the sea, which include the likes of Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, and Edward Newgate.

    Again, these individuals are extremely powerful. This isn’t just an old Country Club for the rich. You need to be truly feared across the high seas to make it.

    Mihawk Isn’t A Yonko (And He Doesn’t Have To Be!)

    Dracule Mihawk

    Despite not being officially inducted as a Yonko, Mihawk holds significant respect across his pirate cohorts. Hell, he’s even gone toe to toe with Shanks, a Yonko, at multiple points. So, why isn’t he one?

    On his strength and skill as a swordsman alone, he can rival a Yonko. He even wields one of the Saijo o Wazamono Grade Swords, which is known as Kokuto Yoru. He encompasses at least two known Haki types, with proficiency in both. I mean, just by that alone he blows most other pirates out of the water.

    But the thing is that Mihawk doesn’t have the same level of sheer influence. He’s formidable and intimidating, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s a Yonko. This is good, not everyone powerful has to be. It lets Yonko be in this unattainable position, which adds intrigue to the story.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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