Who Does Soma End Up With In Shokugeki No Soma?

    Okay, so I cannot be the only person who drools over food in anime. Like, my entire repertoire of cooking comes from whatever food was shown in a Studio Ghibli movie. I’m sure some anime is good, but when those anime have gorgeous food shots? That’s a personal indulgence. This is why I never understood why Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma had an entire romance subplot. Like, who was even focusing on that when you had the Special Smoked Curry on screen? But clearly, fans care about the fate of Sōma’s heart.

    While it isn’t apparent who Sōma Yukihira, the titular protagonist of the show, ends up with, we do see him admit that he likes his on-and-off rival, Erina Nakiri, in the epilogue. And, surprise surprise, Erina seems to like him back too! After that, it’s your usual fade-to-black ending, leaving it up to interpretation by the audience, but it’s clear. Sōma and Erina definitely had more than a competitive spark between both of them, and it’s basically a done deal.

    Sometimes I feel like having a romance subplot in a show that was so clearly not about romance is wasted potential. Especially if said subplot doesn’t even get a proper conclusion by the end of things. Like, as much as I like rivalries and bonds in an anime, that’s not what Shokugeki No Soma is about. It is, first and foremost, a Shonen anime. Even if it focuses on food, it follows the quintessential Shonen formula. So, a romance would automatically be on the back burner instead of it being a fully developed focal point.

    But hey, that didn’t stop the ships from emerging! Just like most Shonen, Shokugeki No Soma has a host of female cast members that could’ve ended up with Sōma. And yet it was Erina who stood out. Why? Let’s discuss that and more in Waifu Wars – where we take a look at the lovely leading ladies in popular anime and see what makes them the ideal partner. Today, it’s the God Tongue herself, Erina, and why she’s perfect for our protagonist!

    Sōma Yukihira: Constantly Pushing Himself To Be Better!

    Yukihira Soma

    Okay, so, Sōma is your typical plucky protagonist. He starts out as an underdog, with his biggest competition being his own dad, Jōichirō Yukihira. Together, the father-son team manages their small restaurant with passion.

    And he’s confident about his skills, constantly seeking out duels where he can show off his cooking prowess fully. Even if the situations he gets himself stuck in are way above his paygrade, he pushes himself forward and makes it to the other side, where much more skilled personnel would’ve failed.

    He’s wild, extremely passionate about food, and wants to spread that love around through his cooking. So, the ideal girl for someone like that will be more elegant. A girl that can keep Sōma grounded and humble lest he becomes too cocky and relaxed.

    Erina Nakiri: A Perfectionist Who Dishes Out As Good As She Gets!

    Nakiri Erina

    Erina is the direct opposite of Sōma. Where he’s uninhibited in his cooking, going to wild flavor combinations with a bold flavor profile, Erina is subdued but complex. Her cooking reflects her impeccable technique and her own clear-cut personality.

    She’s lived a pampered but isolated childhood, nothing like the easier, homey feel of Sōma’s life. So, she holds herself up to almost rigid standards, not experimenting with what she knows. And where Sōma is extremely comfortable with his father, Erina has a near-traumatic relationship with hers.

    However, Sōma helps her break out of that shell. She starts realizing that life can be spent depending on others and letting her own passions develop independently of what someone else might think. So, the ideal person for her would be someone sociable and comfortable, someone, who isn’t afraid to be exactly who he is.

    Why Yukihira Soma End Up With Erina Makes Sense!

    Yukihira x Nakiri Erina

    Do I even need to say? It’s! Enemies-to-lovers! It’s love based on mutual respect and healthy competition! How could anyone look at their dynamic and not think they were harboring feelings for one another?

    Erina and Yukihira Soma play off of each other so nicely. Erina’s refined palate helps Sōma to better his skills as a chef, trying out techniques he might not be comfortable with or might be outside of his level of expertise. Meanwhile, Sōma helps Erina learn to just enjoy food for what it is, which is comforting and something to be savored.

    Both bring the best out of each other, even when they are competing. And really, the person you care about is often going to be the motivation for most of the things you do. So, it’s no surprise that Sōma ends up vowing to become better for Erina, and vice versa, in the epilogue.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi is a writer, licensed dentist and certified Uchiha fangirl. When she isn't doing root canals or listing down anime waifus, you can find her screeching about her favorite JRPGs across social media.

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