Tsuyokute New Saga – What’s The Ending?

    So, this is what really grates me about starting certain light novels. A lot of them don’t have official translations, which is a huge issue when it comes to future volumes being transcribed. Oftentimes, these series get dropped without much warning, and then you’re left at the mercy of ‘raw scans’ – if you can even find them anywhere and go through the pain of trying to translate them yourself. Often this is how popular series get abandoned, and people never really learn about the ending until years and years later. That confusion is exactly why the ending of Tsuyokute New Saga is so elusive.

    Tsuyokute New Saga is a fantasy light novel by Abe Masayuki that had its finale happen back in 2020. The story ends with the protagonist, Kyle Lenard, stabbing the Demon Lord, known tentatively as Black Wing, that has been the bane of his existence. And while most fans were anticipating a huge reveal about the identity of the Black Wing being Kyle himself, corrupted by the constant time loops, it turned out that was not the case.

    Sadly, missing endings isn’t all that uncommon when it comes to the vast world of light novels. Back in the day, light novels weren’t popular enough to warrant consistent translated work. It’s only in recent times that they’ve risen in popularity, and the demand for them is higher, leading to more official and fan translations of various different light novels. However, some reach their peak too early and then start waning in their viewership numbers, so series get dropped without a proper conclusion.

    Sadly, it seems to be what happened for Tsuyokute New Saga as well, with no proper translation for what happens in the 10th volume of the series, which is considered its final compilation. But, thanks to a few dedicated fans, we can somewhat gauge an idea of where this story started out and where it could be headed. And whether it’s worth the pain of reading through. Let’s discuss.

    Tsuyokute New Saga Premise: Groundhog Day, But It’s Time Looping Shonen?

    Tsuyokute New Saga Manga Art

    So, this light novel starts off a little different from your usual time-travel tales. Instead of our hero, Kyle, standing in a mess created by his own bad decisions or misjudgment, he’s actually won the conflict.

    The great Demon Lord, only known by his appearance as Black Wing, had been raging war on Sildonia, the continent Kyle resided in for years now. And finally, finally, Kyle had defeated him. But at the cost of being the only survivor, the only person to come out the battle alive. Around him, nothing worth protecting remains.

     He’s on his deathbed from a hollow victory when he comes across a strange artifact that was once in the hands of the Demon Lord. This relic seems to have magical powers, ones that can send him back in the past because suddenly he finds himself alive and well, in a time before the war ever happened.

    And so, he has a clean slate. He’s gone back before the mistakes of future him could cost them everything before the Demon Lord could wreak havoc at everything in sight. And most importantly, he can face him now with the wisdom of a future that has not come to pass. Kyle can get stronger and change the outcome once and for all.

    The Breakdown: A Decent Shonen, But Lackluster Finale.

    Tsuyokute New Saga Wallpaper

    So, all the tropes in Tsuyokute New Saga work. There’s the ‘Chosen one’ aspect, which Kyle sells off really well through not being a boring or overtly obnoxious protagonist. This is important because there have been far too many good Shonen stories that were ruined by a bad protagonist.

    The plot itself is pretty solid, with the time paradox trope playing in and giving him a proper second chance to make things right. Even the lesser qualities, such as the harem subplot, works okay enough for it not to be intrusive to the main storyline.  

    The problem is it plays a little too safe. For a while, it had been building up the identity for the Black Wing and how all of it was key to why Kyle was suffering so much. He had gone through loop after loop without any answer or a better future. Fans were really caught up in the theory that the Demon Lord was Kyle, just time traveling back again and again, stuck in a paradox.

    But when that explosive ending didn’t come to be, well, let’s just say fans were definitely let down.

    The Verdict: Easy To See Why This Was Dropped.

    New Saga

    Is it okay? Like, I don’t know what to say here. It’s pretty well handled, which is probably why it went as long as it did. Like it’s a good, solid Shonen for those who enjoy dark fantasy and time travel.

    But I also think there are better stories out there that are completed or have ongoing official updates. So, it isn’t worth it to start an unfinished light novel such as Tsuyokute New Saga.

    Anza Qureshi
    Anza Qureshi
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